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Now it is always a strong desire to create your own website for showing our own friends, or gain some exposure, build profit and even and do many more things but most of the people get struck at a point as they do not have any kind of technical knowledge about coding, hosting or even no idea from where to start. Now, Ucoz.com is the best place for you to create free website. It works as a great Free Website Maker and even you will find a lot of options to create free website but Ucoz is the best option you would find due to it’s easy to use interface and lot of features which we would be discussing further.


Features of Ucoz – Free Website Builder

Now when we are going to start a website, a lot of things are required like Logo Design, Coding, Photoshop, Hosting, etc. and these all things make our work stretch long as well as complicated. But with the help of Ucoz, you need not spend your precious time in coding & designing as Ucoz provides you with already settled professional layouts designs.

You can create Website easily with the help of Ucoz just by registering a free Ucoz account and it would take just fraction of seconds to register an account.

Well, Ucoz has tons of features but we would be listing some main benefits that make Ucoz as ‘Best Free Website Maker’.

  • Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth
  • User-friendly Interface
  • More then 250 professional templates available
  • Easy Data Backup and restoration
  • Latest and Revised CMS
  • Any Many more…

Now the above features were to take just a glance, and the detailed listings are given below.

FTP Access 

There are lots of services that free website hosting but they do not provide FTP access. And if you aren’t aware about the advantage of FTP access, then it’s a feature that provides you full access over your website and allows you to quickly upload and delete files.

Allows you to Host Top-level Domain

Now this is another great feature of Ucoz that it allows you to host top level domains like .com and .net, etc. as Top level domains have more impact of Search Engines and many other features. If you do not have a Top level domain, then I advise you to purchase one.


Now if you want to start your own online business and spread it on the Internet world but do not have much finance to handle the expenses of hiring a developer to design a website, hosting charges, etc. then Ucoz is the best option for you.

Thousands of Widgets and Gadgets

Widgets are always an important part of any blog or website. And as such, Ucoz also comes with lot of widgets to help you customize your blog, make your blog easy to navigate and more stable and also help to make your blog more attractive.

Earn Money with their Affiliate Program

Although Ucoz is the best platform to create free website but it also provides an opportunity to its users to make money with their affiliate program.  You just need to bring new people to Ucoz and make them sign up with your referral links and for each registration, you are been paid o.50$ which is not a bad deal at all.

If you too interested now to  create free website, then register Ucoz account now.


So, guys I hope you enjoyed this review of Ucoz and consider it as the best option to create your free website and if you have any suggestions or views, we would love to hear it via comments.

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  1. Peter Lee says:

    I never heard of uCoz but you’ve clearly given all the details about it here Amit! I’m tempted to try it out since it’s free 😛 Thanks for sharing this valueble article!

  2. Bilal Sarwari says:

    Amit, they demand to give link credit in footer to ucoz web ?

  3. Muhammad Abdul Qadoos says:

    looks awesome but i think wordpress is better than any web building service

  4. Trung Nguyen says:

    Yep, this is tha first time I hear about Ucoz, thanks for sharing this free recourse to us, Amit.

  5. PrIyAnGsHu @ Make Money Online says:

    Great post Amit ! I have already read about this on a few other, it really looks like a nice service, it’s time to check it out !

  6. What about domain Amit…is the http://www.your_site_name.com or it uses the extension??

  7. Muhammad Hassan says:

    WoW, It’s Awesome.
    I Never Heard About It In Detail As You Did It Here…
    Great Blog, Great Articles And Also Great Author…

  8. Thanks For your visit Amrik. Keep Visiting.

  9. Nilanjana Naha says:

    Really i never heard about Ucoz.com. Its really help a lot for low budget website. Sites provide such a good features like unlimited Disk space and bandwidth and more important thing more than 250 templates as free. please inform us new things with interesting features.