Preparing for AuthorRank on Google

AuthorRank is an innovative idea that is all set to undermine all the Panda updates Google has put forth. But unlike Panda updates, AuthorRank shouldn’t faze users. While it doesn’t replace PageRank, AuthorRank will sort the search results based on the reputation of the creator of the content. Verified content by an author will be graded by Google and sorted in the results accordingly.

Why Should You Care?

With such an elaborate and different criteria or search results, it is expected that Google will start integrating AuthorRank in their main ranking algorithm. It is actually much more reliable than the PageRank sorting which depends on backlinks because the verified content of AuthorRank pages has much less chances of being spam.

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How Long Do You Have?

A date is not important. Just like SEO, AuthorRank will not be built up in one day. You need to start working on getting a better rank, the longer you are prepping your pages and your author profile, the least damage you will be dealt if and when AuthorRank takes over. It may not be as destructive as Panda updates, but if you don’t build your credibility as an author, it will be too late when AuthorRank does start functioning fully.

AuthorRank Informs PageRank

For now, AuthorRank is not going to overrule PageRank, but act like an advisor. The link graph will now show which of the entries are most influential. Those with a high AuthorRank may be given more priority and possibly a better PageRank. For the same reason, links from a blog network or such sources that have no authorship, may be rendered useless

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How To Start?

  1. First you need to set up your Google Authorship by tying your author identity and your content, which will help Google give you an initial AuthorRank. For this, you will need a Google+ account.
  2. Once you have Google Authorship, incorporate all the quality content you have already published online, which will help Google determine your AuthorRank.
  3. Your initial AuthorRank may not be excellent, but you can improve it by publishing content that displays your expertise, improves reputation and shares knowledge
  4. If you are hired to promote a brand, it will be trickier to get a good AuthorRank. The head of marketing may not want to let their employees create content and come oto the forefront of the brand promotion because they are often afraid that their brand image will slip. Some, on the other hand, may be enthused about AuthorRank. So you must carefully examine the work culture of a company before you take on projects
  5. Make sure the content you are creating is good enough for people to share. This will help you get a better AuthorRank as well as PageRank. Guest bogging, publishing blogs, submitting posted articles in article directories, frequently using Google+- all of it counts.

These are some of the basics of using AuthorRank to your advantage. As mentioned, you have to start building your reputation as creator of good content as soon as possible if you want to get a good rank if there is a complete overhaul of PageRank.

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  1. Author rank may be a factor of SERP in near future but till date it has a little impact on search result.However thanks for your creative study . Keep it up .

    • Irfan Siddiqui says:

      Yes, you are right, in near future this is going to bring more impact on search engines result but right now it is neither so popular in human nor popular in search engines.

      However, a Good topic to blog on. Nice, bro, I first hear about it on SML then on your blog. Thanks for updating me with such a nice update.

  2. Tauseef Alam says:

    Hi Amit

    Based on my experience it seems Google has already inbuild Author Rank into SERP results, although there is no official announcement from Google board room yet but if you look at any search result posts from reputed author of any niche who have a large amount of people in circle ranks higher compare to other. Sooner or later it would be a great SERP signal.

  3. Nishant Srivastava says:

    Hi, Amit
    Author rank will surely increase Earning through direct advertisements,I think this is very good concept for good blogs..

  4. sandeep kumar dan says:

    hi, Amit
    yes i am preparing for Author rank. Author rank is depend in all about your blogging activities its shows that how much you love to right quality content.Then number of comments ,g+ ,share likes and all are depends on your quality content writing creativity.
    Thanks for sharing amit .

  5. Ashwani Ahlawat says:

    Heading towards it. Thanks for motivating and sharing it with us. 🙂

  6. I am thinking how more Google will be creative when it comes to having a strong base in authority rank.Its a great idea to have an AuthoRank but this will increase the competition more for the authors out their in the market.

  7. Author rank is direct factor of search ranking. It is working on a number of social signals to identify high quality authors. Social signals are Google’s measure of your “share of voice” in social media. It depends on your blogging activities such as comments, Share, like, Reweet, favorite and all depends on your quality content writing creativity.

  8. Author ranking is an important factor after Panda, Penguin algo, Though Google might be trying to market G+ by this way!

  9. I actually look forward to seeing more weight put on authorrank. It will reward people creating good content and further lower the serps of people just spinning articles to get links.

  10. Bobbie (aka Rebelle ) says:

    I claimed my authorship yesterday in preparation. I always try to post content and basically just go with what I like. This is an incentive to create better content . Thanks for the article.

  11. I think we should prepare for the battle with Author Rank right now 🙂 thanks for these tips. I have set up my Google author account and will add more content to increase my website’s authority in the future

  12. Hey Amit,

    Thanks for this. I had no idea about AuthorRank. It is good to know with all of the up & down ranking in goolge. I will study this a little more to make sure I am up to date so I don’t get dinged… again!

  13. Author ranking is a nightmare for some budding bloggers like me google authorship helps your site result got filtered very well but after ranking slow updater will have to survive some extra competition .

  14. Harley Quinn says:

    Hi Amit,

    Thanks for informative post, till now i didn’t know about author rank for google. So it means that author rank is must for every blog.

  15. Amit, I haven’t really had a good grasp on this topic until now. I had setup authorship but still needed to understand the ranking process. Thanks for the good tips!

  16. Shivani Arora says:

    YES Amit .. Author rank is depend in all about your blogging activities its shows that how much you love to right quality content.Author rank is direct factor of search ranking.Thanks for these tips

  17. First of all, is this a confirmed news? If yes, then it sounds quite better than Pagerank because there are nowadays a lot of black hat SEO techniques which can build up automated backlinks for our websites. All we can do now is wait for it.

  18. First of all, is this a confirmed news? If yes, then it sounds quite better than Pagerank because there are nowadays a lot of black hat SEO techniques which can build up automated backlinks for our websites. All we can do now is wait for it. Anyways, thanks for letting us know about it Amit.

  19. Thank you for sharing this with us Amit, so the main criteria for AuthorRank is to get better Author profile everywhere or?
    Are there some rules we need to follow in order to prepare for this “advisor” how much it can hurt us?
    thanks for sharing

  20. Is this to do with the Author images or just Google picking by by reading the Authors name. I ask because i have put the Author image for myself but i can’t seem to get it working for my other authors. i hope this doesn’t turn into a problem.

    Secondly i don’t see this going far because once the site admin catches on they will just post each article by the author with the best authority every time…

  21. Rudraksh Pathak @Tekdig says:

    Although its not going to replace Page rank even then it will be a big hurdle in the field of SEO.

  22. Vikas Bhatt says:

    Google has been launching lot of updates, and according to me most of them are crappy. Without doing anything wrong your site can get badly hit by their updates.

  23. Very informative artilce on Author Rank. But this new update will kill so many good websites.

  24. Author Rank is the future of SEO. Google is going to concentrate on quality of the post in upcoming days. Great Post. Thanks for sharing bro.

  25. MNB Achari says:

    This is really a big task ahead for the beginners. Any way, they should face it boldly and follow the basic rules of SEO. Thanks for the wonderful tips.

  26. Tushar Thakur says:

    Now to get benefit from this is request all the bloggers to take your authorship for the post that you written as guest post on their blog. 🙂

    What you say?

  27. Another thing to work on after PR for the SEOs! You mentioned that in near future Google might implement this, but now are there any tools that will display the AuthorRank? Will it be displayed per post or for the whole website? reply if you have any knowledge regarding this . . .

  28. Narender Chopra says:

    Amit bro I don’t think Google have planed any term like Author Rank.Its completely a Myth . Can you provide any official reference ?