5 Killer Tips To Concentrate On Writing And Nothing Else

What do I call it, writer’s block? I’ve not actually been hit by writers’ block yet. But sometimes when I sit on my desk and start writing a new post, I just can’t concentrate on writing when I’ve something important to write. A lot of other things bother me; my virus scanner updates, my smartphone’s remaining memory, my credit card’s expiry date and what not. When you try to do something and you can’t focus, even World War III will also be an issue to think.

A writing has to flow smoothly with words that bring the subject of the content to the reader with ease. When you’re on writers’ block, you can’t just possibly do it. Everything around you turns into a distraction mode for you. So how to concentrate on writing, when you’re unable to do it.

Listen To Music

Killer Tips To Concentrate On Writing

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This is what I personally do when I’m unable to concentrate on writing. I Love Taylor Swift and I always listen to her songs whenever I feel happy, sad, irritating, exciting. In fact, I’ve never written any post on my blog without listening to her songs. Music makes us feel better and so when you listen to your favorite putting earphones around, you’ll not bother anything and finally, you can concentrate on writing your blog posts or else thing.

IMs – Keep Away

Instant messaging services are a lot used by everyone. And the desktop version of the service might be always turned online on your system. So when you write, there will be a lot of people who might distract your flow with their messages. So turn off your instant messengers and email notifiers when you’re writing.

Internet – Keep Away

In one of my blog posts, I’ve already written how I get distracted by the internet when I’m writing. I say, No internet made me write better. Most of the people can’t manage themselves without opening the browser when they have internet access enabled on the system. Make sure, you are logged out of Facebook and other social networks because these are writers’ distractions, in my personal opinion.

Maintain A Schedule

Maintain A Schedule

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When you’ve prepared a daily routine for yourself then you’ll automatically try to complete the task as per the schedule. When you’re unable to concentrate on writing, you’ll get to know the impact of it on other tasks as you extend the time for this writing. So finally you’ll be forced by yourself to concentrate on writing and nothing else. Having a daily to-do list will be an advantage for a proper time management too.

Where’s Your Cell Phone? Let Go

Personally, when I’ve my phone around me, I can’t concentrate on writing even a single line. I look at my Inbox and for the messages that needs a reply. If there is none, I’ll text with a new message to my friends. And this Angry Birds, I play it even if I get a minute break. I started keeping my phone away from me when I’m in writing and I can say, I started writing faster and better. If you’re not a business person, never mind to keep it away in silent mode so that even phone calls can’t disturb you.

Close The Door

No matter you’re working at home or office. But when your door is shut, it seems like the connections between you and the outer world are just broken. Nothing can distract your work and you can write better. A closed door means No Distraction for your writing.

Use Writing Tools

Writer Room and Dark Room which is available for Mac and PC respectively are the best tools to create a distraction free work environment on your system. No IMs, no Facebook, no emails and nothing. All that is available to you is an empty space to write.

About Koundeenya

Hello, this is Koundeenya Dhulipalla, a professional copywriter and a blogger too. When I am not reading Seth's blog or listening to Taylor Swift's music, I write. If you are looking for a freelance writer for your blog, feel free. By the way, Koundeenya is my blog.


  1. Mairaj Pirzada says:

    Hi Koundeenya,

    Just the Post all about me, I’m also very similar to your! and is very worried about it, but now will make a schedule! Thanks for the Post, as it really inspired me! 😀 Your site is nice, anyway the post was great!

  2. Gautham Nekkanti says:

    Very Informative Koundeenya, Music sometimes distract me, so i don’t usually listen to it while writing, The Dark Room software seems like a plan

    • Koundeenya says:

      Thank you Gautham. Dark Room is definitely a distraction-free software that helps you in creating a distraction-free environment 😉

      • Gautham Nekkanti says:

        I am currently using it, and it is pretty awesome, It fully reduced the distractions while writing articles

  3. Hi Koundeenya,
    Thank you for the gesture.
    It sounds quite interesting what you wrote about feeds, very helpful. Your article is too good. In such looking good creative..I love your blog. Great insights, content and inspiration.
    i will share this article with my colleagues as well.

    • Koundeenya says:

      Thank You Bhushan. Keep following the blog, there are lot of exciting things that are already published and few more are yet to come from Amit

      • Hi koundeenya,
        It’s so good to know someone is supporting those of us who are online
        Thank Goodness we have such passionate peeps as you guys to help steer us with integrity.

  4. Sandeep Kumar says:

    Hi Koundeenya,

    Bro your article reminded me my school days when my parents use to say……
    Close TV, Don’t use mobile Phone, Logout from computer, close your door and concentrate on your study……

    But this is reality and theses tips works everywhere wherever you want concentration.

    Morale of the story is – Keep all the distraction away while you want to concentrate on your writing.

    • Hi Sandeep,
      Totally in the corner on that you.
      It sounds quite interesting what you wrote about feeds,Facilitative share.

  5. Kelvin Wealth says:

    Thanks for this great post Koundeenya,
    Most bloggers find it hard to have a schedule for writing and it’s really not a good thing because most times it takes discipline to sit yourself down and work on your blog….

    IMs truly can be a great distraction so most times I disconnect from the internet whenever I really want to produce a superb content to avoid all forms of distraction.

  6. Androidage says:

    Koundeenya, Thanks to the post,
    By now most of the people stuck on writing due to some distortion and if we take poll for this most of the people say social media is in the 1st distortion from the list and get more votes.

    Am not saying to avoid social media, what I say is avoid social media if you feel its a distortion while writing like how I feel.

    I like your ideas of Writer room and Dark room is a best tools tools which help us for writing without any distortions.

  7. Tanmoy Das says:

    yea mobile is very disturbing thing even a call or just sms!, I also add when you are writing don’t open facebook, twitter or other social network site. It divert your concentration and its better to not use g-talk or yahoo messenger at this moment.

  8. To concentrate on your writing I suggest not to use facebook, IMs etc. just close all the windows at the time of writing.

  9. Ehsan @ GuideAndNews says:

    Hi Kaundeenya,
    I have been hit by Bloggers block:P not writer block. These days I’m not feeling like doing anything, but I think your tips can hep me. Now I will focus more on listening music when I’m unable to concentrate.

    I have seen you mentioned everywhere on your guest posts and on your blog you’re a big fan of her. Can I ask from you that why do you love Tailor Swift? for her music or you can see something more special at her which we can’t.
    BTW I’m M2M’s fan:P

    • Koundeenya says:

      Thanks Ehsan!
      Her songs are so awesome to listen and she, is just so beautiful. maybe an angel, I can say. I think you should read one of my blog post where I’d written about Taylor Swift.
      See you there!

  10. Suresh Khanal says:

    It is fun to read your post. I also turn off the IMs but let the Internet. Browser is very handy in some cases when you’re in confusion or require some data to assert your point.

    And listening to music while writing might be good for some, but in my case I rather prefer writing in quite environment. 🙂

  11. Jane @ aweber autoresponder review says:

    To me IM and social media are a distraction. Even though I close my Facebook tab, I have the temptation to open it if I pause my writing. My phone is not a great distraction to me; I have no problem in having it by my side. I also talk very briefly over the phone 🙂 I don’t play games.

    Ah, whatever precautions we take there’s always something that haunts us 😛

    • Koundeenya says:

      Hello Jane,
      I totally agree with the last line. Because at times I write more than 5 articles per day and now, from the last three days, I wrote nothing.

  12. Well written Bro. Writing is itself a art. I agree with listening music fully Because I do so.

    • Koundeenya says:

      Do listen to Taylor Swift too Hursh.
      (If she really had some affiliate product, I might’ve really earned millions)

  13. Thanks for sharing, Great post you got Koundeenya!

  14. PrIyAnGsHu says:

    Great tips buddy. Writing style is one of the most important aspects that reveals the standard of a blogger. Thanks for sharing these tips.

  15. Sanjib Saha says:

    Well you can’t keep away everything just in the good name of concentration. You can concentrate and write only if you can make up your mind. But the points you have mentioned are also correct. These things may distract you but if you can make your mind then i think you can write without any distractions.

  16. Great post Koundeenya, for me personally having a schedule helps a lot. Without it I can get lost and whole days goes in nothing.
    thanks for sharing 🙂

  17. hahah, hello koundeenya
    i think this is all about me.when i am writing , all these things will be there to distract me and the most important thing-my mother is always there with zee tv and star plus stuff with the volume loud enough to distract me..
    so i just cant concentrate. will try these things but the issue i mentioned here is the one i cant handle
    thanks for this amazing post

  18. vishvast says:

    Writing is one of the most important thing for blogging the tips u have mentioned there is really nice thnx for the complete tips abut the writing 🙂

  19. Harshit Singhal says:

    According to me the best way to start writing is to completely focus on the task at hand and postpone other tasks until you are done with your daily target.

  20. Excellent post mate. It reflects my habits on number of occasions. For me, internet is most distracting factor as of now.