iOS Programming Basics

Before moving to the development part of iOS Apps you must have the appropriate environment to successfully code and test your iOS App. In this post i am going to tell you the things that you must have in order to perform the iOS programming.

There is many custom and 3rd party iOS development tools are available on net but they are not trustworthy and not certified by Apple inc. So i am going to tell you the tools that is Apple certified.

So here we start…!

  1. Apple Certified Hardware:

The very important and essential thing that you needed to execute and test your iOS programs is Apple certified hardware. So first arrange any Apple certified hardware ( i suggest intel ) with mac OS running on It.

          2: Apple Developer account:

Apple has managed their developer network through Apple developer program. So if you want to become an authorized iOS developer then just have to sign up to apple developer program.  The Sign Up is free and it will give you many tools, guides, apple store, developer review and many things so i prefer go and sign up.!

The account is free to sign up but once you developed your application and you want to deploy it to apple apps store then you must buy your premium account with just 99$…but don’t worry you will forget this cost when your App becomes hit 🙂

          3: iOS Software Development Kit:

To develop your program for iOS devices and MAC OS you must have iOS SDK. Don’t worry if you did sign up to apple developer account on the link i provide above then you will get the latest version of Xcode from your account.

Xcode contains the simulator for iOS device as well cause many of us (not even me) has the iOS devices to run and observe the output our program so simulator will helps us alot.

NOTE: Simulator is just for testing and debugging the code so before submitting your app to iStore make sure you have tested it on real Device as well.

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