JustRetweet : An Awesome Tool to Get More Retweet & Twitter Followers

If you are looking for a convenient mode to get more and more from Twitter, you have landed on correct page my friend. Today I am going to tell you about JustRetweet.
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JustRetweet is one of best social sharing site for social media nerds and influential bloggers. I got to know about it just a month back and trust me and just plunged into it, and now I am obsessed to it.

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Valentine Belonwu a young entrepreneur started this website somewhere around late months of last year. It has been growing drastically since its inception and the reason is that it provides an awesome tool the bloggers to get more and more from Twitter.

I know you might have heard about this website but, Are you sure you know about its power and how it works?

If yes, it’s good but if no, go through this write up. I hope, rather believe that this editorial might help you know about it well.

And yes let me clear it here only that ‘It is not a paid review’!

What I have read all around about JustRetweet is that it brings instant followers, ReTweets and credits but I personally don’t believe in those.

Rather it won’t be wrong if I say that this is the only thing I don’t like about JustRetweet.com. What I feel is that the instant followers or credits don’t stay for long and thus they are not actually useful for our blogs.

What I like the most about JustRetweet is that it is all about JustRetweets and not just the followers.

You know what friends I wanted to share this awesome promotional tool with my blogger friends as soon as I started using it, but then I felt that I must first use and then recommend it to my friends.

Now as I am using it for a month and getting immense response I felt like sharing it with my blogger friends.

How JustRetweet Helps?

You first need to sign-in with JustRetweet using your Twitter account. You will immediately get 100 credits in your account and you will get 25 more credits to set up your profile there. You can earn even more credits by referring people this site.

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Furthermore you will get new credit every time you JustRetweet content of any other member there. The number of these credits depends on the other registered members. Some members offer 10 credits to JustRetweet their content and some offer even more.

So it is pretty obvious that if you offer more credits more are the chances for your content to be retweeted. Apart from this you can earn some more credits by viewing some of their own blogposts and websites.

As I mentioned earlier above that I am not bothered much about the credits but the huge retweets for my post amazes me.

Will JustReweet Lead Huge Traffic?

If this is your next question, let me tell you that it won’t be sensible to expect a huge traffic now as the site is started just a few months ago and there are not yet so many of influential users to bring you immense traffic but yes it may bring a considerable change in your traffic for sure.

You can trust me as I am noticing a good change in my daily visits.

I would like to share here that I just noticed today that my website is the ‘Featured Website Of The Week’ on JustRetweet.com.

Featured Website of the Week

I am also sharing a video which will help you guys understand more about JustRetweet and you will Get More Retweets for your content. BTW this Video is hosted by Ileane Smith of BasicBlogTips.


Get Started and Join JustRetweet

1. Go to JustRetweet.com.

Just Retweet Homepage
2. Click Signup with Twitter
3. Authorize app from your Twitter account and you are done.
JustRetweet Authorize App

4. Now Retweet other blogger’s posts and gain credits. 

Schedule Retweet

 5. Set your posts for Retweet. 

ReTweet Set

I guess JustRetweet is clear to your guys now. If you still have any queries you can ask me from comment box. I am online 24X7 to solve the queries of my friends.

All I want to say in the end is that give JustRetweet a try; I am sure you will be as amazed as I am.

About Amit Shaw

Amit Shaw, Administrator of iTechCode.He is a 26 Year Ordinary Simple guy from West Bengal,India. He writes about Blogging, Technology, Gadgets, Programming etc. Connect with him on Facebook, Add him on Google+ and Follow him on Twitter.


  1. Gautham @Tech Blog says:

    Nice tool for webmasters, will check it out!

  2. Valentine Belonwu says:

    Hi Amit,
    Thanks for writing about JustRetweet and I’m very glad that you have tested the system to see how it works before letting your readers know about it.
    We are still working and hoping to bring more better of JustRetweet through the support of Ileane, Devesh and other awesome bloggers like you 🙂

    Thanks once again.

  3. Great review Amit. Will join soon.

  4. Androidage says:

    This sounds good tool for social media (Twitter) promotions, all we need is to target people in order to get good conversion rate. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Congo for being a featuresd site on Just ReTweet! Awesome post! i thought it is just a Twitter’s RT but now I could know it will bring followers and more retweets. Thanks Amit!

  6. cool! great tool! and congrats for being featured. 🙂 more power!

  7. Mairaj Pirzada says:

    Hi Amit Bro,

    Thanks for the Post, I’ve just started using JustRetweet and not yet get much Traffic. But Am trying, and now will offer more Credits! Great Post Bro, Keep sharing such great sites.

  8. Ahmed Cynamix says:

    This is a great tool and I see it at the top in the near future. People who join early at this point should benefit a lot more then!

  9. vicky sadhu says:

    used this long ago..its good tool…loved it!!

  10. Shalu Sharma says:

    Very interesting piece of information on twitter. I am hearing this for the first time, since its free I will be joining it. How much does it cost to become a privileged member.

  11. Hi Amit, it always says to me that the Blog rss is invalid where in fact it is my URL. Did you encountered it?

  12. rakesh kumar says:

    Looking promising. Let me see how much traffic it can actually bring to my site. Thanks amit for this nice review.

  13. Hi Amit,
    It sounds quite interesting what you wrote about feeds. I never had more info about this tool.
    Thanks for sharing your precious thoughts for increasing the visitors.
    Thank you for this disclosure.
    Will join soon.

  14. Shazida Khatun says:

    Amit @ when i tried to connect with twitter account as it doesn’t work,means after authorize the apps ,again show log in button ,as the twitter account 3 years old with 17,000 followers.Any way to enter !!!!

  15. Ehsan @ GuideAndNews says:

    I’m using JustRetweet for 2 months and I found it an great tool. It really increased the number of my retweets.
    Amit, Can you tell me how to get my website to the features website of the week of Justretweet?

    • Valentine says:

      Hi Ehsan,
      The only way we can get your site feature is by seeing how well you publish your post or sharing other people’s tweets and if we visit your site and like quality content being shared by you, we can now feature your site for free 🙂


  16. hi amit,
    just read your post and signed up for just retweet and earned almost 700 creditsby following other bloggers and sharing their posts.
    and tweeted my own post. will check whether it is affecting my traffic or not..by the way amazing website and its really good that others will be retweeting you tweet.
    thanks for this valuable information

    • Hi Prabhat,
      Totally agree on that you.
      we should thank god that someone is supporting to help steer us with integrity those of us who are online.thank goodness.
      good luck for next time.

  17. Ashwani Ahlawat says:

    Going to try this bro. Hope for the best results 🙂

  18. Sai@TechGenra says:

    Very good review amit,
    Already I’m using retweet, its really very useful network for all bloggers to promote their blogs on twitter.
    Thanks for your detailed explanation 🙂

  19. Koundeenya says:

    Thats’s really an awesome site. I know, you’re featured too 😉
    I’ve seen a screenshot of some site’s stats which have steadily increased to heaven just after using this site. So the very next moment, I signed up on this site and been using this. Just love the concept of that site.

  20. Pavan Somu says:

    Its time for me to try this service.

  21. vishvast says:

    thnx for this great article i was not aware of that.very nice information will try it

  22. Ravi Shankar says:

    Awesome review Amit, i must say you have compelled me to join this pretty awesome site, hope i get good amount of followers and retweets for my newly established blog.