Max Blog Press Ninja Affiliate Plug-in: A Sneak Preview

As a blogger, one is engrossed in the thought of upping the ante to enhance the rankings and maximize the web traffic; however on the flip side it proves to be a herculean task. . Advent of the Max Blog Press Ninja Affiliate Plug-in is a vital aspect of the SEO and helps in upgrading the site to the vertex of the search engine listings.

MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate

In the past, on the flip side people were required to create an account at one of the affiliate sites before selecting the URL to ensure enhanced visibility. The situation took a U turn due to the inbuilt capability of the Ninja widget allowing the users to automate the task of signing and choosing the keyword as per their preferences.

By positioning the Ninja Affiliate Plug-in on the admin page, one can easily add the keyword to each of the individual URLs. When I started the blog, naysayers predicted a doom for my business model; however thanks to the affiliate plug-in world has become better for me.

The killer attribute of the widget is the usage of the multiple keywords which could be converted into the URLs offering awesome alternatives to the users in encompassing the reach to every nook and cornet of the internet blogosphere. One needs to specify the magical words to be noticed by the widget and converted to corresponding links for different pages.

Well! One of my friends warned me about the link farming and the spamming halo it casts over the business prospects of the website. I chickened out and decided not to go for overkill but specify only certain number of links to the posts; it has tremendously helped me to capture the niche segment customers and garner crucial business leads.

There are scores of other benefits that Ninja Affiliate Plug-in management can redefine for its endless stream of users.

The affiliate links could be assigned an optimized name, easily memorized by the end users, exhorting them to access the web links in a jiffy.

Widget is bestowed with an utterly incisive capability to conjoin with the links preventing the need to scan through rthe redundant links.

Professional redirect links is a spin-off which plays a crucial role in identification of the pro marketer and increases the business propositions to a great extent.

Ninja link is the undisputed king in securing intellectual property rights with renewed fervor and diligence. It is bundled with elaborate security cover in the form of complex algorithms disallowing the hackers to cheat on the links and gobble the commission illegally.

Alleluia!! It had never been so easy to handle the keywords in the past when the people used conventional method for affiliate marketing. Dropping the widget opens new vistas of opportunities in the form of selecting only the non competitive key words for different pages to ensure smooth flowing traffic.


Phew!! Well it must have been an exhaustive post for you folks but let me tell you that I am on the seventh moon since I installed the Ninja Affiliate Plug-in. Now no more, wading through the maze of links to promote the website, just drop the darling application on the web page and off here we go saving precious time whilst writing the post!!

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  1. Ehsan Ullah says:

    I have been using Ninja Affiliate from last 2 months. It’s really great plugin which awesome features. I was using Pretty Link Lite plugin before Ninja Affiliate and I had some problems regarding that, but Ninja affiliate is perfect choice.

    I didn’t know some of it’s features which you mentioned here.
    Great review Amit.

    • Thanks Ehsan for dropping your Comment.
      Oh Pretty link lite is also nice plugin but Ninja Affiliate has some extra features such as Automatic coverts keywords in affiliate links.

  2. PrIyAnGsHu says:

    This is just an amazing plugin for the affiliate markets. It reduces your efforts and increases your revenue automatically, this plugin is surely going to help us a lot as we won’t have to put our affiliate links in every keyword because this plugin will do the work for us. Thanks for this great review Amit.

  3. Hey Amit,

    Thank you for sharing such a nice review about ninja affiliate plugin. The best thing in it , is that it converts keywords from comments to links as well. 🙂

    Thank you


  4. Ashwani Ahlawat says:

    The plugin sounds good bro. Well Is it free of cost or paid? If paid then how much? :O Well currently my aim is to buy SEOPressor plugin from last 3 months. Firstly I’ll fulfill it, then I’ll surely head to this plugin 🙂

    • Ashwani Thanks for dropping your comments.
      Yeah Agree SEOPressor is must have plugin and if you want to start your career as a affiliate marketing then Ninja Affiliate is Must Have plugin too. Let me know after using this both plugin.

  5. Irfan Siddiqui says:

    I’m not using it for a long time now. I just have installed it in my blog and seriously it is something a worth buy. I can see every new feature working like they promised in their sales page at the time of placing order. All I have to do is just doing little settings and it will work automatically.

    I’d recommend everyone to use Ninja and if you can’t afford it just take a look in my blog’s giveaway to get the plugin for FREE.

    • Hey Irfan thanks for dropping your Comment mate. Yeah agree its worth buying plugin specially for Link cloaking.
      Am using 100+ Affiliates and All are by This Plugin only.
      Thanks for visting mate.

  6. Hi Amit,
    Ninja plugin really works 😉 I use it for more than one year and all of my affiliate links are created with it.
    Thanks for sharing,

    • Yeah Its Really Awesome Plugin Chris. My All affiliates links are created with it too . . . Thanks for Stopping by. Keep Visiting.

  7. sandeep kumar says:

    Nice review Amit…
    I have heard a lot about this plugin and after reading your review it is forcing me to go for this plugin.
    I’ll soon bought it bro….

    • Thanks For Dropping your Comment.
      Yeah Its Really Awesome Plugin @Sandeep. Its Coverts your keyword to Affiliate links automatically which is really awesome feature.
      Keep Visting.

  8. says:

    well no doub’t ninja affiliate plugin works great…though i have never used it though , by my friends experience i can say so 🙂 but after reading your this review i will give it a try for sure 🙂 thanks

  9. Nishant Srivastava says:

    I have read many awesome reviews for this plugin,I will buy this surely when I will allow affiliate products on my new blog.
    Thanks for this review Amit Bro.

  10. Sai Kumar says:

    Hi Amit, Great Review bro. Heard about this plugin before but not used it. I will surely try to buy and Use this plugin. Thanks for this Great Review.

  11. MNB Achari says:

    A must have plugin! I say this because after reading this article. I read about this plugin before but not convinced. Thanks for the review.

  12. Hi Amit! Ninja is so nice plugin. I have been using since last year. really its very useful. Its covers your keywords affiliates links automatically. I think This Plugin should use of all the people.Well thanks for sharing.