Concept of Meta Tags in Blogging

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Meta Tags, a well known word for almost all bloggers and a must known word for newbies, plays an important role in blogging and improvement in SEO performance. Now a days Meta Tags are considered as best way to express about your site or to give information to Search Engines about your site. Meta Tags are the simple HTML codes used to instruct the Search Engines or bot clients. A webmaster can easily instruct or give information to Search Engines about your website or blog by simply adding Meta Tags. Not only to instruct the Search Engines, Meta Tags are also used for third party bots in the case of verification of site(Special Case). Generally Meta Tags are added to the <head> section of the HTML page of your blog or website. It generally looks like –

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN” 
“”> <html> 
<head> <META NAME=”Description” CONTENT=”Author: 
A.N. Author, Illustrator: P. Picture, 
Category: Books, Price: £9.24, Length: 784 pages”> 
<META http-equiv=”Content-Type” 
CONTENT=”text/html; charset=iso-8859-1″> 
<META NAME=”google-site-verification” 
<title>Example Books – high-quality used books for children</title>
<META NAME=”robots” CONTENT=”noindex,nofollow”>

Here is a list of some most used Meta Tags –

Check out the list of some most used and most preferred Meta Tags in the field of blogging. The list contains the Meta Tags which are acceptable in Google.

Meta Description –

Meta Description Tag allows you to add a short description about your page to give information to Search Engines about your web page or blog post. Generally you are allowed maximum 160 characters to use in Meta Description.

How to add Meta Description Tag –

<head><meta name=”description” content=”A description of the page” /></head>

Meta Robots –

Meta Robots contains wide variety of Tags. It contains the tags which are most used in blogging. Tags under Meta Robots used to instruct the bots or spiders of Google about your site. It controls some major factors like indexing of webpage, blocking of some content, page rank stuff and many other. These tags controls the crawling and indexing behavior of Search Engine. It contains many tags, the most important are – NoIndex, NoFollow, DoFollow, NoSnippet. We will understand them individually.

1. NoIndex – This tag stops the bots to index the page. Google prefers to have a niche based blog. Sometimes you are willing to post something which is not related to your niche. Then you can use this tag. This tag allows you to stop indexing your page in Google.

<meta name=”robots” content=”noindex”>

2. NoFollow – This tag Stops the bots to follow a specific link or a whole page. No link juice will pass to these links. Some times you add some links and you don’t want to allow Google to follow those links. The only way to stop Google is to add NoFollow tag. To add NoFollow tag you just have to put rel=”nofollow” in the link. Here is an example –

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>

Meta Keywords –

Meta Keywords is one of the most important used Meta tag in blogging. Without this tag no blog post is complete. Meta Keyword plays an important role in the improvement of SEO. Just like Meta Description it highlights the major points of your blog post to Search Engines. I will recommend you to use this tag. Well almost all the blogging platform comes with very advanced tagging options to help bloggers even then if you want to add it manually then check out how to add this tag manually –

<META NAME=”KEYWORDS” CONTENT=”your keywords,go here,separated by a comma,but not a space”>

So these were some most used and recommended Meta tags. I know this post is a little bit boring for advanced bloggers but I do believe that it will be very helpful for newbies.

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  1. Hi Rudraksh, you have really explained very well about Meta Tags. Every website on the web must use these tags to let search engines know about certain things regarding the website.

  2. Enstine says:

    Hey bro,
    Nice post about meta data
    I use nofollow and noindex on my sales download pages. This stops search engines from indexing and exposing my product to the public. I think most vendors are making use of this too.

    I advice bloggers to remove the blog version info from their meta data. This exposes their blogs to hackers.

  3. Well explained! Meta tags are important and plays a key role in terms of SEO. Every page should have meta tags, then only its possible to make the most out of search engines!

  4. Well meta tags are very important nowadays as it gives the short summary of what we are writing about,You have very nicely explained it,thanks for providing this useful article.

  5. I Have One Doubt . While writing a New Post in WordPress I have the habit of filling the tags field with LSI Keywords.Will this help me in any way or am i wasting my time. Tags field means the field which is below category field while writing a New Post. Please reply me.

    • Rudraksh Pathak says:

      Dear Lalitha, use only those tags which are most related to topic. Using irrelevant tags will definitely effects your performance. If you are using only 2 or 3 tags for post but are related to it than its good.

  6. Aditi Datta says:

    Hi Rudraksh,
    Meta tagging really plays an important role in blogging. It should be used in your blogging perfectly as it helps to improves your SEO performance. I like the way of describing meta description and the html codes of adding it. This post is really very innovative and informative at the same time. Thanks for the share!!

  7. Meta tag and meta descriptions are important search engine factors to search engine bots identify what is all about your site or topic. One must ensure this On-Page optimization techniques.

  8. Prem Pandit says:

    Title Tag and Meta Description Play the important role in seo but now Google does not give any value for meta keywords .

  9. @Rudraksh: I guess meta author will become one of the most important tags in coming months. I already see many bloggers using the tag.

    You might want to review your point about meta keywords, I think it’s the most useless tag. The only thing it can do right now is to get you negative points in search engines if you do keyword stuffing there. Of course your competitors would easily know the keywords you are optimizing for. On the other hand there are NO SEO benefits from meta keywords as all three search engines have officially said they don’t use the field for ranking any more.

  10. Hi Rudraksh,
    You have provided a valuable information to all who are not aware of meta tags.It is a combination of Meta name,Meta Keyword and Meta description.And they all play a significant role in ranking of a site.

  11. It is very informative post! Meta blogging is important role in blogging. I like the way of describing meta description and the html codes of adding it. Really This pot is very innovative and informative. Well thanks for sharing us

  12. Meta tag is simply a HTML tag. I think Meta tag is Boss of the web page. When we adding Meta Tags in webpage then ,A webmaster can easily instruct or give information to Search Engines about your website or blog. Meta name, Meta description and Meta keyword are play a big role in optimizing a website. Your article is very very innovative and informative.
    Thank you.

  13. shivani arora says:

    That is very informative and useful information about meta tag Every website on the web must use these tags. Meta tags are very important role and term of SEO. Every page should have meta tags. Thanks for share information