4 Reasons Why I Don’t Use Pop-Ups

Use Pop-Ups is the most received answer if you ask any blogger about increasing the subscribers. Many out there believe that it is good to use pop-ups. I have my own theory. I hate pop-ups.


Just think about the user’s point of view. What exactly a user experiences when he visits your site to read some useful content and finally he receives a dialog box appearing on the screen offering some kind of deal, offer etc. Negative. So, let’s discuss some of the factors that why I don’t use pop-ups.

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4 Reasons Why I Don’t Use Pop-Ups

1. Annoying

It is really annoying for the readers to see a dialog box that is giving them some sort of offers & deals that they didn’t asked for. It has been proved scientifically as well, that if anyone gets anything that he/she is not asking for, they get upset.

So, when a reader is going to read some useful content, and sees a pop up blocking it, they get upset. And try to remove it as soon as possible without even reading the content on it.

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2. Browsers Block Pop-Ups

These days browsers are really helping people to make their browsing experience awesome. As already explained in the first point that how pop ups are annoying for the readers, the same thing came to the mind of the browser developers. S, they developed extensions that can block the pop-ups.

Most of the tech savvy people use these browser extensions to block pop-ups. So, if you are using them, then there is no profit out of it. So, whether you are using it or not, you will not get any gain out of these people. Think about it.

3. User Redirected

User is redirected to some other content, that he was not looking for. If you allow pop up it is a kind of hindrance between the user and the information. And I personally believe that is the biggest hindrance we are creating.

Let’s have a look at the user experience:

A User searched Google for some specific information, found your URL. Click on it, and sees the pop up. He felt like filling up the form in the pop up. He filled all the information and clicked on the sign up button. He is then redirected to either a thank-you page, or a download page. The main information he was looking for is lost in the way. Is it not the worst situation?

4. Unprofessional

Yes, it is unprofessional. Do you really think that the biggies out there don’t know about the pop up thing? They do know about it, but don’t use it. One simple reason it is unprofessional. It is a kind of forcing people to see that you have something.

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No professional person would like it. Brands provide a lot of services but they keep them in the respective places, and a person according to his needs go to them and subscribe. A user is really happy with that experience, because he/she is revolving around the website according to him, not because he is forced to do so.

Think about it, if anyone forces us to do something, do we like it? No, we don’t. We always want to do things according to our own will. Same is the case with the user out there. Try to make the user experience as friendly as possible and your website would surely increase the number of users. Do try it.

We would like to hear your views about the pop-ups? We would love if you drop a few lines via comments…

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  1. Vineet Saxena says:

    HI Harneet,
    Obviously pop-ups annoy someone who visits your site looking for some useful information and is then redirected to a new sales page. But I have heard of internet marketers making good leads and sales leading to big profits via popup optin forms. All depends how you put it to use. Thanks for this awesome article.

  2. Carolyn @ The Wonder of Tech says:

    Agreed. I find pop ups incredibly annoying. I get very frustrated when I’m visiting a site and encounter a pop up. It’s as if you have a store and put a fence around it. Not welcoming at all.

  3. Mushfique says:

    Great points outlined there Harneet ! I personally hate all types of pop ups no matter what type it is. It really annoys me when I am in the middle of reading something important. The worst kinds are the ones that come after a long pause out of nowhere. Moreover, I do not think it is required to have a pop up ‘subscribe to newsletter’ box. Keeping it in the sidebar is enough. If the readers are interested, they will automatically subscribe ! That’s what I think 🙂
    Great article 🙂

  4. Great post, as I feel this exact same way. Having been in marketing for years, I do understand that they can be effective, but yet, I choose as you do not to use them for all the reasons you listed.

    It is especially annoying when you visit a site for the first time to read a post, and 10 seconds into it a popup appears. All I can think is “oh, I’m a new reader and you already want me to sign up for your newsletter”? Not. When I have tweeted about this some people always get me a bad time, but if you have a popup, and I land on your site, no matter how great the content, I won’t be back : )

    I’ve always thought it would be fun to be giving a presentation at a conference, and a few seconds into it, a huge screen pops up in front of the speaker and sells something. Same thing, different place.

  5. Praveen Soni says:

    Hello Harneet
    Agree with your points that Pop-up’s are really annoying and the user’s mind gets distracted and redirecting is a very worst situation and nobody is going to love it, yeah it looks unprofessional no doubt. I also personally hate pop-up’s.

  6. Hi Harneet,
    Yes I do agree with you that pop-ups definitely is very annoying and it distracts our mind too. I like all the points that you have highlighted and do agree with that too. Thanks for the share!!

  7. Shivani Arora says:

    Yes i am totally agree with You. I find pop ups incredibly annoying. I get very frustrated when I’m visiting a site and encounter a pop up. Thanks

  8. Popups are really annoying when they ask for liking a Social media page just after you open the website.People are not here to like forcefully rather they will automatically like your content/site once one provide a useful information and interesting too.

  9. James Smith says:

    I am completely agreed with all of your points. Popups are really annoying to me when i am reading something important. It may like to non-technical but for techno savy it’s really UN-tolerable.

  10. Before reading an article if Popups appears it is really annoying. People will like your page or tweet it if you provide useful content. No need popup

  11. tonygreene113 @ 113tidbits says:

    In addition to hating popups, I hate plugins that allow users to pre-select or pre-check boxes for me as a visitor. if i want to subscribe or do whatever, I prefer to make my own choices.

  12. Yes, I can’t express how much I agree with and appreciate this post! I absolutely abhor pop-ups – and you were able to rationally break down the reasons why they’re so annoying. Especially in the case of smaller and newer websites, I think aggressive pop-ups deter a fan-base from even forming. I for one browse the web with pop-ups disabled. I have no problem with banner ads or just about any other kind of ad, but a pop-up can really disrupt my workflow. They bother me enough to prevent me from visiting certain blogs or websites that have newly implemented them.

  13. Harneet Singh Bhalla says:

    Thanks to all of you for your wonderful comments. I am glad that you liked my post. Stay tuned with the website for more informative articles.

    Thanks once again….

  14. I’m tempted to try pop-ups to build my Facebook fan base. Trying to do it organically is taking an extremely long time – but I see other bloggers out there who are at roughly the same point as me but use popups and have more fans as a result. I agree they’re hideous things, popups, but a necessary evil while I’m building my Facebook page?

  15. Yes, they look unprofessional and are annoying to the readers. Also it makes your readers never visit your blog again even if you have good content. I too don’t use any pop ups for my blog

  16. Vijay Reddy says:

    Hi Harneet,

    I too hate pop-ups for the above said reasons. At times, the pop-ups lead us to some useless sites and waste our time. I experienced this many times when I was busy with some very important work. It is unfortunate that many of them cannot be controlled and even are spared by site owners for gaining monetary benefits.


  17. Using pop always irritates the reader and it makes a bad impression on them which leads to no more visits from them on blog.

  18. Bishwajeet says:

    Pop up is a great source to grab new subscribers , but depends on what you want from in the long term plans of yours.

  19. Pop -ups hinders the user experience and user tends to migrate to other sites. I hate pop ups as a user may be they can earn you few extra bucks but they can also harm your website ranking as google is pressing more on user experience so no wonder that such website will sink down.

  20. Anil Agarwal says:

    Using popup’s can be a distraction, but they convert like anything else.

    If you’re blogging for awhile, you will notice the difference between using a popup and not using it. You’ll definitely notice you will get more sign ups by having a popup!