64-Bit Version of Windows 7 Better Than Any Other System

For those who have to spend entire day in front of the computer, if their system is working slow then it becomes too tedious to work on that system. Now in these metropolitan cities everyone want to be fast and efficient in their work to impress their boss or client etc. while working on the system you must have thought of upgrading your system software which can overcome your processing speed. But only changing the system software will not work, you have to change your OS(Operating System). Now the question must be arising in your mind that why should I change my OS? Even though if I change then will my ‘OLD APPLICATION’ work on my new system? What about RAM, Processing speed etc.?

Keep patience! You will get answers of all your questions here. First of all Window XP, Vista etc are all not bad but their upgrade version is much better than old one. Window XP, vista etc are installed a 32-bit version of Windows and new version of it i.e. window 7 install x64 version. I think it’s important in this day and age to run any operating system on the highest possible bit width offered, but there are a few reasons particular to Windows 7 that might make its x64 version more advantageous than simply running on 32-bit x86 microprocessor architecture.

1. It Still Runs And Support 32-Bit Applications

There was a time when people were shifting from 16-bit to 32-bit. And they are continuing with 32-bit version of operating system even though new version i.e. 64-bit version of operating system is available. Users don’t want to shift to new version because they fear that their 32-bit supportable application will not work on 64-bit of Operating system. But if you will thing logically then you will come to know, ‘When 16-bit supportable application can work on 32-bit system then 32-bit supportable application will also work on 64-bit version system. One must understand that ‘Two 16-bit layers compose a 32-bit layer, and one 32-bit layer always sits within a 64-bit layer’. That allows for total reverse compatibility.
Believe me I still almost exclusively run Win32 applications, although I run a 64-bit version of Windows 7.

2. The x64 Window OS Recognizes More RAM

You must have came across such situations, where you have installed 2GB of RAM and you system recognize it but when you install 4GB of RAM then your 32-bit version system won’t recognize/detect it. Now you must have understood that 32-bit version cannot install 8GB of RAM on Windows x86 at all. But in upgraded version of windows, the system will detect as much RAM as you put into it without any hitch. There’s no magic trick you have to perform to add memory, and you don’t have to fight with the system to get it to recognize everything. In the end, you come out winning, especially if you’re a gamer. In fact, x64 supports up to 192 GB of RAM!

3. Less Driver Fuss & BSODs

In windows of 32-bit while running some software or game sometime we experience error of compatible drivers which also lead to crashes our system. But in 64-bit version you won’t be experiencing any such problem. Since windows 64-bit are digitally signed there is no more issue with compatibility of drivers. So this is one of the important thing you must keep in mind while upgrading or purchasing new hardware.

4. Less time for booting

windows7_beta_boot_screenIn 32-bit version, time consuming process can be experience right
from booting the system. But in 64-bit version booting is almost 20% faster than 32-bit version system. Also after logging into system you will experience fast action which you will perform on the desktop or on the files, folder, application etc. this is one of the important factor for one who is working on a project in less time interval.


Even though 32-bit is good choice with fast and efficient work you can upgrade your system with latest windows 7 which is even faster and more efficient. But if you are happy with your old system then you need not to upgrade but when you decide to upgrade or to buy new hardware then you must keep all the advantages mention above.

Author Bio:

I am Shivkumar from India. My field of interest is Designing computer application, blogging, digging new tricks about computer, hacking etc. I personally blog on teechworld.com Catch Me at: Facebook , Twitter .

About Shivkumar

I am Shivkumar from Mumbai. My field of interest is Designing Computer Application, Blogging, Digging new tricks about computer Etc. I personally blog on StupideTechLife, which deals with tips and tricks on computer, blog, social sites etc.
Catch Me at: Facebook , Twitter , Google+


  1. Thanks!! Amit

  2. Sudeep Acharya says:

    Ya the 64-bit version of windows 7 is better then 32-bit. It loads faster….

  3. I think 32 bit is more better still 64 bits has more features.

    • May be you have not used 64 bit version. Its’s my personal recommendation to you that you must try it atleast once. Hope that your review about 32 bit will change. by the way thanks for your support!

  4. There are many software which doesn’t supports in 64 bit.

    • Sorry! But No, each and every software of 32 bit support in 64 bit. It just need quit nos. of setting, which one of the drawback of 64 bit.
      Thanks Hursh!

  5. Rizwan Sultan says:

    I think Linux is better option.

    • May be you are comfortable with Linux, but have you try 64 bit version of window!!!
      By the way thanks for your valuable comment keep visiting! Rizwan.

      • Rizwan Sultan says:

        Yes Shiv I also have 64 bit version windows in my office laptop.

        • Then you must have experience its new feature, which is fast and efficient. But even though if you like to work on Linux then it’s your choice. Since it’s not necessary that what I like you should also like that.
          Anyway Nice too see you again.

  6. There are a lot of advantages of using 64 bit OS. But if you are using it with a lap top. It will kill lap top batteries soon.

  7. Shivkumar says:

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      Great! Just be in touch, I hope you are enjoying and getting benefit with our articles.

  8. Shivkumar says:

    You are most welcome ! Abhi

  9. Atul Kumar Pandey says:

    In simply what I know that 64 bit version of Windows has more space to process its data and it can divide its tasks to more simpler way that it can be processed in seconds.