Hone your YouTube Video

Are you aware that YouTube can boost traffic and get you noticed with the help of its videos? Yes, it is true. But, all said and done, your video is not going to find its rightful worth of viewers without proper conditioning, I mean optimizing is to reach its full audience.

Google’s newly discovered exuberance for videos has resulted in a flurry of people trying to post videos on YouTube. The need for gratification is immense amongst the video posters. But, only posting videos and not optimizing them is not going to help.

How to get Youtube Views

We will learn some of the tricks of the trade here for making the most of your YouTube videos.

The Description:

There are some key points to be remembered while writing the description for your video. Not only has the description to be keyword rich; it has to be always ensured that there is at least one back link in it to your website. Care has to be taken to ensure that your description is to the mark and say exactly what you intend to show via your video. Try packing all the goodies right at the beginning. This provides a good reason for the visitor to check you video. Grab attention head on and you are sure to reap the benefits.

You will always want to tailor the description for selling your video rather than just being a transcript.

The Title:

The title of your video also plays an important part in the optimization process. Some of the impressive options provided by YouTube come handy in this process. The provision of adding captions and annotations ameliorates the visibility level of your video. The use of the word video in your title also helps a lot. People usually tend to search for a particular video using the word “video” in their search endeavors. This is bound to affect the prospects of your YouTube video rankings.

Moreover, the features offered by YouTube can be supplemented for including some links and media initiatives. Last but not the least is maintaining originality. People are attracted to original content. Similarity is sure to result in your video getting lost amongst similar ones.

The Keywords:

Proper research is an important and deciding factor for getting the much needed traffic to your video. This is true since YouTube is a very emulous landscape like Google. Some niche keywords can be uncovered with earnest research. Without the use of proper keywords, your endeavor for success is quite minimalist.

You need to be prudent while selecting Keywords.  Once the keywords are finalized upon, the next important thing is to ensure that you do not stuff your video with them. You sure don’t intend to dilute ranking chances by doing so.

To conclude, the opportunities provided by YouTube are immense. It allows you to reach your target audience and in the process attain your final aim of getting noticed by the online community. But, as mentioned earlier, nothing comes easy and pondering over methods to optimize your YouTube videos is going to help you in your task.

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  1. Peter Lee says:

    Videos grab attentions! The amount of people watching YouTube videos are increasing day by day and it’s vital for us to learn how to use youtube to drive traffic to our sites. I even use youtube search to search rather than Google search. Yea this is a crucial strategy that shouldn’t be ignored.

  2. Hi Amit, thanks for the tips on youtube videos. I especially like that you said about the description. We should promote the video not just make a transcript or a few sentences on what the video is about.

    I hadn’t thought of that before. Good point on selling the video.

  3. Good tips. I need to learn video editing. It could help a lot earn more viewers.

  4. Hey Amit, I never thought about adding the word “video” in my titles. Most of the time I people are finding my videos on YouTube search or they watch them on my blogs. I’ll give this tip a try and see if my videos get more Google Search traffic that way. Thanks!

    • Thanks Ilean for dropping your comment.
      I am nothing in front of you 😉 You are queen of Video Blogging 🙂 Bydway adding Video word is really helpful for getting good rank on SERP.
      Glad that you Liked it and you gonna give it a try on your YouTube video :).
      Keep Visiting. Have a nice weekend.

  5. Beth Hewitt says:

    Thanks Amit,

    You share some really great tips here on optimizing our videos. This is definitely somethings that shouldn’t be overlooked.

    Beth 🙂

  6. Zeeshan says:

    Amit you publish this article very timely for me as i am going to start uploading videos about blogging soon on YouTube. These tips will really help me.

    • Wow Great. Glad that this article gonna helpful for you.
      Use this tips on your upcoming videos it will sure help you to get huge views.
      Thanks for visiting and dropping your comment.

  7. Justin Germino says:

    You are absolutely right that you have to SEO optimize your title, description and tags which help more on YouTube than WordPress tags do on blogs. I also never considered adding the word video assuming, but it make sense if somebody includes that word in the google search it could help your video title make the match.

    • Thanks Justin for dropping your valuable Comment.
      Yeah its necessary to optimize our title , Description and Tags. Then it will be easy to rank higher.
      See adding Video word is necessary, Because i saw most of people when they search anything related to video then they use video keyword on there search term. If we will include Video on our title then it will be easy to get good ranking.
      Thanks. Have a nice weekend.

  8. Certainly you can get a good traffic from your YouTube videos. Most importantly you can rank higher easily for videos if you have the correct optimization !

  9. Hi Amit, thanks for all these tips, as Ileane me too I was unaware that adding the word video can help. I will give it a try and see how it works thanks again for sharing…

    • Welcome Kostas. Yeah give it a try mate. Hope you will share your exp. with us.
      Keep Visiting 🙂 Have a nice weekend.

  10. Patricia Gozlan says:

    Thank you for these tips.
    I particularly appreciated the tip on adding the word video in the title, ( smart) and to concentrate the valuable info in the begining of the description.
    I have noticed people like short dynamic videos and some successful marketers add a musci in the background that puts the listener in state.

    • Thank you so much @Patricia for visit. Yeah Using keyword on title is really very effective and Description always matters. Yeah putting music is good but not for tutorial video 😉
      BTW Thank you for dropping your valuable comment. Keep Visiting.

  11. Yeah Amrik i am agree with you. But this article for Newbie. Who are just entered in Video Blogging.
    Thanks mate for visiting and dropping your valuable comment.

  12. Sanjib Saha says:

    Thanks for the share, great article. I think the thumbnail you are choosing needs to be good other than title and keywords. Everyone click on the video looking at the thumbnail only.

  13. Nice advice amit.. I have read many time about youtube that people people getting traffic from youtube videos and also earning money, but never created a single video.

  14. Anil Agarwal says:

    I’ve been recently started working on making videos for YouTube. I agree that creating compelling videos is not enough, one also has to focus on optimizing them for search engines.

    Title and description play a key role in getting more views from search engines.