How to Improve your Laptop Uage Experience


There are many advantages of using a laptop computer, and that’s why it’s no doubt one of the most kindly used widely types of computers in the world today. Similarly to other gadgets it’s very important for you to know that having a laptop is another piece to the equation.

Here are some of my tips i use to maximize the usage experience of my laptop to enhance better performance.

A)  Regular Hard disk checkup : One of the laptop users’ faces is that of speed, at first their happy of how the computer is fast and gets thing easily done with it. But they are suddenly surprised to see the super-fast computer become slow.

Your hard disk is one of the most important parts of your computer, and that’s why it’s important for to ensure that it isn’t cluttered. For example if there is a file you think you don’t need make sure you uninstall it, do all you can to free your hard disk and you will be surprised to see how that will improve your laptop usage.

B)  Be careful with how many icons that appear on your computer : I have seen and observed that people only use a fraction of icons on their laptops and these icons they hardly use contributes to their laptops to becoming slow in a due course.

If you don’t need the application why not removing it, by doing so this will ensure that your computer will load fast and smoothly for other applications to operate.

C)  Install an Updated Anti-Virus and scan your laptop regularly :  A number of the world’s laptops today are seriously affected with Virus every year and people keep on wondering why. Having a great laptop experience isn’t of getting the best and finest laptop features but in ensuring that its usage isn’t interfered with.

It’s really nerve breaking and frustrating not to be able to work on a certain project or to be interrupted in the process because your laptop has been attacked or infected with a virus.

The solution is make sure that install the best Paid Anti-Virus software you can lay your hands on, while at the same time make it your obligation to scan your laptop regularly to avoid such cases.

D) Display: Try to use Less Brightness as much as possible. For my consideration try to run your laptop with Power not From Battery because it’s Increase your battery as well as Laptop’s Life.

E)  Shut down the laptop the recommended Way : In this case if you start to see your laptop misbehave then it’s important to consider this point, if your laptop is not giving this problem also you should give this point a priority such that you don’t get this problem in a long run.

Any time you restart or shut down your laptop the recommended way it is like you are allowing it to sleep. Shutting down your computer properly will ensure that your files systems are properly saved and will prevent you from getting any problems with your laptops in the future.

Try these simple solutions and i guarantee you will be happy with your laptop.

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  1. kabanda geoffrey says:

    doing things the recommended way only improves the life span of your gadgets try it for better results.

  2. Romy Singh says:

    Hello Amit,

    Quite nice and well written article about improving the laptop usage experiences. the points that you explained in article was really missing points that can bring a huge impact on laptop usage experience…..

  3. Good, I will delete all the uncessery file today,

    thanks for information

  4. Some good tips here, If I was to emphasize one… It would probably be A. It’s amazing how fast you fill up your hard drive full of junk! I also recommend the Defragmenter feature if you have windows, it works a treat!

  5. sandeep kumar says:

    Thanks to remind us that our Laptop is also our partner in the journey of blogging…..

  6. Kevin Malmo says:

    Display, keyboard size/layout and specs are my top consideration for best computer experiences.

  7. Kuldeep Khatri says:

    Great tips to get the best experience out of one’s lappy. Hmm.. keep sharing such stuffs.