3 Blogging Habits you must Include in your Daily Routine

3 Blogging Habits you must Include in your Daily Routine

Blogging is not that easy as the term sounds. Every blogger has to sit in front of a computer, research & research and think upon a lot of things even to produce Content. It’s not just limited to content, there are several other challenges or things a blogger has to do. So, everything should be done within time and in an organized manner, not in Such a manner that even you get Confused or think upon what to do now, you should give some time several tasks according to your convenience and need. So, there are 3 Blogging Habits you must Include in your Daily Routine. As such, it will also help you to give ideas about Task Management in Blogging i.e. the different tasks or the habits you need to integrate in your daily routine.

Blogging Habits

One Quality Post Each Day

Am not sure that you agree with my view or not but updating your blog with Quality Content really helps a lot. Maybe you may not agree, but it really works great. It helps your blog to remain healthy and even wealthy if you post Quality Contents consistently. A blog which is fit and fine has a lot of Useful stuffs for readers. However, writing one post, might not work for some people depending upon their own opinions & views about this or convenience and niche. But still, if you post One quality article per day helps readers to stuck with your blog and stay tuned with it for a long term.

Time to Build Backlinks 

The power of your also depends on the number of sites linking to your site i.e. Backlinks. These backlinks play a very major role to increase your Pagerank and even drive traffic to your blog from several other sites. Building Backlink is also an important technique to OFF PAGE SEO. You can even notice that Sites that have higher Pagerank also have huge number of sites linking i.e. Backlinks. You can even prefer Alexa to check the Sites linking. Backlinks helps to get Pagerank,Traffic and increase your authority over the Internet.  So, as it is very important in several ways, then you need to include this Habit in your daily routine. And you need to have something specific about What time you will give to Blog Commenting as well as A list  of Sites you would like to Comment or Guest Post. As such, everything should be organized in your routine.

Now it’s Time for Interaction 

You cannot skip this part of your daily blogging routine. As being interactive is an Important characteristic of being a Good blogger. However, at this time , you should reply to all your comments. As if you don’t be an interactive guy and never reply to comments, you are most likely to loose some loyal and faithful readers from your blog. Interaction can also include mails from your blog readers. However, be an Interactive person to let your readers stay tuned to your blog for long. When it comes to Social Networking or Social Media , then the first term is Facebook but Remember, you shouldn’t get addicted to it for each time you open your browser. It should be used in an effective manner and shouldn’t be overused otherwise it can effect you and your blog in one or the other way and even may cause disturbance while you are researching or writing on any Topic.

Hope you liked this post and also include these Habits in your daily routine. Do share your views via comments.

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About Kuldeep

Kuldeep is a 14 year old part-time blogger and a freelance writer. Since the past one year, he has been helping various blogs and online businesses to grow and generate leads. Do catch him at Facebook.


  1. Great Post, I think the habit am missing is Building Backlinks, am kind of lazy at building backlinks these days. But I do a lot of interaction.

    • Kuldeep Khatri says:

      Ya, it happens sometimes. Nice to hear that You do a lot of interaction. It helps your readers to build trust and faith in you.
      Thanks for sharing your views here.
      Stay Tuned.

  2. Rahul kuntala says:

    I don’t think one can create really quality posts within a day. Because quality comes from time, the more time you take the more quality.

    Within a day you can produce a post, but can’t assure its gonna be a quality post.
    But, I agree if a blogger posts one quality article, then its tremendous. But, in most cases its not possible.

    Instead you could give – maintaining a proper blogging schedule like 2 to 3 quality posts per a week like that 🙂

    Remaining 2 habits are too good 🙂

    • Kuldeep Khatri says:

      Yes, I agree that Producing Quality Content takes time. But also depends upon circumstances and Niche. I can tell you more about it. Like, for a blog where they receive Huge Amount of Guest Posts within Quality, it’s easy for them to manage their Optimal Blogging frequency. A gadget reviews blog can update their blog easily as they have a Good option to update their blog frequently; As most companies launch phones quite frequently. For me too, it’s easy to update my blog as I have chosen a niche where I can get into several things for my dear readers.

      I do agree with your view that Quality may sometimes take time as Sometimes various articles requires more Research. But it also depends upon the Niche they blog and Various circumstances in which the Blogger blogs.

      However, thanks for sharing your views here and Appreciating the rest two habits.

      • Rahul kuntala says:

        Yes exactly. Niche matters!! I didn’t think in this way. Thanks for providing me enlarged view 🙂

        Blogging niche like mine really takes time. In that perspective I replied. Can you review my blog & comment if possible (Because I think you really got some good SKILLS in giving feedback).

        • Kuldeep Khatri says:

          No problem, replied you is my duty.
          And thanks for appreciating my Feedback.
          I will comment and share my views on your blog for sure whenever I Get time.
          Thanks for your Invite.
          I will do it for sure later on.
          Thanks for commenting on this post and sharing your views and opinions once again.

  3. @Kuldeep: Bro such a nice research and just love your writing skill. Keep writing for ITC.

    • Kuldeep Khatri says:

      Thanks for appreciating my writing skills and sharing your views here.
      Stay Tuned for more.

  4. Saikrishna says:

    Building backlinks is very essential. But I think 1 post is not enough for a day.

    • Kuldeep Khatri says:

      I already mentioned the reason while replying to Rahul’s Comment. However, you can prefer it for reference.
      Thanks for sharing our views here.

  5. Good tips. Back linking is important but not that easy to build.

    • Kuldeep Khatri says:

      Yeah Buddy, I agree that Back linking is necessary for every blogger.
      Thanks for sharing your views here.
      Keep Visiting.

  6. Chiranjeev says:

    Feel the all above tips very helpfull. The time to build backlinks is most important instead of spending time. Thanks for this post.

    • Kuldeep Khatri says:

      Yeah, the tips are helpful and am Glad that you appreciate this Post. 😀

      Thanks for sharing your views here!
      Stay Tuned!!!

  7. Abhi Balani says:

    Hey Kuldeep,

    I can see you everywhere, most of the blogs. Good job you are doing with guest post little friend.

    Very good post. Keep up the good work.

    • Kuldeep Khatri says:

      Well, Yeah! It is time to gain some Exposure and Opinions about my post using my writing skills. That’s why I have been Guest Posting (it’s a tough task. 🙂

      Thanks for appreciating my endurance.

      • Abhi Balani says:

        Just take care while using synonyms. 🙂 Some times it changes the meaning.

        All the best!

        • Kuldeep Khatri says:

          Well, actually I wasn’t two wrong by using the term endurance, (where it dictionary meaning is: able to resist or be active for a long time) and it was like you said that I can see your Guest Post on almost all blogs. And it was just a part of being active on several blogs via my Guest Posts. And that’s where I said thanks for appreciating my endurance. Well, it’s not completely changed the meaning. But I said thanks in my view. 😀
          Hope you got what am trying to say.
          Huh, I know English is bad but Good enough to represent my views.

          • Abhi Balani says:

            Oh come on, Boy!

            I never mentioned any word. Did I?

          • Abhi Balani says:

            And who said, that your English is BAD?

            You are doing an awesome job with guest posting, already. It couldn’t have been possible with bad English, I think.

  8. Kuldeep Khatri says:

    Hmm, Thanks.
    I agree that it would not have been possible with Bad English.
    But I did not mean to blame you, I just wanted to say that I am still trying to improve my English and writing skills.

  9. Rod Tolentino says:

    Awesome post for a 13 year old boy here! Your a great writer, and i totally agree to your ideas! I’m new to blogging and i find that your tips are good for guidelines!
    Thank you for the post.

    • Kuldeep Khatri says:

      Thanks for your kind words.
      And Thanks for appreciating my post and Sharing your thoughts here.