How to Transform Linux to Windows 7

I posted previous about the Mac Transformation for the Linux system and which is also liked by you now in this post i will show you how to convert the Linux system look and feel to Windows 7 System.

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Now to transform the Linux System to Windows 7 System you need a package called “Win2-7 Pack” which is the official and most comprehensive package for Linux Transformation to Windows 7 Look and Feel. This package completely transform your Linux to Windows 7 look and feel.

Step1: Download the Win2-7 Pack Transformation Pack:

Follow the Link to Download the Win2-7 Pack Package.

Click Here to Download. 

Step2: Install The package.

Installation is very easy once you downloaded the file extract the File and run by double clicking or by terminal. Your wish.

Step3: After Installation here is your cool windows 7 desktop:

Once you done with it and if you wanna uninstall it then it is very easy just open the downloaded package and run GUIUNINSTALL.SH. That all for now……enjoy the Package.

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  1. Rizwan Sultan says:

    I Installed it perfectly and rebooted the computer but stuck at the please wait screen just before login.

  2. Saikrishna says:

    I use both Win 7 and Linux for my projects. Mostly i use Win 7, Now its a good point to know this trick that i can convert Linux to Win 7 easily without formatting.
    Thanks Shahid 🙂 .

  3. My Pleasure…!!
    And ya its a great tool for linux users who miss the windows 7 look and feel.
    Thanks for dropping a comment.

  4. free android apps says:

    Great trick dude…good one. But it pains that I’m not using Linux here. BTW, thanks for this

  5. Tricks Tree says:

    LOL Nice guide mate. Windows experiences on Linux 😛

  6. Kuldeep Khatri says:

    I normally read about people talking about how to transform windows to Linux but this is something differet 🙂
    Thnks mate

  7. Kevin Malmo says:

    I just wish that it’s compatibility is like windows.