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The internet is growing very fast day by day. Billions of people use the internet daily for various purposes. The big majority of the internet users use it to search for files such as pdf books, wallpapers, videos, free software, music etc. Finding this content on the web is not an easy task, as most of the sites on internet are spam. But you need not to worry now, as I have come across a set of very useful websites, which have all these file types in their database.  The general files service websites are the perfect to search for all this content in an easier way. Finding the files and then downloading them to your system’s memory has become very easy with these websites.  You can easily download the free movies, music; download free videos, wallpapers and software. Not only this, you can also search for the websites from the database of popular file sharing sites such as rapidshare. It is the easiest download utility online with very rich and simple user interface.  Let’s have a look that how you can do this.


How to Search and Download Files

Searching for the files online is not an easy task. The existence of large no. of spam websites on the internet has made it very difficult place to find and download your desired things in quick time. Most of the time when you search for any file on the internet, then you ends up with the website with either not having that particular file or having virus in it, which can infect your system. But the General-Files are the website which makes all this work easier. Their database contains a large no. of music, software, pdf files and wallpapers. The files are shared by the users from all over the globe, which are completely free to use. And the other best thing is that all the content you get from there is totally legal.

The other features of the site include, providing you the list of most downloaded or most commented files. It can also help you in getting some good and useful files for you. There are also the downloads via the popular file sharing sites, such as Rapidshare, Mediafire etc.

General Downloader : This is the download management software. It is completely free download manager which allows you to download and manage the wide variety of files. The word Rapidshare Downloader is perfect for this free download manager.   You can download files from the no. of file sharing sites with a single click.

The General Family has another good service, which is the free online software directory. You can check the ratings of any particular file. You can also search for the similar files, and can get best alternative for your desired file. After finding the right file for you, you can forward it to the general downloader to download it.

All these sites are personally used by me and I am very happy with their good services. Hope it will help you as well. Drop your comments to share your views about it.

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  1. Edward Gomes says:

    Thanks Amit(Ashley) for the useful info. Will give you a feedback after I have tested this site. Do keep us posted on these types of websites on a regular basis. Thanks once again.

    • Yes its really awesome you will get everything from Music to Ebook. Give a try and let me know the Result. Thanks for your Comment.

  2. Rizwan Sultan says:

    Great post Amit but still I depend on torrent sites.

  3. Satyakam Pradhan says:

    Hi Amit, I also used and it’s really impressive sites for our utilities and download needs.. I also recommend such websites to my friends. I liked this review about such a website. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing..