Blogging With Buddies: Why You Should Turn Readers Into Friends

How well do you know your blogging audience? Do you talk to them about just business, or do you know a bit about their personal lives? Do your readers know you beyond your bio? As a blogger, it’s extremely important to turn your readers into friends because this way, you’ll always be able to rely on their support, better target your posts, network in-person, leverage their rolodex of contacts and skills, and much more. Having buddy friends will benefit your business in varying ways, but the ultimate goal is to achieve success. Let us first look at it from the perspective of a business blogging to gain customers and increase sales.

Blogging Buddies

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Do Not be a Loud-Mouthed Salesman

Let’s face it, you’re main aim for blogging is to sell something. It could be products, your brand, your personal views, you name it, but for those who ply their wares online it is best not to become the load-mouthed salesman. We all know our usual reaction to those business people. You hear a knock at your door and open only to have someone poking something into your face and launching into a sales pitch that is fit to upset anyone.

You want to be that salesman who takes quality time to introduce himself, and have a civil conversation with his prospective clients. You want to make friends with your clients so that they become more than just a sale for the day – ‘Hip hip hooray.’ As a trusted friend who takes the time to listen and share with friends/clients, your blogs will be sought after to find what you have to share, and what products you now have available. You will also find that introducing a new product is much easier than it was before, because now you are viewed as the expert who will not sell your clients something unless it is of quality.

Applying the Friendly Salesman Concept in Your Blogging

Getting to know your readers and allowing them to get to know you is a vital blogging technique. Always remember that your readers did not have to be on your blog, but they found something in what you have to say that struck a cord. Making friends is the ideal way to show your visitors that you value them and the fact that they consider your content to be of value to them.

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Like the irritating I-just-want-to-make-sales salesman, you do not want to simply drop in on your own blogging forum to announce new products, and try to get people to go and make a purchase. Now that’s the fastest way to have everyone closing their doors (leaving the forum), and moving on. Getting to know your readers and becoming blogging buddies is an effective marketing strategy. Taking the time to dance with your fellow blogging buddies will also help you to increase your fan base. Friends share with friends when they find something they like.

Selling is a hard job so there is no need to make it harder. There is always another blogger who knows something you do not. Creating an environment where you share with people you respect, and they in turn respect you, is the ideal manner to go about blogging. It is a concept of allowing people to see you before they see your product, and hear you before they hear your sales pitch. Here are three reasons you should turn your readers into blogging buddies:

1. Support

Imagine having a network of friends who you can depend on for support. Blogging takes a lot of time and effort, and more so if your goal is to achieve long-term success. The entire process requires a high level of commitment that is not easy to realize on your own. One of the most effective ways to be a successful blogger is to have a support system that will provide you with the necessary motivation as you go along. This is a definite case of two heads being better than one, and there is unity in strength. You give and receive support in return.

2. SEO and Link building

You will be able to partner with other bloggers for link building and SEO purposes. At this time, when Google is targeting shoddy link building, people are being careful about those with whom they engage in this activity. Having a network of buddy bloggers will go a long way.

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3. Innovation

Blogging requires skills that you will only develop as you go along, but having someone to help guide you through makes the process that much easier. With a community of blogging friends who are only too willing to share their experience, and you in turn share what you know, you will all benefit from a wealth of knowledge. Blogging also involves trial and error, so you may get an idea and want to test it. Blogging buddies become good sounding boards to help you develop and test your idea as well as provide feedback.

Blogging can be extremely rewarding and fulfilling, but it is not a go-it-alone road. It is much more effective and offers more fun if you travel the road with friends. Blogging buddies will help you to be consistent, and egg you on even when you do not feel like it. They are your mentors, your coach and your own troop of cheerleaders.

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  1. shiwangi peswani says:

    Completely agree with your Charles. It is very important to have a friendly relationship with the fellow bloggers. I was quite lucky in this aspect as I have many good blogger friends who keep on guiding me with some great blogging tips time to time.

    • Charles Dearing says:

      Good to know that Shiwangi, having other bloggers as friends it’s alway a good thing 🙂

  2. I agree with your points to build a strong relationship to readers and followers for link building and SEO purposes. A good blogger is very friendly and guiding with nice blogging tips and tactics.

    • Charles Dearing says:

      You are right Brushan, most of the top bloggers are really great guys and are always willing to help…

  3. 100% Agree with what you wrote. I am lucky enough that I have few great bloggers in my friend list. Thanks again for sharing great piece of information.

  4. Relationship always work in any business whether in online or offline. Good post.

  5. Hi,
    Turning your readers into friends definitely depends on your content. I like the tips that you have shared. SEO and link building is the best tip that you have highlighted. Thanks for the share!!

  6. Charles Dearing says:

    Thanks for your comment Aditi and I am glad that you found my post helpful. SEO benefits are certainly a reason to turn your audience to friends but it’s not only that 😉

  7. Ravi Singh says:

    Relationship is trust where there are two people working together towards a common goal. In a relationship there are no winners because you worked together. The readers believe on your content and reply that post.

  8. Hi,
    Agreed with all the point you have discussed here, Making good relation in business is more Important than doing business only. 🙂

  9. A really well written post Charles… 🙂 Thumbs Up! 😀 I also think it is really an important part of blogging to make new friends that is the way through which you can grow your readership.

  10. says:

    Hi Charles
    I think a genuine bloggers person is extremely pleasant as well as leading along with fine running a blog as well as techniques. Certainly together with your take into account create a powerful relationship in order to visitors as well as fans with regard to backlink as well as serps reasons.