Tips to Secure your Blogger Blog from Hackers

The worst day of any blogger’s life would be the day on which his blog got hacked.  I recently got my blogger blog hacked and I am very disappointed by that incident from the past few days. I was really discouragedafter my blog got hacked. In fact, I could not write articles for the next 2 days due to this incident. The day my blog hacked I couldn’t sleep the whole night as I thought that all my hard work of about 4 and half months is meaningless as my site is completely under the control of the hacker and he can use it as he wishes.

Secure Blog From Hackers

Well, coming to the main point today, i.e. securing a Blogger Blog from hackers. I want to share some strong tips you need to follow in order to secure your blog’s security from being compromised.

Blogger, being a product from Google is completely dependent on your Google Account as if your Gmail account is hacked, certainly your blogger account and your blog/website is no more secure and the person who has broke into your account can misuse it as he wishes.

Tips to Secure your Blogger Blog from Hackers

After my blog got hacked, I realized that the mistake was indirectly of mine as I did not had strong security. So, I would never want any other Blogger that he may get his blog hacked and as such, I wanted to share some tips with dear readers of Itechcode to help them secure their Blogger Blogs.

Never Disclose your Blogger Account Email Address

Well, I strongly recommend you to never to disclose your Blogger Account Email address as it may prove risky several times. Have a separate mail for conversing purposes and another mail for your Blogger Login Details.  Never give mails that you use you as your login credentials to anyone. As some people send some files to people which contain vulnerabilities to grab your login credentials.

Strong Password

I think most hackers would firstly try to guess your Password and try to login into your Account. But you need to be clever and use a very Strong Password, not your own name, your father’s name, your blog, etc. but something that cannot be guessed. Make strong Passwords by adding some symbols into it and letters to create a strong Password.

2-Step Verification

I did not enable to 2-Step Verification in my Blogger Account and that’s the reason am regretting today. Well, I STRONLY recommend you to enable 2-step verification to your blogger account. In 2-Step verification, it’s almost impossible for any person to break into your blogger account as it adds a strong layer of protection to your Blogger Account.

Avoid giving Admin Rights to others  

Well, I think that giving Admin Rights is quite unsafe nowadays. Because this online world is no more trust worthy. But still provide Admin Rights only if it’s really necessary urgent and only to trusted people. Giving Admin Rights to any Strange Person is very dangerous.

Never forget to Sign out of your Account

Well, this is a common tip but can prove very dangerous if ignored. Always remember that you have sign out especially when using Public Computers.

So, I hope that this article would help you to secure your Blogger blog and helps you and your blog to stay secure online.

About Kuldeep Khatri

Hey guys, I am Kuldeep. A 13 year old Passionate Writer and Blogging Lover. Well, I love blogging, Content Writing and Provide Various Content Writing Services too.


  1. Abhi Balani says:

    Hey Kuldeep,

    Sad to hear about your blog. It’s good you shared your experience. I hope others will learn and remember to keep their blogs safe.

  2. Taking back up weekly will also help to secure Blogger blogs. If you are using Custom domain name for blogger blog with back up is quite easy.

  3. Hari Narayan says:

    Nice tips Kuldeep, first the same way I also got my account hacked . And then I got back my email but not the blog. Just made a complaint to Cyber crime India, they got my email adress. You can also approach them.

  4. For more secure, i think we should use some plugin to improve secure ability of wordpress, recently, come of my customers is being hacked by theirs computer is got trojan, so, most important thing is you should scan your computer regularly 🙂

  5. Hacking blogs has become so widespread now that everywhere I keep hearing about blogs being hacked. God knows poor folks like us are always in the firing line. Good to see you back up from that scary encounter and sharing your ideas about safety with us Kuldeep.

  6. Rizwan Sultan says:

    Nice too see you Kuldeep but I saw it’s rare case you face with blogger platform by the way nice too see your post it provide great help for blogger addict people.

  7. Sad your Blog Got Hacked!! 🙁 but the first and the most essential thing is to never ever give admin access to anyone at any condition as there is nothing which cannot be done without having admin access…as if someone says he wants to help you with the template customization u can download your template and give it to him if u want him to write a post u can take a post from him in the form of .doc and publish with the author credits…in my views if u own a blogger blog giving admin access is like standing on the edge of the hill on one leg…u can be hacked anytime.

  8. Another general tip to users is please try avoid access your account from Cybercafe or via public WiFi. You are prone to more risks!

  9. abhishek says:

    I am hacker too,but i never destroy someone’s blog through hacking,i know how much will that hurt because i myself own 2-3 blogs,and the points that you have listed are pretty good,they surely can protect,but as you know vulnerabilities are always there.

  10. hacking is the evil. :(. securing our sites or blogs is the first thing we should because when someone hacks your site then its too frustrating. Nice one kuldeep.