How to Test your Code Online

We did many post on programming and the tools and things that is needed to do programming or to code. But in this i got something interesting and might be new for you. Yes you can test or run your code online in a simple way without headache of heavy lode editor or something. You can run the C, C++ and PHP and many other code online, yes in a browser. Here proceed to know how to run it.

First of go to

Here you see a editor window which has a option on left panel to select the appropriate programming language.

codepad window

What you need to do is Just write your code and select the Language on which you wrote the code and hit Submit like as what i did below.

I wrote a simple code in C language with some printf  Commands.

After typing code once you hit Submit then it will compile and execute it on their own server and Produce a output. But obvious the Output will be on the Web page not like in Dos mode of Turbo C.

Here is a output of my code and note that it will give you a URL by which you can share the Code and output to Social Media or to any friend via mail.

So here i got a output. Now here is one note that it will only execute some of the Functions not a whole language as their is issue of their server security arrives.

This is for a Code in ‘C ‘, lets take a example of PHP and lets run one simple script over here.  Just open the editor and paste the following code and Hit submit.

print “This is a PHP code”;

Don’t forget to select the Language as “PHP”. 😛

Hope you like this post and have a fun with it and play it. Good luck and Happy Programming.!

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  1. Koundeenya says:

    I am currently working on some CSS + PHP related stuff. Any tool to check its working ?

  2. Phanindra says:

    Codepad is nice tool. I have used it many times. IDEONE Code Compiler also works great because it supports many languages like Ada ,Assembler ,AWK (mawk) ,Bash ,bc ,C ,C# ,C++ ,C++0x ,C99 strict ,CLIPS ,Clojure ,COBOL ,COBOL 85 ,Common Lisp (clisp) , D (dmd) , Erlang , F# , Factor , Forth , Fortran , Go , Groovy , Haskell , Icon , Intercal , Java , JavaScript (rhino) , JavaScript (spidermonkey) , Lua , Pascal (fpc) , Perl , Perl 6 , PHP , Python , Ruby , Smalltalk , SQL , Visual Basic .NET .

    PHPAnyWhere is exclusively for PHP coding 🙂

    Nice article Shahid,

    • Thanks for dropping a Nice comment and providing us a Extra information. We need User’s and reader like you 🙂 Keep visiting.

  3. really like this code pad