Here’s Why No One Follows You on Twitter

Here’s Why No One Follows You on Twitter

I joined twitter over 2 years ago. While I’ve never regretted the choice, but I was a skeptic at first.

No one follows twitter

I was not aware of the real power, real conversations on twitter, and how twitter is going to impact my life and business. I was considering twitter as another social site where people are just babbling about their products and services which I don’t want to here to hear (even you).

But the real truth, real power of twitter I realized in past few months. I really grasped the impact of twitter when we use it properly.

So, I spend some time on researching, observing “Big Tweeples” like @marismith, @problogger and @copyblogger and started to mimic what they are doing, how they are doing it to know their success secrets.

For a few months, I had only 50 followers dropping and increasing, but never cross the boundary of 50, and thought that twitter is all about me more than others. But in past few months, I changed my thinking and started focusing on others, and because of that I got tremendous improve in my twitter visibility.

I started to get my tweets retweeted, mentions, connections, leads, engagement. And at this point I learned something,

“If you care about others and provide value to them then they will care about you and add value in your life.”

So change your thinking and stop raving about yourself, your products and services. Try to share what people want, demand for not what you want to share (simple rule).


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Twitter Tips

If you are a twitter user and searching for some tips to increase your twitter visibility, here are few tips.

  • Tweet Every Day:

Be consistent. If you are tweeting daily 10 or 20 tweets then keep that number same every day. No holidays, no gap, you can’t rest for a day, you have to keep the tap on always.

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  • Care About Time:

Don’t tweet like a robot after all you are a human. So, tweet like human. Try to tweet few times a day and see when people are responding to your tweets, interacting with your tweets, because that’s the perfect time to tweet your stuff out.

  • Be generous:

Share valuable information without asking people for something in return. If your heart says that this content worth sharing then share it out, don’t think about what benefit you’ll get. When you feel like sharing it then share it, after all sharing is caring.

  • Promote others:

Promote other people tweets by retweeting. Retweet other people tweets and they might return you a favor.

  • Share Link, Images, Videos:

Share images, links, videos that you think relevant to your domains. By the way, we are talking about sharing. So don’t forget to share this post.

  • Have Some Space:

Don’t use all 140 characters; leave some space for others to do some modifications.

  • HashTags:

Use hashtags to be a part of ongoing conversations or create one hashtag for yourself and use it for your own good.

  • Talk To Others:

Don’t just limit yourself to yourself. Go out and engage with other people by replying to them, by asking something, by answering queries, because this is how you going to make some new friends on twitter.

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  • Follow Bigwig People:

Follow major players, interesting people, people who provide values to their followers in your niche.

  • Twitter Takes Time:

Don’t think that you will get thousands of followers in just few weeks (Unless your name is Lady Gaga. ) it takes time to have a good amount of followers on twitter so have some patience and keep doing what you are doing on twitter.

  • Conspiracies:

Be a part of twitter conspiracies to get spotlight on you.

  • Twitter Profile:

Add links of your twitter profiles if you ever writing a post about twitter or writing a line about twitter in your any post.

  • Conversations:

Twitter is all about conversations. So make sure you take part into every conversation that relates to you.

My Final Words

I’ve made lots mistakes on twitter.

I’ve tweeted many dumb things, I’ve followed many dumb people thinking that they will follow me back but I was wrong.

All these lessons come from those dumb mistakes, dumb tweets, and dumb people. Now, I’m going to be more careful what I’m saying and whom I’m following on twitter to get more visibility.

Let’s see how it goes…

You are on twitter? What tips you have to get more visibility.

PS: Comment your twitter handle if you provide value to your followers. I’ll follow you for sure on twitter..

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  1. Dhruv Bhagat says:

    HashTags are worth for tweeting your posts.
    I just got 20 followers in a day because of Hash Tags. I have not published my personal twitter account on my blog..
    But still, I have less twitter followers. 🙁
    I am gonna try other tricks 🙂
    Anyways, for instant followers : try 🙂

    • Romy Singh says:

      Hello Dhruv,

      Its great to knot that you got 20 followers is just one day because of one hash word.. 🙂 Lolz.. those instant followers are useless bro. They are like statue in our follower list. They don’t interact with us, they don’t retweet us. so i think they are useless followers..

      if you want to increase your reach then you can use twiends. But if you run for quality then there is no chance for twiends. 🙂

  2. Gautham @Tech Blog says:

    The thing I am not happy with Twitter is that, if someone is following over 3 or 4 hundred people, then they may not see our tweet even if they wanted to, they need to make priority option available on twitter.

    • Romy Singh says:

      Hello Gautham,

      I think you can create a list to watch over some important peoples tweet.

      As far as presence of your tweet is concerned then you’ve to tweet consistently. So, people will able to see at least one or two tweets from you.. 🙂

  3. saad naeem @ seoallrounder says:

    hey romy , i am not much of a twitter of a twitter person , twitter never really impressed me , i think i just didnt like the concept of just updating the statuses. well thanks for the information. i will look into it , probably gonna link my fb profile so it gets updated automatically.

    great tips.

    • Romy Singh says:

      Hello Saad,

      We make connection, friendships, relations by having a conversation. And twitter is all about conversation. You can tons of fans and followers by just saying your mind in 140 characters. 🙂 You should try it, you’ll be impressed by its results. 🙂

  4. Ehsan @ GuideAndNews says:

    The biggest secret of being visible on Twitter is that you should care your followers and share their tweets instead of sharing your own every time without thinking of any benefit, As you said we must provide value to them. Awesome post Romy bro.

    • Romy Singh says:

      Hello Ehsan,

      I’m fully agree with you. We should add values to our follower life. And this is the only secret to have Hugh success on twitter. 🙂

  5. I never cared about twitter but I am inspired by Romy and thinking to start working over it. Nice post Buddy.

    • Romy Singh says:

      Hello Atish,

      I’m glad that I’m able to guide you towards the login button of twitter. I know you are going to rock the twitter. All the best.. 🙂

  6. Raaj Trambadia says:

    Nice one! But at times, all I do on Twitter is to visit some ‘Facts’ or ‘Inspirational Tweets’ profile and ‘RT’ them. It’s fun 🙂 Those tweets give me a smile!

    • Romy Singh says:

      Hello Raj,

      Yeah! That’s the quality of good tweeple. The tweet, retweet the content they like. 🙂

  7. Androidage says:

    You’re absolutely right Romy Singh, we need to engage with people instead of flooding their time line with the tweets without knowing their interests. Also as you said we need to tweet other interested niche topics would also a better way to improve the relationship between fellow bloggers.

    Thanks to the insightful article.

    • Romy Singh says:

      Hello AndroidAge,

      Yup! we should care about our followers if we want to grow. 🙂

  8. Raheel Mushtaq says:

    I have not yet been very successful on Twitter but i am also trying to engage with others on Tweeter and i find it a very useful source. try to follow those people who have same amount of followers and following they may surely follow you back but do not do it excessively..!

  9. Jyothis Thaliath says:

    Hey Romy,
    I am in the unfortunate position (after being on Twitter about 4 years and having accumulated more than a thousand followers) of having to start over again from scratch with a brand new account. I know that it will take time to gain back so many followers. (I also know that in the not too different future I will be using an automated tool to unfollow the folks who didn’t follow me back; for me Twitter is a conversation and I am only interested in two way streets.) I see a lot of the stuff you described on Twitter every day of course, but I am much more focused on meeting and chatting with interesting people, and not interested at all in following around jerks and spammers.