Top 15 Productivity Tools for Bloggers

Blogging Productivity Tools

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Countless researches, stressed with persistent tasks with dynamic fingers and very little time, the internet bloggers, particularly the rookies, find themselves far from anything even remotely similar to ease when undertaking a blog in order to show the world what their skills worth.

The following are the most helpful productivity tools for an internet blogger that are not only handy when it comes to multi-tasking but time management as well.

1. Boomerang

Whether it is Hotmail or AOL mail, every blogger has one ID that is utilized to instantly send an email to either his client or a colleague. For most bloggers, sending the email at an instant is not always the requirement. That is where Boomerang comes in as the unique email service has the one-of-a-kind ability to send our emails at our desired times.

2. Typing Test

Agility and speed is a natural gift for every blogger and they may be confident and sure about the fact that they are fast at typing but if there is one thing that they are definitely not sure about is how much fast they really are.

The Typing Test is not just a mere tool that manages to give an idea about it but also helps to increase our speed by various practices and challenges; a distinctive feature that majority of the bloggers do not fully appreciate until it is too late.

3. TheInterviewr

As the name suggests, TheInterviewr is one of the most helpful tools a blogger could get his hands on if taking interviews is a common practice in his life.

Highly effectual and very innovative, TheInterviewr helps to set an agenda, organize and even records telephone interviews to make the complications much smoother and stress-free.

4. LastPass

If a blogger has a brain in his head then he is fully aware of the safety and most importantly privacy risks of multiple email addresses and log in names in various blogs or email service websites with a common password.

With a separate password for each of the concerned website, LastPass helps to sort the grouping of the usernames and their passwords for particular websites in order to make the virtual environment much more user-friendly.

5. Blog Desk

For people with multiple blogs, the Blog Desk may be the most helpful tool that saves the time of copy-pasting a text from one blog to another.

Whether it is an image, text or something else, Blog Desk gives us the possibility of posting it simultaneously posting it on one or more of the desire blog podiums.

6. Oh Life

Forgetting is natural but with Oh Life in the palm of our hand, forgetting is a thing of the past as it literally collects our thoughts and organizes them.

Asking how our day went by means of an email, the Oh Life tool morphs our answers and composes it in the form of a journal to show us the very next day so we remember what we intended to do or more.

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7. 42 Goals

Equipped with the intentions of making the blogger aware of the value of time itself, 42 Goals is effectively used by various bloggers to set a day-to-day planner for their ease.

The not-just-your-regular-planner is unique in the sense that it grades our performance compared to time; making us aware of the fact that room for improvement is obligatory.

8. Coolendar

Much different from a regular calendar application that acts as a petty reminder, the Coolendar reaches the circle of straightforwardness and sets a proper plan for desired days.

The coolendar has lived up to its name and has taken the art of concocting plans to a whole new level.

9. Memonic

Along with composing notes, the powerful tool has the ability to capture any manuscripts from the desired websites.

The best thing about Memonic is the fact that it is available for not only Microsoft Windows but also iPhones and other smart phones.

10. Otixo

If there is an online tool that saves time for bloggers having their files in the form of cloud storage in various accounts, then Otixo is more than enough for the person to access his particular files without the need of opening cloud storage accounts one by one.

11. E.ggtimer

Taking the concept of an alarm clock, the internet bloggers have utilized this tool for quite a while now.

The e.ggtimer is provided a tenure in which the work is to be done within the time limit and if the blogger fails to do so before the time runs out, a popup comes with stingy sound; wishing not to take overtime again.

12. Let’s Crate

Making accounts in order to store files and other items has become an old custom courtesy of Let’s Crate. The pioneering tool is an extremely unique one as it allows the users to simply store the files in a “crate” and in order to make it accessible for a particular person(s), all it requires is to send it via email or insert it in a the blog post.

The website has an option for making an account but still works as good as without making one.

13. CloudKafe

CloudKafe is a distinctive cloud storage tool that is a lot simpler and adaptable for bloggers as it allows having the stored data files in the form of desired categories assigned by the user.

14. Zemanta

Search results ranging from promising websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Wikipedia etc, Zemanta enables to search pictures and other content centered upon our blog posts.

Unlike many others, this powerful tool is just an addon for Mozzila Firefox.

15. Xmarks

The compelling plugin is free and tolerable for every browser available in the virtual world; the very reason it is widely used by the bloggers.

Prepared with the capability of serving as a bookmark for the particular websites demanding our requirement, Xmarks has been immensely common due to its understandable principles and simplicity.

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  1. I use lLastpass. It is really helpful to me. It is the best solution for password management. And also Lasspast have a high security system 🙂

  2. I feel I still live in the stone age :S Never came across such great tools except Zemanta and TypingTest. Well, gotta try it out now ! Great share 🙂

  3. Great collection of tools, Will test it one by one…

  4. piyush goyal says:

    hi nadeem
    nice collection of tools,im gonna use that lastpass tool now.. for safety

  5. wow, this list of tools is great Nadeem, I found the eggtimer interesting, will try it out.
    It will for sure help me to organize my time better and to be more productive.

    thanks for sharing

  6. Hi nadeem,
    Great list you showed here, I liked all these tools, and will sure going to try these.
    Thank you

  7. Gaurang Joshi says:

    These were really great tools esp for bloggers. I’ve only used Boomerang before and its awesome.
    Gonna try others too.

  8. Mass Traffic Generation says:

    Frankly I have never used any one of them. But you have explained them so beautifully that I am going to try few of them soon. Blogging is becoming is such a lucrative business that such tools can add much productivity and we can make more income by using such tools.

    Thanks for the share.

  9. Your hard work is really appreciable for this article. people spend many months to find and collect but you revealed all those facts in one article. hats off to you buddy.

  10. I use Microsoft OneNote which is the best at organizing my content writing strategy.

  11. Rajkumar Jonnala says:

    Awesome really nice tools i know only few of them i got to know the newer ones.
    I like boomerang, interviewr, coolender, and cloudkafe.
    Thanks for sharing it.

  12. Thanks for sharing all these productivity tools; some were new to me and I especially like the look of 42goals. For something totally simple it’s a no-brainer I love Daily Todo – you don’t even need to register or login; it’s that simple and saves me looking around for lost lists on paper!

  13. hello
    Nadeem Khan
    thnx for sharing these tools i have never used this tool sounds something new thnx for this great share

  14. Ambika Choudhary Mahajan says:

    Good to go through the list. Wondering how you could leave out Evernote from the list?
    I just cant imagine life without it..

  15. Koundeenya says:

    That’s a great list. I think, you should also have added, which is my favorite site. It helps writers become more productive by daily-practicing.