15 Predictions for SEO in 2012

In all honestly, for many website owners, 2011 was a hard year in regards to SEO. With Google’s updates and the need to change entire business and marketing structures, many websites simply died out with 2011. There are many good predictions about SEO in 2012 as more website owners are learning how to work with Google and how to optimize their site the correct way.

SEO Predictions For 2012

1. Less keyword stuffing and more natural writing.

Website owners who try to use keyword stuffing tactics will ultimately be scorned by Google and their website will not rank high in the search results.

2. Using social media to gain Traffic.

More website owners are relying on social media networks to bring in huge amounts of traffic. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Google+ and other similar social networking sites will become more utilized by website owners in regards to SEO.

3. Getting Quality Backlinks

After updates made by Google, backlinks in places like Ezine or Hubpages, will no longer increase your rank in search results. The search engine is looking for backlinks that come from reputable sites, usually in the same niche as your own site or at least very close to it.

4. Increase in Mobile Traffic

Website owners have to act fast and cater their websites to those who will be viewing their websites via a hand-held device such as, a smartphone or tablet, simply because this trend will only continue to grow in 2012.

5. More Panda

In 2011, Google updated their system in how people view search engine results, what results display and how relevant the results were to the person’s search item. This will continue in 2012 as Google will be punishing sites that offer little to no value and sites that have poor quality and backlinks.

6. Personalized Search Results

Search results are becoming more personalized for each and every user; especially, with Google as the search engine knows what your preferences are related to searching. This will prove to be a difficult factor in SEO; however, it only means that website owners will need to practice powerful and creative ways to gain new visitors.

7. Structured Sites.

Website owners will begin to structure their websites in a way that is visually appealing while also showcasing the most important information first. Also, website owners will begin doing this as a way for crawlers to find useful information that can populate search results rather than crawling through the entire site, which takes time and thus harms the website owner’s SEO chances.

8. Specific Page Titles

In order to increase a page’s ranking within search results, specifying pages with the correct titles will do an enormous amount of good for your site. Not only are correct titles useful, but also incorporating the right keywords that match your content will rank you well in search results.

9. User-Friendly Navigation

Gone are the days of confusing websites as website owners are realizing how important it is to make a site that is user-friendly. Adding in features, such as a search bar or a categories tab, will allow visitors to locate information quickly and efficiently.

10. Different Hosting Platforms & Browsers

In 2012, it is predicted that website owners will begin to test out many hosting platforms and browsers to see what optimizes their site the most.

11. Increase in Blogging

SEO and blogging fit together perfectly and many individuals will turn to blogging as a way to earn money in 2012.

12. Increase in Data Visualization

Although many website users are using this tactic and experts believe that it will most likely fade out by next year, adding visually appealing info graphics has turned out to be a great marketing move as today’s society is shifting towards more multimedia networks and information.

13. Coding Education

For various reasons, website owners are realizing the power they have when they are able to create a website from scratch. Although it can be difficult, time consuming and a concept that involves many changes, website owners are choosing to do this to allow more flexibility in their site’s design and to truly put their ideas and thoughts onto a personable website.

14. Constant Updating

Websites will become lost in the millions of other websites if they are left dormant for too long, so many website owners are making resolutions for 2012 to update daily with fresh, quality content.

15. Savvy Marketing

In 2012, website owners will begin to discover ways to advertise their sites through unconventional means. More website owners will have dozens of social media profiles at various social media network sites, the advertisement for their site will be listed as an email signature as well as a signature on popular forums and owners will begin marketing outside of the internet to gain interest.

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  1. Chitra@SocialVani says:

    The only way to make blogging a success in 2012 is to do a lot of NETWORKING. The more networking you do, the more you can benefit from Google’s personalized search results.

    If you are interested, read this article – – Google talks about how webmasters are “whoring” SEO and Google plans to penalize such millions of sites.

    It is all about natural writing. How do you do that? Stop visiting Google Keyword Research Tool every second to find keywords to stuff your content with. Put down on paper what comes naturally…that’s it.

    • Rizwan Sultan says:

      Amit I think you need to focus and give more importance to Social Media Optimization in it.Because Google give more importance to Social media sites.

  2. I see all these as basic truths and not really predictions. However, point #12 can really be taken as a prediction and a basic truth. I think this will be more rampart with bloggers. Before now many bloggers thought setting up a blog is the sure way to make it. But from what is happening it is clear that without the fundamental knowledge of marketing, success online is only an illusion. Ans so, it is definite that many more people will want to know more and use more of savvy marketing in 2012!

    • Hi Chadrack , The article is about SEO not overall marketing. I agree with you that many of them are truths but now they are going to be more important than before . For e.g – Personalized Search Results, we will see them more the same with data visualization – more companies are exploring this method for building links

  3. marzan chowdhury says:

    It seems that SEO and PageRank which is the basic fundamental algorithm which powers Google is also becoming a problem of sorts for the giant. There are many websites which have crappy contents but STILL HAVE A PR 4 or even 5 in some cases. It is only natural that Google will begin penalizing those sites in order to keep the overall quality of the Search Results intact.

    • Hi Marzan, Well acc to me PR is still important but it is just we never get to see the real PR . The PR we see is outdated.

  4. From my personal SEO experience What I feel is Content is king ..It was and It is and It will be King for ever.Then COmes the backlinking part.
    Post Panda Update Google will punish linkfarming and copied contents.
    Thanks for your valuable tips.

  5. Kuldeep Khatri says:

    Thanks for these really great tips. I would work on them for whole of this year 2012. Awesome post.