10 On Page Search Engine Optimization Tips for new Bloggers

On-Page SEO ” is most popular word in SEO world , so many popular blogs was use  the on Page SEO techniques to reach success very quickly . Now I’m going to explain you about on-page SEO .

Note:  Please remember that On-Page SEO means not Link Build OR back links please read below 10 tips carefully.

10 On Page Search Engine Optimization Tips for new Bloggers

1. Select important keywords for your niche

Keywords was very important for any type of niche blogs . So pelase concentrate on selecting keywords for your blog . Use Google Keyword Tool to select low competition  keywords .

2. Your main keyword must be in your domain name

Make sure that your main keyword is included in your domain name ,  this is very important technique for On-Page SEO .

Example – “Car” is your main keyword then you need to choose domain names like below ..

  • 1. carworld.com ,
  • 2. carsinfo.com like these etc.

3. Include your main keyword in your Meta Descriptions

Make sure that your main keyword is included in meta description of your blog . Use all in one seo pack to manage your meta tags and etc .

4. Repeate your main keyword in H1 , H2,H3 tags

Your main keyword phrase must appear in the in Headline2 (H1) , H2 ,H3 Tags . All these activities are helps you to rank more in Google search results .

5. Include your main keyword in your Anchor Text

Anchor text is play very important role on Blog’s SEO, include your main keyword in your anchor text .

Note: Anchor Text means your name in comments.

6. Use alt tags for images 

WordPress have very advanced options for Search engine optimization , you have an option for  alt tags on image editor(in wordpress CMS only) . Simply use that options to insert alt tags for your images in wordpress blogs .Image alt tags was helps you to increase search traffic from Google image search .


Sitemap is simple XML file that make search bots work very easy , site maps was make your blog search engines friendly . You are able to create site map for your word press blog simply using ” Google XML sitemaps ” plugin . Blogger(blogspot) users need to create sitemap manually using Google webmaster Tools .

8.Broken Links

Broken links have negative effects on your search engine rankings so you need to take care on broken links in your blog . Mostly broken links was redirect to 404error pages . WordPress users simply use ” Broken Link Checker ” Plugins to find and remove broken links on their blogs . Sorry to blogger users! there is no options for blogger to find/remove broken links .

9.Internal Linking 

You don’t know that internal links was works better then back links 😉 internal links was very important then back links .

” SEO Smart Links ” wordpress plugin is automatically build internal links in your blog . So leave your internal linking task to SEO smart links plugin. . Hey blogger users you need to do it manually. . .

 10. Avoid Duplicate Content

This is very very important then all other tasks , please avoid duplicate content in your blog . Don’t copy paste the articles from other blogs. Are you doing copy paste job right now ? haha Google panda is coming for you. . so please provide quality content on your blog .

I hope you are enjoyed reading this article ,finally its time to share this article with your friends. . .

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I'm Sai Krishna From India , I'm a Professional Blogger and mostly like to spend time with co-bloggers and SEO activities . I blog at Tech Genra.


  1. Rizwan Sultan says:

    Hey Sai Thanks for adding guest post to Itechcode.com

  2. Angela Brown says:

    These 10 tips are really superb. It is very much use full for me thanks for sharing.

  3. Yes on page seo is the main pillar for SEO if your on page SEO is wrong or you have not optimised then you will not succeed in SERP game. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Kuldeep Khatri says:

    Buddy, thanks for sharing these really great ON Page SEO techniques. I really liked these techniques.

  5. Amandeep Singh says:

    Great tips, Sai 🙂

    I am following almost all of them.. will focus more on the remaining ones you have mentioned.

  6. James Smith@Best Website Design says:

    As Satyakam says, On page seo is the main piller of SEO. On page seo means, we have to design and structure our site so as to, it will be seo and user friendly. Well structured on page seo sites, easily builds their links related to their niche sites.