7 Effective Tips for Writing a Better Blog Post

Are you fed-up of writing blogs?

Getting least attention by people?

Your hard work is not fruiting?

So don’t get annoyed of writing blogs, don’t be dishearten. Stand up, and show the people that you are a perfect blogger.

Here are some footprints which are followed by a successful blogger. And now it’s your turn to follow it.

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1. Headline

A headline is the first expression of every blog.it sets the mentality of people that they will read it or not. A good headline usually increases the curiosity among people to read more about the blog.it also decides the writing skill of a writer in the viewer’s mind.so it should kept in mind that pretend the headline as a bomb that must blast in the mind of readers. Try to make it small and effective.

2. Opening Paragraph

Opening paragraph must be written beautifully and interestingly. Because when people start it reading than his mind wants to get more and more interest till the end of blog.so here by it can be said that opening paragraph grows the curiosity in readers mind to read it more.

3. Formatting

Well serving of food makes the food look more delicious. A Blogger should know that where to break the paragraph. Which lines to highlight that may leave a bench mark in people’s mind? Demonstrate the minds one by one? This will make easy for the readers to read.

4. Language

Here by language means how easily you will serve for your readers. Tough words may obstruct the readers to read the blogs. And they will divert there mind. Try to use easy and simple words which are commonly used. Readers may be weak in English.

5. Internal Linking

Link your one blog article to another if they are related to each other. Usually people follow the links and read more of your blogs. This will help you to get a good rank.

6. Images

Images are the useful weapon of attracting people. Images must be relevant to post. It also makes the blog look beautiful. Use funny and Attractive Images. Images stay in the mind of people for long time. Link your image with your capture page. Usually people clicks on images and then this will take the viewer where you want to take him.

7. Solve Your Readers’ Problems

A blogger must be expert in solving the problem of their readers. Readers may find difficult in understanding something.so it’s the duty of blogger to demonstrate him. A blogger should keep him informative and updated with current information. This may be helpful in solving problems.

Blogger is just like torch in dark for their readers. Only truth should be written in blog. Don’t try to make the blog rubbish by adding unwanted ingredient.it may attract the customers. But once they came to know the truth. They will loose the faith on you. So make it simple and easy to understand.

Good Luck.

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  1. Nice post keep up the hard work and soon you would get the fruits… 🙂

  2. Techgazine says:

    Nice post.. can you provide a WP plugin for “Internal Linking”?

  3. rohit kothari says:

    amit really nice post actually its true better writing only attract visitors

  4. TechPaparazzi says:

    “Solve your reader’s problem” if you consider this point sooner or later you will get result….your post will get viral ! Thanks for the tips

  5. Kuldeep @ Cool Tricks says:

    Thanks for sharing some really cool tips to write an effective post!
    Keep Sharing!!

  6. Thats what I call a blog post. Very nice write up.

  7. Nice post..Effective Knowledge ..But Quality matters first …rest are second

  8. Elvis Shrestha says:

    Thanks for sharing these great tips, i will implement these tips on my blogs to make it better. Nice blog 🙂

  9. Elvis Shrestha says:

    Nice tips, i will implement these on my blogs to make it better. Nice blog 🙂

  10. Mohammed Zahed Hussain says:

    Thanks for sharing Useful tips

  11. Kuldeep @ Cool Tricks says:

    I think that all the points above are really necessary to write a better blog post! I need to follow them all to be more productive as a writer! Great one!
    One of the best post on this website!

  12. Anil Agarwal says:

    I think writing problem solving contents is the key here.

    Most bloggers write content just to get more likes, shares, and traffic. But they don’t focus on building loyal readers.