What do you Get and Lose when becoming a Blogger?



There are thousands of blogs created every day, and the number seems increasing, not decreasing.

I wonder what makes blogs so attractive.

I see that people usually do something when it is beneficial to them. And I’m sure blogging is also bringing to bloggers something value. What is it?


Of course, blogger can make money from the blog, and I believe that money is the concern of many bloggers. They don’t just blog for fun.

So what do you think when you knowing the number of money that a famous blogger earned from his blog?

Do you have a strong desire to be own a big money like that? Yes, I’m sure you have.

Money is a motive powerful force to promote human to work, and of course, blogging is a working, even many blogger considered it is a job. So I’m sure you deserve to get money from it.

I also thought making money blogging is a good job, especially is when I made my first $500 online from my blog.

I know there are many blogs are created also mean the competition will be more intense, you will be very hard to overcome the competitors and earn money. Many bloggers can’t make money from their blog and maybe you too.

Fortunately, blogging won’t only bring money to you. Many people want to become a blogger not only for money.

Blogging can give you more things such as reputation.

Oh, talking about REPUTATION, do you want to be famous? I’m sure that you want! Because become a celebrity, you get more people interested, want to know about you, and of course you can also earn more money. That is wonderful, right?

Do you believe that blogging can make you famous? I think this is trust. Consider the case of John Chow who owner of JohnChow.com. I know him, my friends know him, and most of the blogger knows him. However, before 2006, no one knows who the heck John Chow is. Now, blogging make him famous and the number money that he makes is increased.

We also can become famous like John.

Money and Reputation are two fascinating that blog can give for you, besides, there are things simpler and practical that blog brought to you as Expanding Relationships.

Blogging can give you many opportunities to interact, make friends with people all over the world. Communicate through the blog (via comments) or other forms of Internet communication (email, Yahoo’s messenger, Social network …) you can add a lot of friends, right?

One more things that blog can give to you are improving your skills. Through blogging, the skills such as writing skills, reading skills and general skills, diplomatic skills, typing skills … will be much improved. This is the main reason that I want to become a blogger.

Do you think that blogging gives you too much or not?

Drilling, please wait.

God gave you that thing, god can also take you something. Please see we have been stolen what.

First, I think that blog took you much time. To have a success blog, we need to build rich content for blog, need to promotion for blog. And to make money from the blog, we need to do many things. Of course, all need the time.

Because you need more time buildings and developing your blog, so will have less time for friends, and of course this will make friendships gradually been eroded and can lose the relationship that you take a long time to build.

Besides, to earn income from your blog, you will have to spend much effort to overcome opponents, must update the blog regularly, must do SEO for blogs, must find ways to increase traffic .etc. And of course all of this will increase the pressure on you. You are prone to stress and declining health because work too much. This is too bad right?

Bloggers are also susceptible to eye diseases like myopia due to sit front of a computer screen too long? So, Do you want to wear a pair of glasses or not? I think you don’t want. I’m too. That is one reason why I do not regularly update for my blog.

Any things are also positive and negative, blogging is a good way to earn income but most importantly you must learn to balance so as not to be affected by it too much. Let your blog work for you do not let you work for blogs.

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  1. Naser @ Tech Blog says:

    Nice explanation Trung, 90% of people blog for money. I also got glasses, but they are not from blogging, but from playing games 😀

    • Trung Nguyen says:

      Yep, many bloggers are blogging for money, however, I know someone is not blog for that thing. 🙂

      Thanks for your stop by, Naser.

  2. Bishwajeet @Comptalks says:

    Sometimes Blogging gives you fame among your peers,as not many people are stiff aware of blogging. When you have thousands of fans/subscribers you love the attention that you get from them.

    • Trung Nguyen says:

      Yep, Bishwajeet, blogging is one of awesome way to get something difference, being famous is great gift that blogging can give to us 🙂

  3. If you blog for money you would end up with nothing.If u keep this in mind u can do wonders,,,

    • Trung Nguyen says:

      So what do you want to talking about, Aadith, exactly? I don’t think blogging for money is bad idea, however, how can you blog for money? That’s problem.

  4. Peter Lee says:

    Blogging is a fun hobby to me, I don’t really see it as a money generating platform. I think if one looking into blogging as to gain fame and money, that will only bring to him/her unnecessary stress and pressure. Why stress? Have fun and enjoy it! The rest will come 🙂

    • Trung Nguyen says:

      In fact, it’s not easy to maintain a blog, you need time to write blog posts, manage your blog and imagine you have many blogs, … that’s why you may be stress

  5. Yeah, Bolgging have lots of side effects too. Managing it requires considerable time. You have to decide the right balance b/w social life and blogging.
    Most successful bloggers get too much drifted to the virtual world.

  6. PrIyAnGsHu @ Make Money Online says:

    Great post Trung ! Most of the people do blog because it generates money, and gives you respect in the world of blogging 🙂 !

  7. Rizwan Sultan says:

    Hey Trung Nice post including me and every great blogger or SEO work for money no doubt some get good amount in return and some get less but every one working here for money.

    • Trung Nguyen says:

      Hi Rizwan, in my option, blogging is working, what do you work for? Money?I’m sure and strongly believe you did, don’t you?

  8. It differs from person to person who blogging. Someone blog as his hobby, other to earn money, some to become famous through blogging. But whatever your goal for blogging, you have to work hard to achieve your goal. Well described on bloggers mind 🙂

    • Trung Nguyen says:

      You are right, Ahsan. To achieve our goals (money, reputation… whatever) we have to work very hard.

  9. Shalu Sharma says:

    Blogging can be good fun sometimes. But not all of us make alot of money out from it. There is enough that domain and hosting is recovered. Extra is bonus.

    • Trung Nguyen says:

      we need time to monetize a blog, and you must define that blogging isn’t a way to get rich overnight.

  10. there are disadvantage to blogging too. the biggest disadvantage is (as you mentioned)if you work too much time online, your life tends to distance itself from the life outside your room and even social relations.. too much of anything is not good.

    • Trung Nguyen says:

      You’re right, Bryan, too much of anything is total not good, we need to balance to live better.

  11. Satyakam Pradhan says:

    Hey Trung,

    I agree with all what you say as majority of people are blogging for money.. But I think money is just another factor, one should blog with an intention to help people get some knowledge from out blog and fame and money are other factors. In fact, blogging is all meant to share knowledge with people…

    That’s my view. But nod doubts, Great Post…

    • Trung Nguyen says:

      share our knowledge is best way to keep it being fresh and motivate us updating new knowledge. That’s why blogging is awesome to me, not just because it could bring money.

  12. Yeah, it’s true that Money is Just another factor, One should blog for Sharing knowledge with the Online world. Many people opt blogging as profession, some as hobby, and as such it differs from person to person. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  13. Money and Reputation is the important part and focus of any person who lived in earth. all men and women are go for money but in blogging both got you.