How to Download YouTube Videos Using Various Services

Download YouTube Videos Using Various Services

A lot of Internet consumers desire to get a hold of Youtube videos that they see. Downloading the video clips could be valuable in various ways which includes the alternative to enjoy the clip everywhere devoid of having to gain access to Youtube. It could also preserve bandwidth as well as be utilized to exchange the videos to gadgets like mobile phones, portable players or gaming consoles which are generally not pluged in to the Internet or that tend not to provide the speed required to play the videos.

Download Youtube Videos

There are generally three methods of downloading it:

  • Utilizing a web service

  • An internet browser add-on

  • Separate software program

All techniques have different benefits as well as drawbacks. Web services for instance are generally independent of OS and could be applied quickly without needing to set up software.They generally don’t have the capability to download several Youtube videos simultaneously.
Internet browser plugins needs installation. They have the benefits that they perform straight from the site which is hasslefree for the user. Additionally they tend not to offer the means to queue several videos at once.
Software programs generally comes with option to queue several videoclip links at once prior to download. However,they do require to be set up and are lacking a good Youtube browser sometimes.

Web Services to obtain YouTube video clips:

There are numerous web services  that offer ways to obtain video clips from Youtube to your PC. A few provide innovative attributes like transforming the video clip to a different format.


An uncomplicated program. The person requires to paste the link of the Youtube movie in the box offered on the site. Keepvid then provides LQ and HQ Format of the movie for downloading. Performs with other sites like Dailymotion or MySpace Video also. Provides a bookmarklet which fits more perfectly than duplicating sticking Youtube web urls.


Savevid provides Youtube video clips in unique mp4 or flv Format. Shows a live checklist of video clips that are downloadable by people on the site that is a good resource of video clips as their links are shown immediately. Provides top 10 listings, records and groups as well.

Video Getting:

Video getting is a different program that includes converting formats and downloading vids in just one application. People can insert Youtube video clips in the space provided and obtain them in 8 various Formats.

Internet browser Add-ons to get hold of video clips from YouTube:

These add-ons provide the benefits the fact that video clips can be downloaded immediately with no need of checking out a different web page to achieve this.

Flash Video Downloader:

Flash Video Downloader performs a web assistance to obtain video clips and an add-on that can be set up in Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer. The Opera is among the few Youtube video widgets for downloading.


Viloader is a  plug-in that sets up on its own in about three various web surfers like Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer. It gives you a obtain movie right-click perspective selection option that works extremely well in downloading video clips from Youtube and other video sharing sites.

YouTube VideoGrab:

YouTube VideoGrab expansion for Chrome is simple to set up and utilize. When you start a movie in youtube webpage then beneath the movie,VideoGrab reveals the links for downloading  the movie clips you are currently enjoying. Press on the chosen Download to obtain the movie clips. It’s  has an icon that you can switch on and off. The YouTube VideoGrab expansion immediately turns off when you never want the obtain links.

Softwares for downloading videos from YouTube:

Free FLV Converter:

Free FLV Converter is a program that can look for, obtain and turn Youtube video clips and video clips from other  providers. It’s greatest durability is the option for searching that can quickly manage a large number of outcomes offering secure options to obtain several video clips simultaneously from Youtube.

Orbit Downloader:

Orbit is a really well-known administrator for downloading that can handle a wide range of well-known sites such as Youtube, Pandora and Myspace. It combines with web surfers and includes the Grab++ component that works extremely well to get and Download vids.


Youtube-DL is a control line Software to obtain video clips from Youtube.

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  1. Rahul kuntala says:

    The best way to download any videos is using IDM. This is by far the best tool to download automatically. Which is easy to use and configure..

    • Yes I agree Rahul but i tried to make a list of tools which is uncommon to lot of people but still very helpful.

  2. Adeline says:

    Nice list of tools Apramit. I use the Chrome add on to download videos occasionally and it works great!

  3. It didnt come into my notice!Thanks for the heads up 🙂

  4. Ammar Ali says:

    All of them are good but I live Internet Download Manager. IDM also comes with awesome feature of download any video from browser 🙂

  5. Hi Apramit,
    Thanks for sharing all these ways to download videos from youtube, most of them are new to me except orbit, which I have used many times not just for youtube but for any kind of video on the web…

  6. Rosemary O'Shaughnessy says:

    Hi Apramit,

    Thank you very much for sharing your list . It is great to have expert advice for video as it is very important part of marketing. As many people rather watch a video rather than read. Thank you again for your tips. Take care Rosemary

  7. rohit kothari says:

    woww wonderful post ealier i use to download it through idm but you know every time nulled version just hang up but will try this thanks for sharing wonderful post

  8. Prayag Verma says:

    A really useful list of tools and websites. I personally like to use Keepvid because its simple and it offers a myriad of different formats to download including the MP3 version of the video

  9. Rizwan Sultan says:

    Hey Apramit
    Indeed I am using IDM grabber for downloading YouTube videos.

  10. Anirudh says:

    Free YouTube Download is a software that does an awesome job too. This collection is really helpful too. 🙂