Impact of the Recent Google Changes to You

Once again Google has become the talk of every media stations after announcing its major changes to its algorithm. This major update has swept the world by storm and it has affected many search queries. Since its introduction into the world Google has continued to bewilder many people for its amazing work. Google once again has conquered the social marketing world due to its unbeatable creativity. Since most of us use Google to social network and do our marketing campaigns, it due to this reason that Google has come up with better ways to improve its ranking algorithms. The impact of the recent and upcoming changes of Google ranking algorithm have led to national wide riot from other social networks such as Twitter, Yahoo and Facebook.

The recent creative Google update, Search plus your World has swept the world by storm. So how exactly does this Search your world plus affect you as a Google user? Well, the moment you search for anything using your Google profile, Google ensures that you get the best and satisfactory results. This recent change allows you to get personalized results specifically meant to satisfy your query. Google allows you to get personal results such as your friends’ photos and profile details will enable you get a content answer to what you are searching for. After the invention of Search plus your World there was a lot of tension and constant complains from many users but after using it people have realized that it has a lot of advantages. One of the advantage of the Google + is that enables your website to get more visibility. The more your website receives visibility the more you are guaranteed of improving it.

Google changes

As a matter of fact. Google+ will help you advertise your business if you want to expand it more quickly. The recent and upcoming changes of Google ranking algorithm have made online marketing easier. Unlike in the past where it was so hard to market your business brand via online marketing, today with the recent Google changes it is easier and faster. The SEO (search engine optimization) has been of great help to so any online marketers-thanks to Google. Since the invention of SEO online marketing has become easier to operate. Use of Search engine optimization on your website will allow you to connect with more clients and you therefore market your business fast. In addition to that, using such a powerful search engine enables you to target more customers from all over the world.

This is because such a search engine allows more visibility of your website to as many people as possible. The recent Google changes of ranking algorithm is all about “freshness factor” which allows more visibility on your website. Your Google profile will be kept informed with the recent updates. In case you need any current updated it will automatically show on your Google search results. This gives you a clear picture of the current affairs on all the relevant matters when you take advantage of Google’s ‘freshness factor’.

Google has recently announced that it will be getting rid of some of its products and services. Some of the affected products include Google sky map, Picnik, and Google social Graph API to mention but a few. This has been a clear instruction and warning to all its users around the globe. If you are currently using any of the above mentioned Google products you need to be conscious of the recent changes. This is the main reason why many Google users have been advised to always stay informed so as to know the recent and upcoming major changes of Google and how it will affect them.

Another recent development by Google is use of rich snippets for applications. With the help of these applications you can comfortably search for software applications while viewing its personal details such as price and other reviews. Google has also enabled its users to receive relevant data whenever they ask for queries after using a precise data range. This has been a recent Google development which allows improvement of restricted queries. This means that you can get the right and relevant Google search result answers faster, accurately and easier.

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Tuan Do is the blogger and CEO of TechWalls technology blog which was founded in February 2011. TechWalls provides content on technology, gadgets, tech guide, internet marketing, Wordpress & blogging tips and SEO.


  1. Mohsin Ali says:

    My blog is also hit by recent Google panda update and it looks like that Google wants more from us.

    • Yes, Mohsin. A lot of blogs (including mine) are being hit by Panda but I don’t think this will be a big trouble if we continue providing good content. Some of my keywords dropped but some get higher ranking as well.

    • Rizwan Sultan says:

      Hey Mohsin

      I am surprised about that you too my friend any strategy you adopt for getting your reputation back.

  2. Great research work I must say. Recently Many blog got hitted by Panda But I was lucky I got saved. 🙂
    One more thing I want to add in this is Google Drive which is the next product of google offering 5 GB free space. You must sign up now 🙂

  3. Ming@Affiliate Marketing says:

    Hi Tuan,

    I really don’t like the personalised search setting which screw the search results significantly. In order to get the most relevant results, I need to make sure I am loggout…

  4. Irfan Siddiqui says:

    I’m not seeing any changes in terms of traffic to my personal tech blog. Everything is going good. I wish I’ll not be the other victim.

  5. Hi Tuan
    Goolge Panda update has hit hard on many blogs, but blog which provides great content has shown tremendous improvement. We bloggers need not be concerned about the Panda update if we can write original, good contents for our readers.
    Great articles can improve your traffic


    • That’s true in most cases but Google still has mistakes sometimes. Just a few days ago, they classified some sites mistakenly as parked domains when they weren’t. So, I think it is still important for us to keep track of Panda updates.

  6. I think the whole idea of Panda is to get people to navigate to Google products especially Google Plus. Stop wasting time on other link building techniques and get Google social.

  7. Lynn Brown says:

    I have recently seen a huge amount of traffic coming to my site. I haven’t changed anything, however I have always concentrated on providing good quality content with it being of more importance than my adds and other products that i promote.

    I think the wave of social media and the search engines is a good thing to keep a more sound online experience.

  8. Google Panda is a scary name these days in SEO, isn’t it…It always keeps changing but I feel recent changes were good for small business owners. It will increase the fair play in SEO world.

  9. Bryan Rego says:

    I am seriously not happy , i wish Google rolls back to their previous algorithm, this update seems messy for eg we can see sites on the top of Google which even dont have content and best example can be that when you search for V..g…a you can get the names of universities been listed, i feel i will be switching to bing search now on.

    • Holly Jahangiri says:

      I would like a search engine that (a) doesn’t accept pay for placement; and (b) returns the most useful results (e.g., understands how to filter out spam, repetitive “noise,” nonsense, and syndicated results).

      I know, it’s a fantasy. Leave me be. I’m enjoying it up in my head.

    • Yeah, but I think this is just temporary. Google is launching Penguin update and it would get rid of web spam as Matt said.
      We just can see the result in a few weeks.

  10. Every time when Google updates or change his product it has both good & bad effects. Lots of bloggers suffer recent Google Panda update. But Google also launched Google Drive & new Google Plus feature. Hope this will bring more popularity among net surfers

  11. Holly Jahangiri says:

    I’m really sorry to hear that Google Sky Map is on the chopping block. That only got useful once Android phones became ubiquitous (I mean, it doesn’t even make SENSE from a desktop – but on a GPS enabled phone, at night, out in the country – whoa!)

  12. Bryan Rego says:

    @ Holley Jahangiri , I think there is lot more in this update than what we really think so, the new panda update, decent of Google drive and Google play, search plus your world, android venture, cannibalizing their own Google sky map etc , all seems to focus at the sleeping giant – THE GOOGLE PLUS etc seems a bit fishy to me. Rolling out Google plus was itself a move towards creating blue ocean – free from competition and targeting the firms that are having the competitive advantage from long time (dropbox, apple , windows) (i say this because Google plus is more than a social networking site – your docs, mail, personal drive, mobile, sync, data everything is connected on the cloud)….. i wish to know what else they have patented , surely the future belongs to hand-held device and thus Google Sky Map is just a little step. And specially Google without paid search may be a fairy tale – hard to believe – as 97% of their revenue comes from advertisements. – Anyway I have switched to Bing.

  13. Hi Tuan,
    Actually most google updates have helped my blog get more traffic and the last 2-3 days my traffic from Google is the doable than what it used to be, what can I say. Anyway we should not forget that we should not rely only on search engines since one change in their algorithm could be vital for the traffic we get from them, thanks for sharing…

    • Congrats, Kostas
      Many people are complaining about the Google’s changes but I think more people are satisfied with the updates as this is a good move to get rid of web spam. Leverage social networking will be a good way to overcome the dependence.
      Thanks for your comment.

  14. Isha Singh says:

    Google is doing best for providing us with good content. Now, it’s our responsibility to write good content so, google can consider our content in it’s search results.

  15. Probably the latest update Penguin should be some sort of a fix for Panda update. Because Panda update never did what it actually intended for instead was/is helping spammer and content spinners!

  16. Bharat Chowdary says:

    Whatever Google do, its for improving the user experience. I also noticed that some videos and maps are also been displayed for local search queries.