The Real Power of Blog Commenting

When it’s coming to gaining a page ranking in search engines, then blog commenting is preferred and used as a best way to optimize a website. Blog commenting is an area where visitors leave a comment about each post, blog commenting plays a critical role for bloggers to make their blog successful and popular. Now let’s know a brief information about how blog commenting works.

Uses of Blog Commenting :-Blog Commenting

Blog commenting build a quality back links, and generates targeted traffic to your blog and improve your standard in blogging community. Blog commenting are also known as the lifeblood of the blog. In this way you can increase the traffic to your blog. Blog commenting builds a conversation, as soon as the conversation builds, it also builds a relation between you and readers which results into an increased traffic to your blog.

Blog commenting makes your blogging community interactive. Blog commenting is also a great way to expertise known within the niche, this is the main reason why the people still stick to this blog commenting technique. With the use of some plugins like comment-luv and keyword luv you can easily promote the link of you blog.

When you are searching for the places to comment, that mean you are searching for blogs in your industry not just any blogs, but the ones that should get some traffic and engagement. It’s not important that they should top blogs, but they should be capable enough to engage active members and there should be significant amount of comments.

Why you should do Blog commenting :-

  • Blog commenting drives traffic to your blog.
  • Make your blog interactive.
  • Increase Brand awareness.
  • Builds solid back links.

Some tips to avoid while commenting on blogs :-

  • Don’t spam.
  • Do not come across as a spammer.
  • Do always read thoroughly read whatever article you will be leaving comments.
  • Do not make comments on further which expand the discussion.
  • Do make sure you approach your blogs strategically.

When you start building a great relationship from bloggers by commenting on their blog, then they will start linking back to your post, re-tweeting your content, and start engaging on your site as well. And also you will get traffic from the blog owner as well as other commenter’s who notice your responses and like them.

After that you can see a great trend in organic links and traffic from blog commenting.

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  1. Rahul Mehta says:

    nice info admin . from today i will start commenting on this blog as it is very usefull . Thanks for this usefull post .

  2. very very good information for blog comments, may allah give more power to serve the new commer in Computer n science, No daubt u made such a good platform for thirsty of Computer…

    best of Luck

  3. Great helpfull information on how to get your blog indexed. Will be reading this site in the future. Thanks!

  4. sandeep kumar says:

    As a blogger… comments on my article always motivate me to do more better.
    Thanks for the Article Romy.

  5. Wow ! Great Share ! Thanks for sharing the Info !

  6. Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

    I don’t know who created this idea but commenting on other blogs is really awesome idea.

  7. Commenting on a site is definitely a good source to connect with other bloggers and to increase traffic to your site.

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  9. Kuldeep Khatri says:

    For me, Blog Commenting is always good and essential. And it has been going alright yet to gain one way backlinks.

  10. well written on the importance of blogging. A new blogger needs to comment regularly to get backlinks as well as to show his presence in blogging world.

  11. Blog commenting is very beneficial for making relations with other bloggers. We should try to left some relevant comment in the blogs.

  12. Anil Agarwal says:

    I think learning to write thoughtful comments is the real key to get the most out of blog commenting.

    People still leave comments just to increase their blog traffic. if you don’t add any value to the posts, no one will likely be interested in reading or clicking your links. So be thoughtful while leaving comments.