Zooming Facebook Photos without clicking on it!

Very often you may come across some cool and exciting image shared by someone and when you see it, you may want to see it in its original size. But you feel too lazy to click on the image to open it in its full size. And yes you may feel lazy because it is really annoying to click on the image to see it in its full size and download it if you like.

Don’t worry friend! I got something for my lazy friends which will help you a lots.

A free chrome extension called FB Photo Zoom and for Mozilla Firefox user its Thumbnail Zoom. You just need to install these extensions for your browser, which will show you icon beside chat box when you open your facebook account.
zoom photo icon

Now just hover your cursor over the image which you want to zoom it may take few seconds to zoom and you are done.

facebook photo zoomed

If you don’t this operation to perform then you can switch off this feature by just single “left click’ over the icon.
phto zoom is off

I hope now my lazy friends will be more comfortable with this extension.

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  1. This is a great plugin. I am using it since long. Thanks for writing about this. This is one of most favorite FB app.

  2. Trung Nguyen says:

    Well, I only use Google Chrome – so may I will re-install Firefox to use that add-on

    • Shivkumar says:

      If you want to use your facebook account in Mozilla Firefox then you have to install in firebox browser and same apply for any other browser.
      Thanks Trung

  3. This application will the change the way we use facebook. I spent most of the time on facebook and sometimes pictures are not fully viewable.

    • Shivkumar says:

      Ya, Zeeshan this plugins is made for guys like you who spend more time on facebook, it saves lots of time.

  4. Is there an extension of this type for a lazy Chrome user? 🙂

  5. Shivkumar says:

    As I mention in my article “A free chrome extension called FB Photo Zoom and for Mozilla Firefox user its Thumbnail Zoom”. So, install this for your browser and have fun!

  6. Arup Ghosh says:

    I’m using this plugin for long time.

  7. vishvast says:

    i am using this plugin and found great with oprning the picture we can Zoom Facebook Photos thnx for sharing it