Why go for IntenseDebate Comment System on blogger?

One of the major drawbacks of blogger platform I personally feel is that the Commenting System is very poor in terms of functionality as compared to WordPress. And I think that it lacks in several other functions too like it does not shows Avatars, it gets less comments as it is not much user-friendly, etc. I saw several alternatives to blogger and I found IntenseDebate as the best alternative and I strongly recommend all bloggers users to replace their comment form with IntenseDeabte with the default one. And now you would be thinking why? Well, I would be sharing the benefits of using IntenseDebate and it would also divert your mind and would attract you to use IntenseDebate over blogger’s default commenting system!



What is IntenseDebate?

Well, for those people to whom this term sounds new, then IntenseDebate is one of the featured commenting system and it works on several blogging platforms like Blogger or WordPress. You can also checkout their official website – IntenseDebate.

Now let us come back to our main topic and let us take a review of several features that will let you go for IntenseDebate over Default Commenting System of Blogger.

Why to go for IntenseDebate Comment System on Blogger?

Free Free Free

We all like those things for which we need not spend a single penny and this is a great feature of IntenseDebate comment form that it is totally free to use.

Gravatar shown properly

Gravatar displays your image on several weblogs and resembles you. Well, the problem with default blogger commenting system is that Gravatar isn’t shown when any user comments with his/her Site and URL, then the Gravatar is not shown whereas it’s a big advantage of IntenseDebate that whenever  an user comments on your blog, the Gravatar will be shown properly.

Easy installation

Now IntenseDebate is really easy to install and requires your few precious minutes to get installed on your blog. It supports major platforms like Blogger and WordPress.

Not much affect on your Site’s Loading Time

As site’s loading is an important aspect to take care, then IntenseDebate does not affects much on your site’s loading time. So, after installing, it won’t affect your site’s loading time.

Prevent SPAM filter

Another great feature is that IntenseDebate would help you & your site to prevent against SPAM comments. As bloggers receive lots of SPAM comments, this comment form would also help to prevent it. In fact, it has the feature which allows you to add your own filter words to prevent against SPAM comments.

Enable Commentluv

Now this is something that the default commenting system really lacks. Now, In WordPress, Commentluv can be enabled with the help of plugins easily but blogger platform does not provides any option by default for that. But using IntenseDebate comment form you can easily do that. So, commentluv can be enabled on your blogger blog using IntenseDebate Comment form.

Auto Approve Comments

You can even set points for a particular commentator like if you set 300 points and once the commentator reach 300 points, then his comments would be approved automatically without any moderation as that person has became a reputed and a loyal commentator of your blog.

Block users to comment

If you are been annoyed by one of the user who posts annoying comments on your blog, then you can block him/her by navigating to Setting Tab >>Moderation Tab.

Add Moderators

Now if you get a lot of comments and it has became difficult for you to manage them, then you can add another user to help you moderate the comments and save your time too.

Other features

There are several other features too which make this IntenseDebate Comment form Outstanding. Like – Reputation points and Comments Voting, Reply-by-Email, Email Notifications, Reply Button, Facebook Share, Smileys, and a lot more other features.

My Final Words

IntenseDebate is the premier commenting system which enhances and encourages conversation on your blog or website. With IntenseDebate you can give your blog readers the opportunity to better engage your blog’s content and each other.

Now I can just strongly recommend you that if you are using Blogger’s Default commenting system currently, then you should divert to IntenseDebate as it is featured, user friendly and comes with lots of benefits.

About Kuldeep Khatri

Hey guys, I am Kuldeep. A 13 year old Passionate Writer and Blogging Lover. Well, I love blogging, Content Writing and Provide Various Content Writing Services too.


  1. Peter Lee says:

    IntenseDebate is no doubt good for Blogger. In fact I’ve even seen WordPress sites using IntenseDebate as well.

    • Trung Nguyen says:

      This is the first time I hear about that system. Thanks Kuldeep.

    • Kuldeep Khatri says:

      Yeah, IntenseDebate is an awesome commenting system for blogs…
      Thanks for dropping your comment.

  2. Prayag Verma says:

    I agree that the default commenting system in Blogger lacks a lot of features like Gravatar support and Commentluv option but you can’t fully neglect it. People at Blogger are constantly trying to improve it , with features like Threaded comments being launched sometime back, Its a step in the right direction .

    In no time Blogger comments will catch up with these commenting systems but currently if anybody wants to use the features mentioned above then IntenseDebate is the best alternative

    • Kuldeep Khatri says:

      Yeah, it lacks features but still the blogger team is improving it and working on it to enhance it’s functionality.

      But till that time, IntenseDebate is the best available alternative… 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by..

  3. I haven’t used the Intense Debate yet but I tried both Comment Luv and Disqus – both of them worked terribly on my blog. The load time increased so much, I couldn’t even log into WP dashboard. I guess I have to try this one and see how its working.

    • Kuldeep Khatri says:

      Chitra, It is much better as per my experience. You should give it a try too.
      Thanks.. 🙂

  4. I feel everyone should use the default two level commenting system by Blogger. Even if you’re looking for an alternative to the default commenting system Livefyre or Disqus is a better option.

    • Kuldeep Khatri says:

      They are good…. But I personally recommend IntenseDebate to everyone….
      Although Thanks for stopping by…

  5. You can install CommentLuv on Blogger with Intense Debate. Many users have found that tutorial on my blog and they are using it now. If you have a Blogger blog Intense Debate with CommentLuv is the only way to go!

    • Kuldeep Khatri says:

      Hi Ileane Mam, It’s true that IntenseDebate proves to be the best available comment form on blogger blogs… Thanks for sharing your views..

  6. Suraj @Smartfatblogger says:

    I’m still using disqus comment system, and I am finding it easy and good thing is that most of the users too use this. Other than providing a comluv, intense DB is same as disqus. No offense to the article, its really good.

  7. Mategyero says:

    Well my friend, great post, i guess the iniquity blogger commenting system now has competition. i will try it out soon. Thanks mate.

    • Kuldeep Khatri says:

      Yeah, give it a try and then do share your views with us..
      Tyhanks for stopping by…

  8. Satyakam Pradhan says:

    Hey Kuldeep,

    I liked your review about IntenseDebate and I personally believe that It’s the best available commenting system for blogger as blogger platform lacks in some features in their commenting. I appreciate your efforts you put here to bring such a great information.

    Keep sharing.. 🙂

  9. PrIyAnGsHu @ Make Money Online says:

    Great post Kuldeep ! Intensedebate is really a great commenting system and I have been using them on my blogger blog since long because it supports CommentLuv 🙂 !

    • Kuldeep Khatri says:

      Ya, even I too new …..

      Commentluv is a great feature of this comment form.

      Thanks buddy for dropping your comment here…

  10. Hey Huldeep, It’s the first time that I hear about this commenting system, blogger commenting system is certainly not the best one and I rarely comment blogs using blogger so Intensedebate seems to be a good choice for all the blogger users, thanks for sharing…

  11. Hari Narayan says:

    Kuldeep I too love Intensedebate Comment System , but As well as I hate the Blogger comment system because it is not attractive as like wp blog’s comment form . This is the only thing I hate in Blogger. If anyone don’t know to use intensedebate , he can also use Disquis , it also looks better! . Thanks for the post!

  12. Kuldeep Khatri says:

    Ya, This alternative enhances conversations on blogspot blogs. It’s true..

    Thanks for sharing your views here…

  13. Except comment luv option, i still like to remain restricted to disqus only. It gives me an option of image upload as well and is much much butter then intense debate. Your points are valid but disqus also offers these as well.

  14. Naser @ Tech Blog says:

    It is a good replacement for blogger’s comment system. But WordPress self hosted blog’s commenting system is well better than Intense Debate.

  15. Damanjit Singh says:

    You’re right kuldeep. Blogger’s default commenting system is less than nothing. Intense debate is good but i think disqus commenting system is more better than it.

  16. Nice post. Intensedebate system for blogger is very useful and useful replacement for blogger comment system. Moreover it will help to give a comment system similar to WordPress.

  17. Sahl Ahmed says:

    We’ll im confused between intense debate and disqus commenting system, at the moment i have the fb commentbox and the wordpress commentbox.
    but i dont want to keep 2 comment boxes, thanks for the insights to intense debate will surely try it.

  18. Intense debate is good but i still believe that disqus also have all the features you stated in the post. We may say there is a tough competition between disqus and intense debate 😀

  19. Shalu Sharma says:

    It is no doubt a great system. Also it rewards your readers if they leave a comment. I recently found about this and I think its a great thing to have on your blog. I have a blog on blogger and it also integrates in that as well. Overall I think its one of the best things one can have on a blog.

  20. Chiranjeev says:

    No doubt, Intensedebate is one of the best commenting system for blogger. However I don’t want to use any third party commenting system.