Google Drive Features and Functionality

After a long wait, Google has finally revealed its answer to the Microsoft’s Skydrive, a desktop sync app for storing your data online or cloud storage. After a string of appearances, Google Drive was finally launched by the Google a few days back. Let’s find out what is Google Drive Features and Functionality.

Google Drive

What is it?

Google drive, the new cloud storage service from the Google is an application through which you can store your files and other data on the servers run by Google. When the application is launched, a folder is created on the computer. When you drag anything into it, it is stored on your hard disk as well as in your account on the cloud. All the stored data can be accessed from the website from any computer or mobile device. Not only has this, the Google Docs, the web-based tools of productivity from Google also been encapsulated within the Google drive.

Google Drive Features and Functionality

Synchronization is arguably one of the best features of such cloud based storage programs. It means that whenever you modify a file stored in the Drive, which is instantly updated across all other devices connected to Drive. Perhaps one of its drawbacks may is that for a folder you want to be synced, you have to drag them to the Google Drive, from their original locations unlike that in Live Mesh, or Wuala or SugarSync.

Initially, the Drive offers 5 GB of free space to everyone. After that you can increase that to 25, 100 GB or even 1 TB, against fixed monthly payments of $2.49, 5, 50, respectively.

You can upload, download or share virtually any type of file on the Drive with your peers. Only restriction for you to handle is the 10 GB per file limit even that far outruns the limits offered by its competitors.

Browser interface

With Drive, you do not have to fret about getting the know-how and acing a completely different user interface. In fact, Drive has the same interface which Google provides in all its suits and services.
In Drive, Google has used the same sharing functionality it used in docs. Even the photos uploaded weren’t compressed, thus conserving their original clarity and size.

Desktop and Android app

The desktop app of Google Drive is available for both the Microsoft & Apple platforms. Like others of its kind, its simple and quick installation is completed with the addition of a folder to your desktop. Files saved in this folder automatically get stores in the clouds.
On Android, all it takes to initiate the Drive is a simple update of the Docs app. As a result, the interface also, doesn’t have a great deal of difference.

Final Words

The initial performance has been quite good. But, in order to keep with the other competitors, Google will have to evolve the Drive, and there is plenty of space for that too. We can only hope, that what Google said during its introduction is true, and that is “ This is just the beginning.”

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  1. antodoms says:

    Nice post Amit …. Google Drive looks like an integration of linux one OS and icloud feature of Apple…. Anyways, Keep posting..:)

  2. Now there will be no tension for hard disk….But competition will be tough from now in cloud storage services because dropbox and skydrive wont be sit silently, they will do something to compete with Google Drive. 🙂

  3. Google Drive is good but I have one grievance.

    Whenever you delete file/s from desktop Drive folder, the same is synced on online Drive. Perhaps, they can include an option here as to whether the user wants to delete the same from the online Drive. I may delete it from desktop drive just to remove clutter but I may still need the file/s at a later date.

    I feel this is only lacking in GD.

  4. Dinesh@Oracle PL/SQL Programming says:

    hm. nice to see that . as well when we install that one then Google drive uses Microsoft Internet Exporer 6.0 ocx control to download from server 😛

  5. sandeep kumar dan says:

    awesome post amit.. i will include this article in my clz assignment i can access my drive any where…. 🙂

  6. Satyakam @ Grassroots marketing says:

    Google Drive is another Great cloud storage service which can even defeat Dropbox. And I think its another good product by google which is worth trying.

    Thanks for share, 🙂

  7. I think people have really liked these new cloud storage service by Google, Even I am using it and it comes with really cool features. Cool One, Buddy. 🙂

  8. Vignat @imvignat says:

    I am using SkyDrive, DropBox and Google Drive. I can surely say that despite of having low storage capacity , DropBox is best for me , in terms of accessibility and ease of use. Google Drive is good , yet it is a refurbished version of Google Docs.

  9. Well Google has been the most reliable service for years now with its search, mail, youtube, calender, maps and what now. It was just matter of time that it replied Dropbox with its own version of cloud storage. I believe with what Google is offering(5 GB) and its competitive monthly plans for extra storage, we should soon hear from Dropbox about the pricing that has to come down for sure and better incentives to keep people on Dropbox.

  10. I think Google drive will soon beat other online storage service. It is also faster to upload any files & sharing any files with others is very easy.

  11. Nilanjana Naha says:

    Such nice and interesting post about Google drive. It will beat very soon other any storage device. from now guys can access their device from anywhere.

  12. Shalu Sharma says:

    Google is getting better and better by the day. I just wonder what the world would be with Google. I am waiting eagerly for this, it will transform the way we store things.