How to Organize iPhoto: 5 Essential Tips

iPhoto, developed by Apple, is a really great app to do a lot of things with your photo collection. You can manage, edit, retouch, apply effects and do much more with your photo collection on iPhoto.

It’s basically an app that’s designed to help you do a lot of things with your photo besides managing them. Some people usually think that it’s an unnecessary extra. Actually, no.

If you’re looking for just an album management tool, the stock Photos app on iPhone/iPad is good enough. But what if you want to modify a lot of photos at once, or add specific retouching effects to certain photos share a batch and stuff like that?

That’s where iPhoto comes in.

Here are some of the most essential tips that we thought would be very useful for iPhoto on Mac / iOS.

5 Essential iPhoto Organizing Tips 

1) Using Flags and Favorites

Organizing hundreds of photos can take a lot of time.

The flag and favorite options are a great way to organize your photos based on what you want to keep/share and stuff you want to edit – faster. Here’s how: 

The flag option, according to iPhoto, is useful when you want to choose some photos for editing in the future. These might include photos that you need to increase the brightness/contrast, or retouch and stuff like that. 

Once you are done with all the edits, if you want to save the photos to a specific album or just keep it as a favorite (easily accessible), you can use the favorite option. 

2) Viewing Multiple Photos

Want to take a faster look at multiple photos to remove duplicates or those that look similar? Try the multiple-view option.

Tap one image and when it loads on the image preview, tap and hold another image. Now you can compare the two images. This comes in handy when you’ve got a lot of shots that are similar.

You can then delete the one that you don’t want. This frees up space and helps you create albums that are clean. 

3) Creating An Album

Much like in the Photo app, creating an iPhoto Album is not simple. It’s strange that Apple hasn’t nailed this feature yet.

 If you’ve got to create an album: 

  • On the home screen of iPhoto (which displays all the photos), tap the arrow on the top-right (action button)
  • Select images that you want to make an album out of
  • Then tap on ‘Add To’
  • Choose New Album and give a name

4) Switch Between Views

While using iPhoto, if you want to switch between flagged images, favorite images or all of them (or other groups), you can do so by tapping on the top-left corner. This pulls down a list of options you can choose, and that changes the view.

This way, you can choose to view just the hidden photos or the edited photos that you’ve “favorited” or flagged.

5) Hide Images

Having all the images load on the image preview isn’t cool when you have tons of photos that you would rather not show up along with the rest.

You can hide images in iPhoto (better than deleting them). All you need to do is tap on the little ‘X’ when you preview images. This doesn’t remove the images but simply hides them from the camera roll.

iPhoto is available on iTunes for $4.99. Now, since it’s an Apple product, all you can expect is perfection written all over it. The app has a very beautiful interface that is simple and elegant too. With a lot of retouching effects, you can actually unleash your creativity and share them all over social networks. It works on iOS 5.1 or later so make sure you upgrade to iOS 5.1.1 (the latest) if you’ve not done already.

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  1. sandeep kumar dan says:

    Hi, Chandrasekar Rao
    yes , iPhoto is really great apps of electronics giant company Apple.your all tips are lovely but mostly the forth one which is i catching best switching between flagged images is good and unique feature that is most effective feature which i like..
    thanks for sharing

  2. Chandrasekhar,Apple has given everyone a bite of it to share with everybody and everytime it comes up with new technology or apps in it.iPhoto is a great app to have.

  3. PrIyAnGsHu @ WordPress Tips says:

    It seems to be a great app for organizing our photos Chandrasekar. I’m actually neither an iOS user nor a Mac user, so I won’t be able to use it, but is there any such software for Windows or Android ?

  4. Chandrasekar Rao says:

    Sorry I have not explore Google Store yet, hence have no idea.