Looking For An Ad Manager In WordPress – Try OIO Publisher (Review)

A warm welcome to all my blogger friends. Today I am going to discuss one of my favorite WordPress plugins ad manager OIO Publisher Plugin. My blogger friends recommended this plugin to me and trust and happy to see that it is extremely easy and beneficial to use.


Being a blogger I know that most of the bloggers around are making money by selling sponsored reviews, banner ads, affiliate products, and text links. But don’t you guys think or feel that it is quite difficult to manage different ad zones and advertising spots?

You know what I have lost many advertising opportunities due to delayed email response!

Well, I don’t know about you friends but I always found it tedious and thus started looking for some solution. It was the time when I started using OIO Publisher plugin.

I might be sounding like a Telly Shopping Network salesman but to be very honest I am actually very happy using it.

OIO Publisher helps to sell my ads directly. Though I am using it just for a few weeks some of my pro-blogger friends are using this wonderful plugin and getting a good number of potential advertisers. The reason is quite simple, this plugin displays the available ad slots clearly on the blog along with the price and the advertisers find it comfortable to place an order there.

Let me enlist the benefits of using OIO Publisher Plugin for WordPress–

  • Automation is the first benefit I would like to enlist. OIO Publisher plugin makes it completely automated process and buying- selling ads becomes much simpler. You can set your ad zones with this plugin and moreover you can also select how many ads will be displayed in each zone.
  • The second benefit which I found very useful is the free listing in the OIOPublisher market.
  • This Advertise Management plugin also tracks the impressions and clicks.
  • Free lifetime support is another excellent advantage of using OIO Publisher plugin.
  • It provides Unlimited Website option

How does OIO Publisher Plugin Work?


When you start using OIO Publisher Plugin and set your ad zones, you will see a default banner in your blog saying ‘Advertise Here’. When the viewers will click on this banner they will be directed to your sales page. OIO Publisher Plugin generates this page.

This page is designed as an extremely simple form where the buyer has to fill their information, payment, and the advertisement image. Once they are done, they will submit it for your review. This ad will be published on your site only after your approval.

After your approval, the ad manager plugin will start running the ad according to payment made by the buyer.

In case your buyer has subscribed for regular ad banner on a month to month payment the plugin will check it on its own with the payment gateway, if the payment is made or not. The plugin will also notify you if your buyer cancels the subscription and will also remove the ads from your site automatically.

Now before you decide to buy this plugin, let me ask you ‘Are you actually in need of automated ads selling process? Have you ever missed any big opportunity because of delayed mail? If your answer is yes, this is the time to buy the excellent ad manager OIO Publisher plugin.

The Plugin is however available at $47 but I have an excellent offer of $10 discount. Use the coupon code SPR17-ITC (Discount: $10 off)and get the amazing OIO Publisher plugin only at $37.

I would like to add here that if anyone wants to help me to sell my place, they can earn some money too Using signup on Affiliate for iTechCode Adzone Place. I am offering 20% commission for them.

About Amit Shaw

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  1. AllSEOTech says:

    Yea Amit I can remember that i have heard of it thus beore, i read about it on the internet know actually the particular room i got it (website) wow u just give it all again here am gonna bookmark this page ASAP

    Thanks man

  2. Ashwani Ahlawat says:

    Well presently there are not any advertisements running on my blog as I’ll run them when my blog reach to heights as I want.
    But I’ll surely put your recommended plugin in my list of plugins which I would buy after taking my blog to heights.
    Thanks for recommending Amit. 🙂

  3. Amrik @ Monetize Blogging says:

    Ok, this sounds really interesting and surprisingly I’ve never heard about OIOPublisher before. I’ve seen my AdSense earnings going down year after year, so I think I will definitely give OIOPublisher a try.

    Okay Amit thanks for the great review. It’s sounds very interesting and I have also heard about OIOPublicher few months ago. Right now I am entering in a affiliate marketing so this plugin can do wonders for me. So right now I think I should give a try and I will make use of the coupon code soon.

    Thank you

  4. Ehsan @ GuideAndNews says:

    Hey Amit,

    You did a great work by reviewing that plugin here. Seems like an interesting plugin, but as my blog isn’t very popular so I don’t think it is a perfect time for me to start advertising on my blog.
    But whenever I did start advertising on my blog, I will come back to this page.
    Thanks again, Have a nice day my friend.

  5. Don Caprio @Blogspot SEO guide says:

    I think I’m gonna need this. Its a cool way to monetize your blog without hassles. I love it.

    Btw, the review is perfectly convincing. Big ups, Amit! 😉

  6. Irfan Siddiqui says:

    I don’t know if this plugin would be beneficial for my blog or so… As by placing links on your blog can harm your site reputation – that’s all I have heard till now. And so, I can’t go against it.

    You have written a word – problogger, but haven’t given any name. Without checking, I’d not consider this plugin to be in use for anyone, bro. Let me know what you think?

    • Yeah you are right Irfan that placing links on our blog can harm site’s reputation.
      But if you will use rel=”nofollow” then its okay.
      For more Visit this Link : Google Support.
      BTW I haven’t Mentioned the name due to some reason. If you want then i will mail you there name :).
      Keep visiting mate and thanks for dropping your comments.

      • Naser @ Tech Blazes says:

        That is the main problem Amit. The advertiser does not want to purchase the ad if it is nofollow and we cannot sell ads with dofollow. Nofollow and Dofollow clash and the deal neutralizes. 😀

        • Irfan Siddiqui says:

          This is what I was going to write , Naser!

          What you have to say on this, bro?

          • Naser @ Tech Blazes says:

            A common problem for all the bloggers buddy. Most of the advertisers advertise spam sites and the payment they offer amazes the bloggers and some blindly accept the payment and promote their company. A short term success following a long time failure.

  7. Arbaz Khan says:

    Nice Review buddy.
    Advertising is a great option for those looking forward to make money through their blogs but programs like BuySellAds take upto 30% of your earnings.
    Whereas with OIO publisher, you can get the whole 100% without sharing your earnings with any one.
    Nice article buddy 😀

    • Yeah Arbaz. That’s way this plugin and that’s way i wrote a review on it ;).
      BTW It has some superb feature : If anyone want to earn some money then they can earn 20% commission by joining our OIOPublisher Affiliate.
      Thanks for Your Comment Arbaz.
      Keep Visiting.
      Cheers Mate.

  8. Kharim Tomlinson says:

    This a very great plugin man. I use it on my blog as well to sell ads

    Great review 🙂

  9. Prakash says:

    it seems as a nice plugin for managing the ads. OIO publisher for wordpress going to give it a try….Thanks for such a nice review.

  10. PrIyAnGsHu says:

    I have heard a lot about this plugin. It’s time to give it a shot, although BSA works great for me 🙂 !

  11. Sai Kumar says:

    Hi Amit, I never heard this OIO publisher plugin before. After reading your review this Plugin looks nice to sell ads in our blog. Right now i cant buy this plugin and in future i will surely give out a try. Thanks Amit for sharing such a nice and useful plugin review.

  12. TechPrezz says:

    I have bee reading about this plugin and now it seems like time to give a try, it offers a great flexibility and hassle-free options to monetize blogs !

  13. Gautham Nekkanti says:

    I have heard of OIO plugin somewhere before, didn’t like it back then. After you explaining it with exhaustive description, i began to like it and it offers many features for ad management. Thanks Amit, Subscribed to your blog. Becoming a daily visitor

    Can you review my newly started blog and post a comment on it, I heard you are good at it

  14. i have heard about BSA. Never heard before OIO. It really help to sell ads directly. outstanding plugin. Thanks you Amit.

  15. Jason M says:

    I’ve been looking for something like this. With so many affiliates it is difficult to manage them all by hand. This will help me out! Thanks

  16. Abhishek@TechDistinct says:

    OIO is a great tool for ad management I came to know about many such AD management plugins in my 2 years of blogging life but never seen anything like OIO. Thanks Amit, for sharing such a nice review.

  17. hello amit i was searching for a ad manager for my new blog and here i got it thnx for sharing this plugin it will help me to manage my ads a lot thnx

  18. Himanshu Rawat says:

    OIO is best for WP that we know but i request you Mr. Amit to Review Openx Ads Management

  19. PrIyAnGsHu says:

    Hey Amit, I’m thinking to buy this plugin for my blogs. I want to know if they have enough advertisers in the marketplace. Were you able to sell any banner, link ad or paid review via this plugin? Thanks in advance.

  20. Enstine Muki@easyretweet.com says:

    I’ll be grabbing this plugging soon. right now, I’m to start selling ad space on my blog.
    Thanks for the review

  21. One of the best plugin i have ever bought in recent times. this plugin gets the work done.