How To Convert Your USB To Bootable USB

Almost everyone of you must have upgrade your window XP to window7 and must be aware of many new cool feature of window7, which is quite fast and efficient and also user-friendly. Now suppose you have went to your friend’s home and he is unaware about window 7 features and you are explaining him with full of curiosity and in the mean time he ask you for the CD of window 7 and you don’t have that because you feel lazy to go to shop and buy CD/DVD.

When I have upgrade my system from windowsXP to window7, I was impress with it’s new feature and decide to write that into DVD for my future installation while formatting my PC. But I really feel lazy to buy CD and copyright. So, I decide to copy that software in flash drive and make it bootable. And I have done that, so, just wanted to share this with you guys who are quite lazy like me.

And Using bootable USB to install an operating system (OS) not only makes the installation faster, but also saves a DVD. Right!

Just follow the simple steps to make your USB to bootable USB:

1. Plug in your USB in your CPU (atleast of 4GB). And make sure that you retrieve all your files and folders from it since we are about to format it.

2. Now open “Command Prompt” on your system. Follow the path to open command prompt Start > All programs >Accessories > right click on Command Prompt and select run as administrator.

3. Now as soon as Command Prompt window prompt type following command:

• DISKPART follow by Enter and grant permission if your system prompt for permission.
• LIST DISK follows by Enter.

This command will display list of disk available on your system. As you can see that I got 2 disks on my system from which my drive is disk no.1

4. Sorry for a big list of Command, but if you want to make your USB as bootable then type the following command simultaneously follow by Enter. Don’t bother about the command just type it:
• SELECT DISK 1 (Replace DISK 1 with your disk number) + ENTER
(Formatting May Take Few Seconds)

5. Wait yet we are not finish, don’t close your command prompt. Now just insert windows DVD in DVD W/R and check that drive initial(letter) of DVD W/R and USB Drive. In my case its ‘G’ for DVD W/R and ‘J’ for USB Drive.
6. Now back to command prompt and just few more command and you are done.
Now type the following command:
G: CD BOOT + Enter (‘G’ is DVD W/R drive letter)
CD BOOT + Enter
BOOTSECT.EXE/NT60 J: + Enter (‘J’ is USB Drive letter)

7. Congrats! You are done. Now you can use your flash drive installing purpose.


This flash Drive can be used on any system for installing window in any computer, since, almost all the latest motherboard support this feature. But make sure that you are not trying to make our bootable USB on windowsXP computer. I have tried this on window7 and window vista, where it works 100% on it.

Please do let our readers know if it works on any other system.

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