Android SDK Download and Installation Guide

To Perform the Android programming you must have the Android SDK [Software Development Kit] in your system. Android SDK is available for free download and easy to configure. In this post i would like to tell you about the configuration and download link of Android SDK for your System.

Click here to download Android SDK for windows.

Click here to download Android SDK for Linux.

Click here to download Android SDK for Mac.

Note: Before Installing the Android SDK make sure you have Eclipse and JDK installed on your System and if not then first take a little information about Eclipse and JDK.

Once you download the appropriate SDK on your system then move for installing for windows system just click on .exe setup file and it will ask you the default location to save your setup file. Just click install and all have you done..!!

Once you install the SDK you need the ADT plugin if you are going to develop it by using Eclipse else move ahead..!!

Click here to download the latest ADT Plugin for windows.

After Downloading Extract the .zip file and install the setup file.

Once installed the configure the plugin by following these steps.

1: Open the Eclipse IDE.

2:Select Window-> Preference.

3:Select Android.

4:Locate the SDK Directory.

4:Click Apply and Ok.

After following these steps the SDK is successfully installed on your System .!! Congrats…!!

Click here to continue Android Programming Tutorial.





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  1. Abhi Balani says:

    I installed the latest Android 4.0 in my laptop and mistakenly I messed up with my Windows 8. Had to re-install it. 🙁