Factors To Consider For Starting a Business

To start a business, the main thing to do is a proper planning. There are various factors which one must take into account while starting a business. Besides the usual nuances, one must factor in some other factors too such as the population of the catchment, room for growth in future, etc. Below are the five basic factors to take into account before starting a business.

Type of Business and a proper plan:-

The first thing to be always decided upon is the type of business you want to do. Before honing on any target you should always do a thorough background check on the idea, such as the current trends. After that is done, a proper road-map should be planned for the road ahead detailing the various costs involved, growth plans, and operating ratio. A thought out plan should also enable you to get a start-up loan from the bank quickly.

Arranging the Capital:-

After the planning process, the next step is to get the sum required to kick start the venture. While doing this, one should always keep a little margin for the initial running cost and the loan repayment interest. The latter can be avoided, if you can arrange the capital from the family or friends.

Getting the Licenses & Permits:-

Barring a few small businesses, almost any other business venture will require some license for running and some other permits and clearances.  Before you start a business, always make sure that all these licenses, permits and clearances for various agencies are in order, as the absence of any one might cause quite a lot of trouble.

The Location:-

The location should always be chosen keeping every minute detail in mind, as it is an irreversible decision. This step will be the most telling factor on the profits incurred by the business and the number of consumers. A proper research on the area, its demographics, demand, presence of competitors in same catchment, visibility of the location should do the job for you. A wrong selection can have telling impacts on the operating profits of the business.


A proper cover for the business in the form of insurance is the need of the hour these days. The right insurance will save your life’s investments and earnings in the business from various factors, as otherwise you may end up losing a huge chunk of your fortune and in some cases, even bankruptcy.

Hopefully, with this you will get a fair idea about the initial steps required in starting a business.

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  1. Hi Amit
    Nice tips that one usually gets to know after getting an MBA degree…thanks for sharing

  2. Amar Ilindra says:

    Budgets is important according to me. We should divide it according to our needs. Nice share Amit Shaw

  3. Sagar Sharma says:

    Hi Amit! Great listing indeed! Planning and arrangement of the capital is the primary thing to start new business, I think!
    Nice post!

  4. Hi Amit, all of the factors you mentioned are definitely important when deciding to start a business. I think many people rush or sometimes completely skip the “planning” stage – while this is understandable, I think this can really hurt some ventures in the long run. Having a clear plan with distinct goals makes the path easier and more manageable.

  5. Tarun Jaitely says:

    Nice tips Amit, Proper business plan not only Plan A but a solid plan B with proper funding sources is must for a Start Up.
    Thanks for sharing the tips 🙂

  6. Praveen Soni says:

    Hello Amit,
    I think planning is the first phase if you are going to start a business so this is the very time taken phase. The rest of the phases will be easy if your planning is proper.
    As usual nice share Amit.

  7. Ravi Singh says:

    Hi Amit,
    You have share root of a business. I think that Planning and arrangement of the capipa is the fist thing to start new business. You starting business tips are really very informative .

  8. Shivani Arora says:

    Great Tips.. Planning and arrangement of the capital is the primary thing to start new business. You sharing business tips are really very informative