Why Giving Valuable Comments is a Must When Success is Your Goal in Blogging?

Blog commenting is the basic ways of promotion in blogging. Many bloggers have tried and enjoyed the benefits of commenting.

I bet many of you have known about it already, in fact in some case blog commenting can become an exhausting online activity. You just can help your desire to put all your comments out there thus sometime you will make spam comments unconsciously. Just careful on that 😀

What exactly matters about blog commenting is not the amount of comments you just spread out the net but it’s actually the quality of your comments.

WhyValuable Comments so Important?

#It’s another form of your opinion

When you deliver comments on other blog have you ever realize that you are sending your personal business message?

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If you are so desirable on a topic let’s say on how to do the right website marketing and you can put some of insightful comments on an article of high rank blogs about website marketing it’s definitely a smart show-off of your skills and experiences.

People will start to get used with your valuable comments thus people will start to see you as valuable person. When it’s happen just guess … it will be easier for you to achieve your business goals through your blog.

#It’s a mini version of a similar posts

When you leave valuable comments on other blog you definitely spread signature of your voice on the net. It’s just like you made a guest blogging but in mini version. As it is a “mini version” of your guest blogging so it’s a lot more easier to complete it because you don’t need to write a long post.

#It’s the basic of successful bloggers

Sharing your opinion has it’s commercial value in nature. What I mean is creative marketing of your blog as business platform.

Your willingnes to share value from each of your comments shows the basic strength of a successful bloggers (in some case online people) … the nature of free information from the net.

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Many of successful bloggers start their journey by releasing all the secrets for free. This is the basic philosophy of your making valuable comments could lead you to online success.

#It’s enhancing your online opportunity to build a better blog

Many bloggers will do their best in developing their own blog. At some stage they’ll delighted to accept guest blogging opportunity from other bloggers.

Having a guest blogger is a smart chance to have unique contents on your blog. It’s all good in every nature of having unique post doesn’t it? So having a guest blogger is something you should not miss.

May be some of you will think this statement is without basic. Take a look on screen-shot below to explain better on what I have said :

Valuable Comments is a Must When Success is Your Goal in Blogging

Well, the email screen-shot speaks itself. I think there is no need further description on it  😀

Over to You

You see that giving highly valuable comments is a must for bloggers to ease their achieving goals in blogging.

When you start to think of making business from your blog then you should think your blog as a business. When you decide your choice, make sure you put “giving valuable comments” as one of your networking strategy plans.

Remember that blog commenting will always enjoyable as long as your passion is what you write. At a certain level, if you look deeper on the topic, blog commenting is the basic of blog marketing  thus when you put all the value in your comments it’s a surefire of your leading to success.

What do you think, please share us your insight about this topic? What is your priority in giving valuable comments on blog commenting so far? Or what is your definition on valuable comments?

Thanks for sharing us your opinion. I will be more than happy to discuss further about it in the comment box below 😀

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  1. Enstine Muki@easyretweet.com says:

    Hey Okto,
    Happy to see you here!
    Blog commenting is a powerful tool for exposure and traffic. However, one has to make useful and valuable comments as you point out. Commenting also create relationship. Remember how I came to know about your blog notordinaryblogger.com through a comment you left on my blog and I have come to enjoy your English posts.

    The more valuable comments a bloggers makes, the more traffic and exposure he gets

    • Hi Enstine,

      Glad to see you too :).
      Yes, this is all about my experience how valuable comments can make a lot of different rather just general comments.

      Appreciate a lot for your support and feedback 🙂

  2. priya@itechdestiny.com says:

    Don’t you think because of blog comments we are building links for the same anchor text ( our name) in every blog ? I feel it would be a good idea for other blogs without commentluv to allow keyword of their choice instead of name alone.

    • Hi Priya,

      Yes absolutely, blog commenting is one of many ways we can build links but I see it in other angle … I more likely to see it as network building not my blog link 😀
      I more likely to let people now me first then my blog in second. Just imagine, if people support what you’ve been said, then what ever blogs you made people will support you … that’s the true idea why value is a must on your comments 🙂

      Thanks for your feedback

  3. Now blog commenting is not a good link building method. But we can get many benefits giving valuable comments. So far I have decent traffic via blog commenting. 🙂 And also it helps to build relationship with other bloggers. It is also very important thing. However most important thing is giving VALUABLE comment, you have said. 🙂

    • Hi Raplus,

      I am agree with you. I don’t use blog commenting to build link to my blog, just as I reply to Priya above it’s a powerful way to promote your skills and expertise 🙂

      Thanks for giving us feedback

  4. Raaj Trambadia says:

    Some valuable tips out here Amit. You know, I don’t really comment on MANY blogs (and you can estimate the number when I say ‘many’). But where I do, I try to at least appreciate the writer. Sometimes, there are false and unrealistic things measured in some articles and I try to correct them, with a sense of easiness. So it works out that way for me.

    And if some article is just obvious (one more drop of water into the sea), I just appreciate it by giving it a +1 or tweet, or maybe a like. I choose not to comment there because there’s nothing what you can write about in the comment sometimes!

    BTW, check out my second giveaway 🙂 The first one is over!

  5. Hi Okto,

    You’ve mentioned a great thing about blogging in the above post and yeah blog commenting is one of the best thing which has many benfits. And while performing it we must follow that we are not doing it for backlinks .. we are doing for building authority and value to our thoughts.

    • Hi Kuldeep,
      Yes that’s the direction where valuable comments will end … authority or I more likely to say networking and promoting yourself and your blog. We do promotion the smart way …. that’s just perfect for online business 😉

      Thanks for your feedback

  6. Hi Raaj,
    Never mind about the author bio :).
    You are a typical of ideal blog visitors for bloggers who discuss the same topic with you :).
    If we have the experience of something that being discussed that’s a guarantee for valuable comments being given.

    As you stated, giving correction with a sense of easiness is a smart ways to steal attention from blog commenting. At least that’s how I steal some visitors from smartpassiveincome.com and keep them to stay for 1 or 2 minutes.

    And comments we leave on other blogs sometime (as the sample I gave above) give us more opportunities. It’s amazing how value can make a lot of difference.

    Thanks for your feedback

  7. Arsh Kapoor says:

    Blog Commenting is always been a very useful way for generating traffic. If the comment is relevant to the content then it do add value. Thanks for sharing the useful information.

    • Hi Arsh,
      That’s right these two things (relevant and value added) keep overlook by many online marketer that promote something through blog commenting.

      It’s great if we can keep that on our blog commenting.
      Glad we can deliver useful tips here 😀


  8. Commenting on reputed blogs can also help to improve our rankings in search engine and also helps in building a decent reputation 🙂

    • Hi Naser,
      Agree on that. It also disclose your personality too 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your voices with us 😀

  9. Thanks for sharing with us your thoughts Oktorian Hakim. It’s true that valuable and worthy comments on a blog site like Amit’s iTechCode can bring a lot of big difference and exposure.

  10. Arup Ghosh says:

    Blog commenting will just make huge backlinks to your blog but it also help you to create a great network of friends.

  11. Nishant Srivastava says:

    Comments are becoming a good source of traffic these days, when you comment on a blog and your points are well and good, everyone will visit your blog or more conversation on comments also helps to get good reputation.

  12. Vipul Rai says:

    I must say this Blog Commenting is always a very useful way for generating traffic and loyal visits on the blog. If the comment is relevant to the content then it do add value in giving backlink. Comment also gives admin some free content so healthy comment is always approved. Thanks for sharing the useful information.