How to Attract More ‘Likes’ on Your Facebook Business Page

Nowadays, there are many businesses using Facebook pages for promoting their products and services. The following are some guidelines which can help you increase the number of ‘likes’ on your Facebook business page.

Facebook Likes

1. Share unique and interesting content

Content is, and will always be king. Any time your content is shared, it automatically promotes your page. Therefore, you need to come up with ways of making your content stand out. For instance, you could include unique and interesting photos in your text content. It would be advisable to accompany the photo with a thought-provoking or inspiring caption. However, be sure to adhere to photo copyright laws.

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2. Network with other page managers

Take time to network with other people who are managing Facebook pages related to yours and discuss ways of promoting each other. For instance, if you have a page promoting fitness equipment, you could network with the admin of a local gym Facebook page. Discuss about how you can share relevant posts with your communities and do some cross-promotion on Facebook. In addition, you could consider getting involved in joint ventures. For example, you could talk to another company in your niche about hosting a joint webinar. This can be a very effective strategy for reaching their audience.

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3. Link to your profile

Though linking your Facebook profile to your page may seem obvious, there are many business owners who overlook this. When people come across your personal profile, they need to be able to find your business page easily. If you fail to link to your Facebook page, the attention of users will be drawn to the default Community Page which appears in the Work and Education part of your profile. Make sure you replace the Community Page with your actual Facebook page.

4. Include a link in your email signature

Most business owners send numerous emails on a daily basis. It is therefore advisable to ensure that your email signature includes a link to your page. Most email services allow you to add clickable icons to your email signature.

5. Leave helpful comments on other pages

This is a great strategy for promoting your business page. Look for relevant Facebook pages and like them. Keep an eye on the newsfeed and take time to comment on posts. Participating in conversations will enable you to build good relationships with others, as well as create more exposure for your page.

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6. Run a contest

Contests are a cost-effective and fun way of attracting likes to your page. Facebook offers several apps which can be used to run a contest. You could use a contest app which requires people to like your business page before signing up.

7. Include a like box in your site

If your site gets a significant amount of traffic, a like box can help you generate many likes for your page. To add a like box to your site, all you need to do is generate a code and paste it on your sidebar


As you use different strategies to increase the likes on your page, you need to find out what is working for you. Facebook Insights can help you monitor where your likes are coming from. You will then be able to focus more on the most effective strategies.

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Author : Charles Mburugu is a professional blogger with a passion for internet marketing and social media. He is currently writing for a blog which offers tips on how to make a website.

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  1. Adding a like box and organizing a giveaway is a good way to increase the likes. Once someone has a decent like he should share stuffs which are really important so that it can be re-shared and it will appear to their friends which in turn increases fb likes a lot.

  2. Felix Ung says:

    Besides leaving comments, social media like Facebook and Twitter is another vital platform to connect with your readers and build your own brand.

  3. Great post Charles, I have increased likes on my fb page by linking from the twitter description about me.
    It showed to be one of the best tactics I used so far in order to increase fb likes and network with other great people online.

    thanks for sharing

    • Indeed, linking from your other social media profiles is another great way of increasing your Facebook likes. Great point James!

  4. This is all very true! I see many people do not include links in their e-mail signatures. Thanks for the tips.

  5. Theodore Nwangene says:

    Hi Charles,
    What a brilliant post. I love all the tips you shared expecially that of the webiner.

    Of cause, every serious blogger should already know that good content matters a lot and if he/she is not ready to provide it, then he is out for a serious failure.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. hi charles
    great pionts you r mentioned here i hope these points will surelly increase our facebook bussiness page likes
    thanx for sharing with us

  7. Vipin Pandey says:

    Hi Charles,
    Nice Post, agree with you that content is great. If our Facebook business page has great content people will obvious like it. I have added like box on my blog and also using link as email signature and I am getting good response. Commenting on other pages and running a contest is also great way to get likes, I will try it for sure. 🙂

    • Hey Vipin, thanks for sharing. I’m glad to know that some of these tactics are working for you.

  8. Joe Saviour says:

    Yeah, that were really useful tips. I think networking with other pages helps a lot in boosting likes. Running a contest can also prove to be useful. Gonna try it.

  9. Siddhartha says:

    Great tips. I think Relevant updates with funny words can do miracles. Now days people use addmefast kind of sites for increasing likes which is not good. If you have less followers but relevant ones then its great.

  10. Rajkumar Jonnala says:

    Hi Charles Mburugu,

    I believe the most working method to get likes on facebook pages is creating contest and giveaways. from which we can organize new readers for our blog.


  11. Hammad Baig says:

    I really appreciate your article, This is all very true! I see many people do not include links in their e-mail signatures. Thanks for the tips.

  12. Facebook is one of the top and major social network and promoting on facebook will gives awesome results to our business growth. However facebook likes can be easily increased by advertising on it and posting quality content.



    Any Idea on how to add that contest app to your page?

  14. Sharing unique content is the important thing either it is Facebook or on Other sites. We should always work on unique content rather than copy or paste. As we all know Facebook is the best social networking site of today. It can give millions of traffic if it is used with better method. Otherwise Facebook can ban us.

  15. Aamir Saifi says:

    If you want to increase your social influence then tagging photos and status updates won’t help you that much , you need to follow these tips awesome and quite useful tips thanks!

  16. Techinformania says:

    If you want to increase your social influence then tagging photos and status updates won’t help you that much , you need to follow these tips awesome and quite useful tips thanks!

  17. Hi Charles,

    I haven’t tried the method of networking with other page managers. All these tips are awesome. I do have a Facebook like box n my site and have linked my FB page with my profile. I will try implementing others as well and see how it works out for me. Thanks for these awesome tips.