Important Advice for Backing Up Your Files

File backup and storage is becoming a main priority among those who utilize computers; both business owners and personal PC owners. There are many different backup and storage types to consider, along with multiple service options and providers. This provides you with many different options and pricing, but it can be slightly confusing when looking for the right provider to trust. You should be aware of what you should be looking for, and what you are currently in need of to satisfy your storage needs.


First of all, you should consider the many different types of devices and services there are that are available to you. It is advisable to use more than one method, to improve your security and file safety should something happen to the first set of backed up files. Some also require an internet connection, while others do not. Your choice will depend on your preferences and needs.

  • External hard drives and flash drives :These external devices are a favorite among many individuals, especially casual pc users, students, and those who work between home and an office. They are easy to transport, and do not require internet access. However, they are vulnerable to theft; and natural disasters such as flood or fires. Mobile devices can also be lost easily.
  • Online cloud storage : This method of file storage is more popular among businesses, schools, and collaborative teams. Cloud storage involves storing documents in a cloud, where multiple users can access and edit documents. It is a tri-purpose service: It provides document storage, file backup, and file sharing all in one. Cloud storage is still a relatively new concept among the public, but it is quickly grabbing hold as more and more businesses and individuals realize its potential.
  • Back up services : These services usually provide one main service; backing up your files to their server, so if your documents are ever lost in a PC mishap or disaster, you can quickly and easily recover them. Some storage providers offer automatic backup, making this basic service a common add on with other services.

When shopping for a provider, there are some particular services and features that you should look for. These features can keep your files more secure, while also providing quicker backup. For example: backing up a file While you are working on it.

File encryption is very important, as it protects your files while you are uploading and downloading them to and from the provider’s servers. Without this, your files could be tampered with. Every potential provider should have a simple and easy to use interface, so that you may take full advantage of their services. A virtual hard drive is also a popular feature; when one is installed onto your computer by a provider, documents can be saved and backed up as you work on them. A provider that can sync your files among at least three computers is not only available, but highly convenient if you switch between multiple computers often. This feature allows you to access your documents on three or more different computers easily. File storage and backup is a necessity today, as making sure your files are safe and protected can save you from a world of hurt later on.

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  1. Peter Lee says:

    I use both external hdd and online storage. As security is still a major concern, I wouldn’t store sensitive/important personal data on online cloud storage. There’s no way our files would be safe if it’s in someone else’s hands. As such, I still prefer to back up/store my data offline 🙂

  2. Rizwan Sultan says:

    I used external HDD and cloud based storage system for safe my data and probably I think it’s more reliable to store data to Cloud based storage instead of Physical HDD.

  3. Sanjan Bikram says:

    Specially in my view its most important thing to backup. Really great post, Thanks for sharing.

  4. Naser @ Tech Blog says:

    I store some of my backups online and most of the important drivers and files are stored in Portable HDD. 🙂

  5. Scott Dudley says:

    Personally i prefer the online cloud storage idea, as you can access it from anywhere, and you don’t need to buy an external hard drive.

  6. Avinash says:

    Really, Awesome
    i am speechless about your content. Supeb!!!
    you have mentioned all the information about backup and cloud storage is the recent and advanced information to take back up.

    Thanks for sharing with us 🙂

  7. I lost my backup once on a PC for my business. It was a horrible experience. the data loss happened while backing up to an external drive. Suddenly the PC went dead. The data that had been transferred to the external drive was not retrievalbe even by experts.

    It was then that I made the decision to swtich to Mac – the time machine backups have worked without a hitch ever since. Yes Macs cost more, but I feel safer using one.

  8. Osho Garg says:

    I Backup My All Content In Pendrive 🙂
    I Only Care For Blog Backups , Software Backups Already Available On Internet 😀

  9. Technology How To says:

    Dropbox can be one of the good and reliable storage vault.

  10. Technology How To says:

    Another good alternative can be Google Drive.