MaxBlogPress Bring My Blog Visitors Back Plugin Review

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RSS feeds, the holy concept launched in the heydays of the internet to offer continuous updates for the customers about the regular events has assumed completely new dimension. The Maxblogpress bring my blog visitors back Plugin is the new whiz kid imbibing new features and transforming the RSS feeds into an internet marketing sizzler which is bound to create an astonishing impact on the fortunes of the blog.

Some sizzling features are in the offing for the eager customer and one of them is the display of the Blogs category in the RSS feeds playing with the people’s psyche. Initially, when I discovered the attribute of Maxblogpress bring my blog visitors back Plugin, it failed to impress me; on the contrary I thought it is rudimentary information.

After a period of time, our team realized the flow of traffic increased because people visited the site to know more about the blogs and latest news. For instance, if the reader is interested in news about automobile sector, and he likes the blog, it is possible he might venture in the similar category blogs on the website and find something useful. It is dream come true for the bloggers to create genuine interest among the viewers for your information I felt exactly the same when my pay check showed a marked increase.

Akin to the social media tags, the Maxblogpress bring my blog visitors back Plugin incorporates some of the post tags while the reader is analyzing the post in the RSS feeds. Optimized keyword in the tag increases the probability of the customers to visit the site and enhances its ranking from the long term perspective. It is the opportune time to strike the iron when it is hot so to speak. The widget is designed in a unique way compelling users to visit the blog once they click on any of the post tags in the RSS feed.

Apart from the above, features Google plus application is incorporated into the widgets enabling people to divert the traffic to their blog because the link appears in the Google search rankings. Icons are available in divergent sizes; however they could be customized according to the specifications and the requirements of the users.

The application is based on the cognitive behavior of human beings which is manifested in the form of reply this comment link incorporated into the RSS feed. Although purists might rant that it is a marketing gimmick, however clever strategy ensures that the user click on the site and access the targeted blog they are intended to visit in the first place.

Templates are perfect pedestals for the users to showcase their capabilities in innovation and create the widget which is far more different and catchy than any of the compatriots.  I was delighted when I saw the template option because it encouraged the creative urge in me to design the theme of the blog post relevant to the category.  To be candid, saw a sudden spurt in the web traffic when I analyzed the statistical tool in detail. For using the templates, people need to create an account along with my blogger back URL to enhance the number of users visiting the website.

MaxBlogPress Bring My Blog Visitors Back Amazing Features Images :









Before And After Using MaxBlogPress Bring My Blog Visitors Back

Conclusion:  I have been the lucky muse of Maxblogpress bring my blog visitors back Plugin widget since its inception because prior to its launch the SEO professional used to garner major chunk of my expenses in accomplishing the mundane tasks of SEO. Now my new work hose shares the load on the page and has proved to be mighty effective for my business.

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  1. Shiwangi peswani says:

    Awesome review Amit and your detailed screenshots added more to it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ipsita Sahoo says:

    In that first part i was unable to follow, but those screen shots added more information.

  3. Enstine says:

    Wow! I’m glad to see you reviewing this wonderful plugin here bro.

  4. Hi Amit,

    Excellent post about maxblogpress bring my blog visitors back ! I guess you have wrote awesome reviews about it. I was thinking to buy it but do you think it is really worth ?
    Also your pics added a spice in it 😀

    Thank you

  5. Ehsan Ullah says:

    It has really great features, Seems this is a plugin to take the RSS feed of a blog to the next level. Great review Amit.

  6. I have heard a lot of positive reviews about this plugin. Gotta give this plugin a shot as soon as possible.

  7. Guppu Boss says:

    This is a good wp plugin everyone shold use it

  8. sai krishna says:

    Wow, really excellent plugin. The RSS feed in final screenshot is looking like a newsletter 🙂

  9. Hi Amit, Great review bro. This is really an awesome plugin and will surely gonna give it a try. Thanks for sharing such a great review.

  10. Excellent Post! I guess you have wrote awesome reviews about it.I am glad to see you reviewing this wonderful plugin here. Really i would like to try of this plugin.Well thanks for sharing.