6 Tips to Become a Guest Blogging Pro In The Future

6 Tips to Become a Guest Blogging Pro In The Future

Guest blogging is the much talked about topic in the market today. The internet platform and the bloggers are very busy in doing guest blogging. There are lots of people who wish to do guest blogging and some of them are even habituated to be a part of this. Basically, what is guest blogging? It is one form of marketing through blog commenting or blog posts. It is the act of writing for other blogs with the confidence of getting quality back links which will improve the rankings for the blogs.

The Road Less Travelled:

Starting a blog has become a common activity in the recent past. However, not many have perfected the art of blogging. There are thousands of blogs with hundreds and thousands of posts. However, Google does not reward all the blogs equally and it is very important to have quality traffic to the blog that will improve the viewership base in the long run. The trend in blogging keeps changing and the current timeline is envisaging a stupendous growth in guest blogging. Experts argue that it is going to be the next big thing in the blog industry.

A different way to establish yourself as a big shot in this blogging industry is by contributing to other’s blogs. The content should be interesting enough to grab the attention of the readers. The ultimate purpose is to have a collection of links from all across the internet platform. So, what can you do to become an effective guest blogger?

Do not write your stories:

Make sure you do not write about your history. An effective blog post should be informative and meaningful to an assortment of people belonging to different ages and gender. Your readers should know about your interests, passion and make sure you do not hold back any kind of information.

Give the credit:

It is always a good practice to credit the sources. Most of the authors try to hide the informative links. It is always better to give your readers the opportunity to know something on what you have found. The purpose of your blogging is not gain immense readership but it is also to spread the information that you know. You are sure to gain more readers by doing so and do not mistake this part.

Join with like-minded people:

The key is to have lot more connection with like-minded people. This will put you automatically at the top of bloggers list. You can choose any topic of interest but make sure you do not try to blow your own trumpet in the blog posts. There are lots of guest blogging websites which will accept your post if they meet the eligibility criteria.

Guest Post :

You need not stop with the posts in your own blog. You can even write news and information to several other blogs which will accept and appreciate your efforts. Tumblr is one example. Try to share the real life experience in these blogs which will attract better readership.

Continual Updates:

Do not blog for just about one month and expect to have more number of visitors month on month. It is important to grow the list of postings and increase the number of categories in your blog. Continual updates and long listed archives will fetch you a better impression. It is also a good idea to re-post some of your old posts for the visitors who have missed a good chunk of your posts. On the other hand, you can even write new posts and get it linked to the older posts that have got any relevance.

Quote Examples:

Mere story writing will not have any sort of impact in the quality of your articles. It is important to weave your thoughts about the subject in a fine manner. If you have decided to explain any subject of interest, make it interactive and cite examples. This will give a better understanding to the readers. Also, real life incidents and experiences will grab their attraction. Make sure to explain the facts in the easiest ways possible.

Guest blogging is going to be the future of blogging. Hence, you need not doubt the potential of this platform to attract quality traffic. It is one way of sharing your thoughts in a qualitative manner and getting good amount of traffic in exchange. Most of the people are trying to follow these tips in the money making niche alone. Hence, certain people wonder whether this would work on other categories. Of course, it will! The other categories will have less number of blogs and the job of finding them becomes so easy. Start doing guest blogging right today and enjoy the most out of it. You have got lots to gain in the long run!

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  1. Great tips Amit, all the stuff are really helpful for becoming pro blogger. Keep it up.. dude!

  2. Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

    Amit you said that in your article that “Do not write your stories” but i will not agree with you 100%. Some times its a good idea to share your experience with your audience so that they get benefit from your experience. I am not saying that you publish whole story but reference to what you learn over the years is going to help many.

    • I’m in here with Mohsin. I’ve seen many bloggers doing guest blogging as if it were article marketing. I think a good story about what you have done which can help others, is good a subject for a guest post. In fact, I’ve written something like that sometime ago and it was a success.

    • sai krishna says:

      yes Moshsin ,
      you are right 🙂 agree with you 100% ..
      @Amit Shaw – Update this post with Mohsin’s Point:)

  3. Kulwant Nagi says:

    Sorry to say but I am not agree with the point “Do not write your stories”. In blogging world only story sells because story makes a article more interesting. People love to read real life facts and figures..

    A nice storyline strengthen a article more…

    • Abhi Balani says:

      Yeah, you are right. But not all stories. People like stories which are interestingly written and at the same time they can learn something from it.

  4. Rajkumar Jonnala says:

    Mohsin and Kulwant , I agree sharing your experiences in a good thing, but when doing a guest post, Its better to write a post that is more general as it increases the chances to get the post published.

  5. Jeremy Ruggles says:

    Hey Amit,

    These are all great tips as far a guest blogging is concerned. I have wondered how a person can become a guest blogger. Have you had the chance to guest blog? I have not yet, but am hopeful for the future.



    • Hi Jeremy,
      Thanks for dropping your nice commnet. Glad that you like it.
      Yes you are right these all tips are greate if you want to become a Pro Guest Blogger. Yes i do. Jeremy Guest Blogging is the best way to expose yourslef. So start writing guest post hope it will help you for your blogging career. You can write for us also. Thanks.

  6. Well, till now i din get chance to Guest Blog somewhere. But i am really waiting for the day. And these tips will surely help me to write my first great guest blog post. Thanks for sharing. This is really informative. 🙂

  7. Kuldeep Khatri says:

    Thanks for this great tips, Buddy.
    As far as I am concerned, Guest blogging rocks.
    Nice stuff. 🙂

  8. Abhi Balani says:

    I’ve just started guest posting. And really I’ve got a very good response. I’ve seen a huge increase in my readers count and traffic.

    I hope these tips will help me to improve my guest post.