Review For Immediate List Building Pro: A New Ammo For The Bloggers

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Tough competition indeed! Use Immediate List Building Pro and get the most out of your blog.

Immediate List Building Pro

This is the call for all the bloggers who are out there and striving to achieve something more than just writing words. In fact their main aim is to accelerate the sale with the increase level of subscriptions.

But if the bloggers are not able to make a connection between its readers then it will be just another piece of information in the search engine. Thus you need to have an email list

This email list is considered to be one of the important and crucial of all. If you can build a list it will make you feel special about what you are going to achieve. In simple words, you are just hitting your target audience with the right kinds of words.

In this case make sure that you offer something and also deliver your commitment properly.

In regular cases, the readers enjoy the freebies which include reports, white papers, video or audio courses, e-books and many more.

Now there are pros and cons of using the freebies which are actually creating an incentive for the people who will click the call to action button.

But as a whole you can say that plugins are really considered as one of the interesting and coolest thing that is available in the market.

Some of the important features of Immediate List Building Pro that will provoke the buyers with the call to action buttons:



1. You can add uncountable options to the form.

2. You are able add categories, pages, post while you are having these list building campaign.

3. Comment box, side bar and post can also be activated.

4. You will also get the check box so that you can have the comment form.

5. The registration page is being placed here.

6. For a perfect guess, chosen template is being set; it will be easy to get HTML option code.

7. With help of the footer bar these things can be allotted with 45 different options which are considered as something innovative and outstanding.

 Footer Bar - Demo

Footer Bar – Demo

All these features of Immediate List Building Pro will allow boosting the subscriber rate at the best and will deliver you all.

But if you are non-supporter of an irritating pop up window then certainly checks box is being supplied lying just below the comment box for the visitor’s subscription.

You can also send a thank message to those commenting for the first time on the article along with the option form that ultimately gives a hike to the subscription rate. In fact you can also edit your website display which enables you to squeeze the information. Even the option form comes in variety of colour formats of 5 options including four stunning designs.

But definitely you don’t want to end up your connections with the visitor’s at this level. Thus you can take the assistance of social media networks in order to share the new posts or create a forum to caste the vote and much more aspects that ultimately makes your mail id to become a hyperactive one.

Are you aware that you can add videos to the selected posts? If not that means you have not heard about all the features of immediate list building pro. Along with these, you get the options to select template options and powerpack plugin at a much affordable prices.

Thus it would be easy to conclude that list building pro has a wonderful user interface that enhances the profit percentages and depreciates the risk factors involved.


With only 60 days in hand, Immediate list building pro gives the money back offer to enhance the trust entrusted on this product. Are you ready to set in a new trend?

About Amit Shaw

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  1. Enstine says:

    Hey Amit,
    Looks like another great list build plugin.
    I’m still reading and thinking which plugin to buy for list building on my blog. I’ll surely consider this option

    • WpSmartApps says:

      Enstine, No doubt ‘Immediate List Building Pro’ will be one of your best choice for your list building solution.
      Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any queries related to “Immediate List Building Pro” . (You can always use our Community OR Ticket Support OR LIVE CHAT support for your queries)

      WpSmartApps Team

  2. Intermediate List Building is pro.This plugin is by far the easiest and best Lead Generating WordPress plugin available in the market. It is simple to use and even simpler to configure. Thanks for share!!

  3. sandeep kumar dan says:

    hello, Amit
    I am a newbie blogger and i am looking for some good wordpress plugins for list building. And i think intermediate link building pro is the best so i will choose it for my easy use and its cool color design option. Thanx for sharing

    • WpSmartApps says:

      Snadeep, You will 100% love our innovative wordpress plugin ‘Immediate list Building Pro’.

      Also, we love to see you soon using ‘Immediate list Building Pro’. Just contact us if you need any help.

      Best Regards.

      WpSmartApps Support Team

  4. Hi Amit, thanks for this review. This plugin looks very good (I was thinking about it). And how about customization – can I add my own photos/pictures to forms?

    • WpSmartApps says:

      Chris, Yes you can easily add your own photos/pictures to forms. Please visit our wiki section ( ) and find out more about ‘Immediate List Building’ or contact us if you have any question on your mind.

      Best Regards.

      WpSmartApps Support Team

  5. Sandip Bhagat says:

    Hello Amit sir,
    Thanks for writing the review about this plugin. I liked its features. I am sure this plugin will double the email list building list..

    • WpSmartApps says:

      Sandip, ‘Immediate List Building Pro’ is a simple and most powerful list building solution available on the market right now. With no doubt ‘Immediate List Building Pro’ will be smart investment for any bloggers serious about list building.

  6. Ehsan Ullah says:

    Amit, Yet another list building plugin, but this one seems interesting. I just want to ask that does it works with all list building services like Aweber, Mailchimp and SimplyCast etc?

    • WpSmartApps says:

      Ehsan, ‘Immediate List Building Pro’ it design to work with ANY list building services like Aweber, Mailchimp , SimplyCast etc.. not only this it is design to work with you self host solution like phplist or any..

      Let us know if you have any question on your mind.


    Amit, they are great plugin to be use and am using mailchimp and is working very well for me. the success of a good blog is to build a huge mail list which will helping you to interact with your readers. thanks for sharing

  8. WpSmartApps says:

    IGBALAYE, You are 100% right about building a list via your wordpress blog and with no doubt success lies on it. But it is also necessary to follow different methods within your wordpress blog to grow your list faster then before.

    Try ‘Immediate List Building’ and find out how quickly your can grow your list. It is one mega plugin which you cant miss to have on your wordpress blog.


  9. Hammad Baig says:

    I really appreciate this review , Looks like another great list build plugin.
    I’m still reading and thinking which plugin to buy for list building on my blog. I’ll surely consider this option, thanks for this awesome review

  10. Sai@Tech Genra says:

    Thanks for another review bro, I liked the way you explained about the use of this plugin. IT seems its very useful for my MN blog, I will give it a try soon.