What To Look Out For From Nokia

Though choosing a Nokia handset might no longer be as automatic as it was in the nineties, when they were the undisputed king of mobile phones, it would be foolish to overlook them. Any serious observers of the mobile phones market will have noticed that Nokia, with their Lumia series of mobile phones, have been quietly building a resurgence of the domination of the industry which they once enjoyed. Though they are no longer competing at the very top of the table they have built up a solid stable of both expensive and cheap mobile phones that cater to a range of budgets and technological desires. Whether you’re looking for a smartphone or a simpler device you should definitely still keep an eye on the Nokia production line. Here’s some advice on what exactly to look for.

Asha 311

With the Asha 203 Nokia is looking to produce a handset that doesn’t make its owner feel short-changed on the technology, but doesn’t include so much as making it prohibitively priced. Thus, consider the Asha 311 its grown up sister – more well-rounded, and with a number of impressive tricks up her sleeve. Entirely touchscreen and combining an LCD screen with resistant Gorilla Glass the Asha 311 looks and feels the part, but in fact it’s in its technological prowess that it really leaves its mark. With built-in WiFi and 3G capability, 1000Mhz processor and 128MB internal ram the Asha 311 is almost shockingly good at streaming things like YouTube videos in a clear, fast way. Not to mention allowing unbroken access to some pretty complicated internet pages.


As with many Nokias the Asha 311 isn’t a phone to which you should look to stash an extensive digital library on (though its memory can be extended with external memory-cards). Its camera is nothing to write home about either but as an interactive communications device it punches way above its weight. For that reason alone (as well as the fact you won’t pay anything near as much as with things like the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy) the Asha 311 is definitely worth a look when considering which of the many mobile phones available is right for you.

Nokia 700

Not cut from the same cloth as the top-tier Lumia 710 the 700 is still very definitely a smartphone in its own right. With a 3.2 inch AMOLED touchscreen, a 5 Megapixel camera with an LED flash and 2GB of internal memory that can potentially be expanded to 32GB the 700 feels like a sophisticated piece of kit. But this – according to Nokia – is a smartphone designed for people who want to have fun. It comes with Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja preloaded and they have gone to great lengths to ensure that when tagging photos for your friends to gawp at or switching between social media apps it functions in a fluid, intuitive way. It also has that nifty function, if you encounter someone you know who also has a 700, of being able to share data simply by putting the two mobile phones ‘head to head’.


Price-wise you’d have to say it isn’t cheap – advertised on contracts from £26 per month on Nokia’s website, but this includes a decent amount of add-ons and it bears repeating that this is not low-tier smartphone. It also, for those of an eco-conscious mindset, is made of renewable materials of which 60% are recycled and is itself 100% recyclable when you come to dispose of it – as sadly in the 21st century at some point you will have to.

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  1. Sai Krishna says:

    Now days nokia is like Orkut 🙂 Thanks for the good explanation… I’m eagerly waiting to see who will win this time… apple or samsung ??

  2. I think Nokia after announcing its too phone Nokia 920 and Nokia 820 once again return into market as 2 technology used in these phone are new and user friendly 1.Pure view 2. wireless charging.

  3. I think Nokia is fighting to survive in the market and Samsung is not giving him a chance and after the launch of Samsung smartphones at low rate Samsung is going to be a big hit.

  4. Shiwangi peswani says:

    i completely agree with Sai. No matter how hard Nokia tries to revive in the mobile market it would be nearly impossible to beat latest Samsung phones and iPhones 🙂


    My best model phone is nokia and they can’t be compare with others because of their durable and they are very strong as well.

  6. Nokia has come up with the new idea with their Lumia edition.It has lost its focus on giving what users want with the growing technology.But it fails in doing that and Samsung has reviewed many features at a much lesser price than Nokia.I don’t know what’s in the mind of Nokia and they took so much time to make things work for them.But now its impossible to be back in action as Samsung has not left any choice in front of any other mobile brand except to just look and watch the rising star.

  7. This is very Interesting and very Informative post. I think Nokia is a best and very stronger mobile as compared to others. really there can not be compare with others. Nokia has come up again in the market with new technology. so I always prefer to Nokia.Well thanks for sharing with us.

  8. Vikas Bhatt says:

    Nokia isn’t doing well nowadays because they’re not launching good smartphones when compared to Samsung or other competitors. The hardware used by Samsung is awesome, which makes me love my Galaxy S3.

  9. Shivani Arora says:

    I am using Nokia Mobile. My best model phone is nokia and they can’t be compare with others because of their durable and they are very strong as well.Nokia has come up with the new idea with their Lumia edition..