5 Paid But Best WordPress Plugin To Grow Your Blog

WordPress is one of the most popular and phenomenal platforms for blogging. It has numerous themes, plugins and resources which help you in growing your blog worldwide. However there are numerous free plugins from WordPress for the bloggers but there are a few paid but best WordPress plugins too which can bring a big difference to the success of your blog.


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I feel that when we have many choices it becomes very difficult to select and same is the case with the Wordpress plugins.

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When it is about the paid plugins, it actually becomes tough to decide which of the numerous commercial WordPress plugins will serve best to your blog. After doing a thorough research and consulting many of my pro-blogger friends here I am with a list of paid but best WordPress plugins.

I hope readers here would find these plugin useful for their blog-

1. BackUpBuddy

backup buddy

This is the first plugin I would like to add in my list of paid but best WordPress plugins because I feel that this is one of the most important plugin that every blogger must own especially if your blog is huge with lots of content and comments.

Look, I am not saying that you can lose your blog anytime but seeing today’s scenario where high profile blogs are getting hacked and stolen, there is no point in taking a chance. With the impending hacking activities you never know how the things may turn up in next moment.

I know you will say that there are free plugins from WordPress which provide free backup like WP-DB, and honestly speaking I was also using the same one. This plugin takes the backup of all my database and I can keep it safe in my computer system, but then again; what about HARD DRIVE FAILURE!!

Don’t take me wrong, I am just trying to aware you of the possibilities.

The paid backup plugin I am talking about is BackupBuddy. It takes the backup of my entire database and stores it in cloud.

2. Vaultpress


I would also like to add here about Vaultpress which help in taking multiple backups a day using BackupBuddy. Vaultpress is designed by Mullenweg and so we can trust it. It is also very simple to use, you just need to add your API key and it will do all for you.

3. MaxCDN


If you have good traffic in your blog, you might be facing the issue of slowed site.

Am I right? I know I am.

When we get huge traffic in our blogs, it gets slowed which certainly effect the search engine ranking and THAT; my dear friend we bloggers can’t afford.

So here is my next plugin CDN (Content Delivery Network) in the list of Best WordPress Plugins.  This plugin keeps the server load low and speeds up the site.

The speed it provides to your blog makes this plugin worth paying $40 for 1TB of bandwidth. For newbie bloggers having small websites like me, this 1TB of bandwidth can last for one year I guess and paying $40 for a great speed is not a big deal.

4. MailChimp


If you want to build a good email list, MailChimp is one of the best WordPress plugins for you. Sending the email newsletters with How to, what and Why posts will certainly bring you good amount of traffic. MailChimp offers ‘Free’ account up to 2,000 subscribers and after that I guess you would be able to pay by then.

5. OIO Publisher


Blogging and monetizing are actually closely linked. What I mean to say here is that most of the bloggers monetize their blogs with banner ads to make some good revenue. If you want to manage your ads professionally in your WordPress blog, you better buy OIO Publisher which I feel is one of the best wordpress plugins. This plugin enables the users to buy the ads directly.

This plugin also notifies the blog owner immediately if some publishers removes the ad or when the add slot expires.

In short, OIO Publisher is the best wordpress plugin for you if you don’t want a middle man in selling your ads.

So, this was my list of paid but Best WordPress Plugins and I would definitely like to know which are your best ones.

About Shiwangi Peswani

Shiwangi is a qualified writer and a blogger, presently blogging on Automotive and Party Games. She loves to dable with and write about technology. While focusing on and writing on tech topics, her varied skills and experience enables her to write on any topics which may interest her.


  1. Great post Shiwangi, I personally use backubbuddy and can’t imagine having my blog running without it.
    Just connect him to dropbox, automate it and never worry again about loosing my website.

    thanks for sharing the list

    • Shiwangi says:

      Thank U James…and yeah BackupBuddy is indeed one of the best plugins for WordPress blogs 🙂

  2. Ehsan Ullah says:

    Hello Shiwangi,

    You brought some great plugins list here, sometime ago Mis Ileane has written similar article here at ITC. These type of plugins are really worth every penny.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. saad naeem says:

    hi shiwangi , do you know blog vault and maxcdn are not WordPress plugins , those are services for your blog.

  4. shiwangi says:

    Yeah Saad, of course these are the services but can you use the services without installing the plugin?

  5. Sai Kumar says:

    Hi Shiwangi, Great Plugins. But i never used the plugins which you have listed above. Anyway will try out some in future and thanks for sharing.

  6. I will also include commentluv and paid SEO (SEOPressor) plugin. SEOPressor or other SEO plugins of the same cateogry does help in taking the your blog to new heights.

  7. hello shewangi
    nice list of premium plugins in these i would like to choose max cdn it is one of the best plugin and what abut the seo pressor it is also a gud premium plugin i m using it

  8. Jason Mathes says:

    shewangi – these are great paid services for those with WordPress.

    But what are the benefits over these vs. using the free services for the products you have listed here?

    One last question. Wouldn’t it be better to go with a product like Aweber instead of MailChimp as a paid service? I love MailChimp’s free service. But if I ever get the budget – I will def be switching to Aweber!

  9. Hi Shivani, I was looking for a plugin by using which I can avoid the spam comments.. I want certain e mails, links and IPs to be banned from commenting on my blog. Is there any such plugin ?

  10. PrIyAnGsHu says:

    The MaxCDN and the Backup Buddy plugins are two of the most essential and must have WordPress plugins. Thanks for sharing this awesome list Shiwangi :).

  11. Ashwani Ahlawat says:

    Really nice plugins bro. Get them soon. 🙂

  12. DesignSkew says:

    Backbuddy is must have plugin, it helps you backup everything, and the thing that I love about this plugin is that after configuring it once, the schedule function works like a charm.

  13. Nice collection you have here. I am actually going to invest on premium setup from framewrok down to the plugins on my next project.

  14. Guppu Boss says:

    nice plugins list. i have backupbuddy plugin and now a days maxcdn is giving 1tb free data transfer

  15. Guppu Boss says:

    if you have a small site you can enjoy their service for free for one year 😉

  16. Why does OiO have a strike out? Has something happened there? Am I missing something?

  17. I will use this service soon. I want to start my own blog but confused for my topic.

  18. Ravi Shankar says:

    Hey Shiwangi,
    I have personally had great experience with that Vaultpress plugin, its really awesome and i would recommend almost everyone to use it, coming to your post, you have got together some of the great plugins which would make a blog complete.

    Thanks for this awesome list.
    Ravi Shankar

  19. Jeet Dholakia says:

    Really very great and informative post. currently I am using MaxCDN and Mailchimp on my blog and it help me a lot for page speed and for email subscriber. I am planning to buy some backup plugin like BackupBuddy. It’s always recommended that if you spend or i should say invest something for some good products then you will get double amount of return and this same applies to the wordpress plugins also.

  20. Shiwangi almost all plugins are essential but i will buy VaultPress surly in next few days.

  21. DesignSkew says:

    BackupBuddy is the only one I am using currently, I need to consider for other plugin too.

    • Yeah I am Using BackupBuddy too… Its Costly but awesome Plugin…. I have transferd my blog from one hosting to another within 0sec Downtime only with the help of this plugin. Juz Awesome.

  22. vishvast says:

    i think backup buddy and manx cdn are both best plugin to buy for my blog to increase the page speed thnx for sharing this quick review .

  23. Nice List Dear, bought some of the plugins here are too cost for newbies and those starting out

  24. I love MaxCDN and I agree that it should be included as one of the best WordPress plugin.