How to Create a Simple Button Control – Android Programming

As in Previous post i have explain you about the Basic’s of Android Programming, its installation and tutorial of simple “Hello world” program . That post includes the following points:

  • What is Android Programming?
  • From Where to start the Android Programming?
  • Tool needed to begin the Android Programming.!
  • Installation Instruction of those tools.
  • Simple “hello world” Example..!!

If you missed that post then Read: Android Programming Basics

Now in this post we moving ahead from the console level to GUI and i am going to post a tutorial about simple GUI term called as “BUTTON”.

Step 1: Create a Android Project.

Well i don’t think i need to put more words on this that how to create a Android Project. If you have already know then open the Android IDE or Eclipse if you are using then. Give a name of Project and once done move to next step.

Step2: How to manage Button control in Android.

The Android SDK includes two simple button controls for use within your program:

  • Button (android.widget.Button)
  •  ImageButton (android.widget.ImageButton)

The basic difference between them is that the ImageButton support the image on the button rather than following only text as Button Control do.

To add a Button on your code just drag and copy the code and rest you know…..!!!!!

<pre name=”code” class=”xml”><?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>

Step4: Running the code.

Once you done the copy paste then run the code for desired output.

Read: How to run a Android Code.

Once you run the code you will see the output like this.

Congratulation you have successfully run the program.

This is all for just adding a button. Do practice guys soon you all will get the next part of Android Programming which is as Layout Management and Handling event.

Till then good bye.

Happy Programming…!!!

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