How to Avoid Getting Bored with Blogging ?

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Blogging is not only a great mode to share our knowledge, views, opinions and our writings on the internet but also an excellent way to generate some income online. Unlike most of the people thinks, Blogging is not really easy and it requires a lots of efforts, hard work, focus and patience to be become a successful blogger so as to be able to stand out over the crowded blogosphere. Most of the bloggers starts blogging very actively, but later starts getting bored doing the same thing over and over again everybody, and if you are one of those people who have been blogging for a while but has now started getting bored of it, then what do you think you should really do ? Yes, sometimes I also do feel bored while blogging but in such cases, I follow a few strategies which makes me active again and lets me blog the way I used to do before.

Avoid Boring Blogging

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So, I’m now sharing with you my strategies or you can call them as some helpful tips for yourself to become active as a blogger and avoid getting bored with blogging :

Follow Your Passion

Think of yourself, what do you like the most ? What would like to like write on ? Let me initially ask you a simple question, what’s your passion really is ? Suppose, if it is gadgets and you always do love to spend your time playing with the latest gadgets, then I’ll always recommend you to write about gadgets on your blog. Yeah, that’s all you need to do. Find out your passion, and just put articles on what you really like on your lovingly blog. Writing articles on your own passion will never bore you up, believe me, it really works.

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You are Tired – You Surely Need a Break!

Everyone needs regular breaks, don’t you think so ? Yes, every type of professional or worker needs rests very frequently so that they can concentrate on their works better and keep the focus lying on the bed. So, if you are blogger and you prefer working on your blog the whole day, then I’m damn sure it will starting turning you bored very soon. Let me tell you a story, when I started blogging, I was initially quite addicted to it, and used to blog the whole day if it was a holiday, but it soon started getting me bored and from that time, I started making a blogging schedule and work on my blogs during some particular periods in a day. It soon started giving me some positive outcomes, as I started taking regular breaks during my blogging period and that’s why, I could do blogging effectively than ever before right after coming up from a break. Therefore, you need to do the same thing being a blogger. Take regular breaks, and maintain a blogging schedule which states that when should you exactly do blogging in a particular day. It will certainly increase your productivity, and will never let you get bored being a blogger.

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Yeah, It’s Time to Make Some Cash!

So, if you are blogging only to fulfill your passion or using your blog as an online diary, believe me, you won’t get anything out of it and shall starting getting bored of it pretty soon. Sometimes, we must also take blogging as our profession too, even if you don’t want to call it as your primary profession. Money is the first thing which really cares in our normal life, and without any doubt, everyone runs after it. So, it’s time to monetize your blog if you have not done it yet, and make some real cash out of your blog right after you have started getting some traffic. So, just keep pushing articles onto your blog, grab some real traffic, and make some real cash out of it using different monetizing methods. As soon as you will start getting money out of it, you will never get bored with blogging.

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I’m done now, I’ve listed above all the possible strategies which I actually follow whenever I feel bored with blogging. So, you can do the same and avoid getting bored with blogging by following the tips I’ve mentioned above. Share your views!

About Amit Shaw

Amit Shaw, Administrator of iTechCode.He is a 26 Year Ordinary Simple guy from West Bengal,India. He writes about Blogging, Technology, Gadgets, Programming etc. Connect with him on Facebook, Add him on Google+ and Follow him on Twitter.


  1. sai krishna says:

    Glad to see your Guest post in ITC bro, Your last point is very important, every beginner’s interest will be killed if he not making any money. Earnings give boost to his career. Breaks also important for health purpose.

    Thanks for the share bro, Keep rocking!!

    • Hi Sai Krishna, thanks for dropping your comment on the post. Yes, earnings or returns are always needed in order to remain active with any type of profession. So, a blogger can stay active and focused towards blogging only if he or she becomes able to make some bucks out of it.

  2. Ashwani Ahlawat says:

    That’s really cool Priyangshu. I have seen your post first time here from my side. Well sometimes me too feel some boredom regarding my blog. But your tips are really effective.
    I hope they will work like hell for me. Simply superb ideas dude.

    • Hey Ashwani, I’m pretty glad that you have liked my post and wanna say thanks a ton for dropping your valuable comment.

  3. I recommend to work on 2 blogs on different niche and whenever you got bored of one, you can work on other. Finally, its all based on personal interest. Good tips Priyangshu…

    • Yes, having more than one blog on different niches is also a good idea to be not get bored while blogging, because we can write on the other blog if we get bored with one. Thanks for sharing your views Bharat. I do appreciate your comment :).

  4. Exceptional post priyangshu,nice to see you here on ITC.I usually I go for a long walk and get some fresh when I get bored from blogging,BTW thanks for providing us these useful tips.

    • Hi Ashish, nice to know about your amazing idea to get fresh-ed up and remain always active as a blogger. I also frequently go for a long walk in the morning which really fresh ups my mind and I can after that wait for long without facing any boredom.

  5. Ipsita Sahoo says:

    For me web technology is a passion. So whenever i get bored, i shift myself from blogging to website development and vice versa. This way i keep myself feel fresh.

    • Without passion, nothing is possible to do without getting pissed off. Nice to know about your own method to become stay fresh and active as a blogger.


    That’s a nice article and i think you will surely going to be bored at times when you are blogging and it is very good to relax your brain by doing other time. like me, i used to watch films especially season film which help my brain to relax well before starting again. and i do play games like playstation and others like that. and if i want to write on something, i used to read novels which will help me on what am about to write and also make my brain to relax well. thanks for sharing

    • Since I’m also a gaming freak, I usually prefer playing games on my PS3 to kill my boredom. That’s really a great way to avoid getting bored with blogging.

  7. Trung Nguyen says:

    Try to make money from your blog is a good way to avoid getting bored with blogging, it’s because you’ll be happy when you get your first dollars online from your blog, just make a try … I’m total agree with this post.

    • Money is needed by everyone, so without getting money, no one will love to do blogging. So, it is a must to get some revenue out of our blog regularly to remain addicted to blogging. Anyways, thanks for your comment Trung :).

  8. Aditi Datta says:

    Hey Priyangshu,
    I must say that sometimes blogging do makes us feeling boring. Writing up creative contents and then updating it for your visitors to enjoy. But for the content writers, it is the same boring job day after day. Yes, I like the factor that you have suggested in making money out of your blogs. Sometimes, you can accept blogs as the source of income rather than taking it as the medium of relaxation. Creating money through your blogs definitely would help you to think in a different way and also to write uniquely. Thanks for the share!!

    • Yes Aditi, blogging helps us to share our ideas and knowledge, as well as lets us make some money out of it at the same. Anyways, thanks for commenting here.

  9. Hi Priyangshu,
    Yes blogging can sometimes makes us feel bored and we have to take some rest for sure.But in the mean time while having a break a blogger can never stop thinking about his new post to be published and keeps on searching new ideas.Its all about passion to write and share.

    • Yeah, taking regular breaks can make us relaxed and give us more activeness to work on our blogs effectively.

  10. The most usual thing that makes blogger bored is the surrounding people. If all of your friends are doing office job try to avoid discussing with those people more. You may be frustrated as they will never understand your contribution and goal. Build your own community. Try to meet with bloggers around your city, attend some blogger meets or event launched by the companies.

    • Yeah, you are absolutely right … We must always stay in touch with other bloggers and other like minded people to become more active. Anyways, thanks for sharing your views Tanmay.

  11. Enstine says:

    Hey Priyangshu,
    I like your last point. I remember the excitement that pops up when we see sales coming in from our blogs. That encourages us to do more and generate more sales.

    Kudos for the article

    • PrIyAnGsHu @ Money Earning Methods says:

      Yes, our initial earnings really makes us more activated and gives us power to work on our blogs more effectively :).

  12. SahL @ says:

    Newbies or veteran bloggers all get bored of blogging at a particular time because anything done in excess will bore you, good tips given here, I’m sure it would be helpful to many of us.

    • PrIyAnGsHu @ Money Earning Methods says:

      Hi Sahl, I’m glad that you have found these tips to be useful. Thanks for dropping your comment buddy.

  13. Hi Priyangshu! Really, Nice Tips As we know that money is important part of our life. everyone needs to money. so without getting money no one will like to do blogging. In my opinion Its must to get the revenue your blogging daily. Really that’s great tips to avoid getting bored with Blogging. Well thanks for this post.

    • PrIyAnGsHu @ WordPress Tips says:

      Thanks for your comment Neha. Yes, without money, we will never be able to concentrate on blogging much.

  14. Thats really a nice post because there are bloggers who get bored at times. That is the time they should take a break but the break should be short not too long because if you stay away from blogging for a long time then you might loose interest in it or you cannot concentrate later.

    I never got bored from Blogging.

    • PrIyAnGsHu @ Make Money Blogging says:

      Thanks for sharing your views Atish. I also do not ever get bored with blogging, it’s my passion as well as my hobby too :).

  15. Great blog post PrIyAnGsHu, and it’s very straight to the point, if you start making money with your online business or blog. You will Never get bored and you will start working even harder.
    thanks for sharing