One Year of Change in Me and my World – Rebranding ITC

It’s 16th December, 2012! ITC now 1 Year Old  🙂 This is the date when I had purchased the domain name for iTechCode ( ITC ). I knew almost nothing about blogging, still I ventured into it by following someone’s valuable guidance. He still treats me like his younger brother. Scolds me when I’m wrong, and becomes happy on every little success my blog gets. I had very less knowledge about WordPress and the world of blogging, but his advice helped me to steer through the process and come out with flying colors. Everyone must be wondering about who I am referring to, isn’t it? That valuable person is AtishRanjan from The irony is, that I have never met this guy, we still call ourselves the “Tech – Brothers”. I added him on Facebook on the reference of a friend when I was looking for an API online for my University project.

Cheers iTechCode First Anniversary

While talking to him, I got introduced to the world of blogging, he encouraged me to start a blog of my own; and there was no looking back since then! The audience and fans of my blog grew at a rapid rate! I am not a management student, but I learnt how to manage my clients who wanted me to write for them! My website page has 1500+ subscribers on Facebook, 3000+ on twitter and 100+ people contribute their articles on my website. This journey to success would have been incomplete without all you avid readers and fans who follow my website!

Few Words From AtishRanjan about ITC :

First of all I want to wish a very very Happy Birthday to
It’s true that I had guided Amit when he was an infant in blogging but I am really amazed of his speed of learning and understanding the whole blogging world. The way he has started is really commendable. His hard work helped him to make a very good place in the blogosphere.  Just look at the stats he has provided above and you will get an idea of his success.

If I talk about iTechCode, Then I must say Amit has done a wonderful job here. This blog is really very informative and a great place for newbies as well as experienced bloggers to learn tech, blogging, SEO and many more stuffs.

I remember when Amit was curious about the page rank update for the very first time and I told him that your blog is going to be PR 3 which was happening. I guess this was the very first achievement of Amit for iTechCode. Isn’t it Amit?. I felt very happy for him and my good wishes are always with him.

As long as I am alive I am with you Amit. I wish ITC will grow more over the time.

“Happy B’day ITC” From TechTricksworld Team[i.e. Me and Zainil].

Happy Blogging!

I am Very Much Thankful to all my Contributors.

It’s Not Possible to List here all Contributed articles tough Here are Some popular Articles by some of our Top Contributors:

  1. 5 Premium WordPress Plugins That Are Worth Every Penny – By Ileane Smith
  2. Guest Posting: Blog Promotion and Backlinks in One Nice Package – By AllieRambles
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  6. Here’s Why No One Follows You on Twitter – By Romy Singh
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  8. 7 Things Which Must Not Be Missing in Your Sidebar – By Erik Emanuelli
  9. The Upsides and Downsides of the Twitter Habit – By Peter Lee
  10. Know Your Tools: 7 Little-Known Features That Could Boost Your Gmail Productivity – By Timo Kiander
  11. Traffic Generation Tactics That Offer Lots Of Payback – By Jane
  12. 2 Misunderstandings About Alexa That You Have! – By Mairaj Pirzada
  13. 5 Killer Tips To Concentrate On Writing And Nothing Else – By Koundeenya Dhulipalla
  14. 7 Effective Tips to Reduce the Bounce Rate of Your Blog – By  Harshit Singhal
  15. How to Write Great Content that People Will Read By – Rahul Kuntala

I offer my heartiest gratitude to all the readers, fans, contributors and subscribers who have helped my blog to reach this level. I am also very thankful to the people on the Facebook blogging groups who helped me in creating and growing this little blog into a popular website! All the members of Bloggers Lounge and Techism are simply rocking! Thanks a lot guys for your advice and help!

On this occasion, I am rebranding iTechcode with an all new Theme and Logo! I have used genesis news child theme for a year, but now I am switching to genesis custom theme! It’s even more amazing!

I want to Thank Bharat For Designing ITC’s New Theme, He helped me a lot for Rebranding ITC by Designing a new Theme for ITC , Even he works hard to make the theme for Readers.

Few words from Bharat for new theme and his work as well as ITC:

I know Amit ever since he started iTechCode. He is a dedicated and hard-working blogger with lots of knowledge. Believe me, within a year he stood as an inspiration for newbie bloggers. With trusted readers and guest authors, iTechCode is transforming into a Blogging Community.

I personally thank Amit for choosing me to work on re-design of iTechCode. It’s my pleasure to work with him and I completely like this branding concept. Yes, iTechCode is no more a simple blog, it just took root as a brand. Kudos Amit.

Earlier iTechCode is powered by Genesis Framework (I think there is no need of talking more about Genesis Framework, because most of you already know about its flexibility.) We thought of using the same framework and hence created a custom child theme based on it.

Coming to the design part, this layout is inspired from two popular design blogs Onextrapixel and Smashinghub. More priority is given to the content part and a wider layout is used to avoid all possible distractions.

Sticky navigation menu, Feature Content Block and Responsive Design are the most notable features in this theme. Apart from them many new tweaks are made to minimize the use of plugins and to improve the page loading speed. Finally, a perfect theme for a perfect blog like iTechCode.

As its ITC’s B. Day and we are Rebranding it so how we can forget About LOGO? A logo is a vital part of any blog or website. Many major websites are famous for their Awesome LOGO, So Logo Plays important part,each and every business changes their logo and update it as per new designing style, it separates your business from others and also gives you recognition from your Unique Logo Design.

Here is Our New Logo By Ifham Khan :

iTechCode Logo

iTechCode Logo

Sorry it’s not possible to mention everyone’s name here, But Again I want to thanks to all who support me in Blogging. Thank You So much.

I hope all you guys keep visiting and subscribing to my website. Thanks a lot of all the fans, readers, subscribers and Conributors. Many more superb posts will follow in the coming years. Stay hooked guys! Cheers!

If you are not able to see the changes then please press CTRL+F5 or clear cookies for checking live changes of ITC.

Hope you will love the new changes in ITC, Please share Your Feedback about the new Look and Feel of the Blog.

About Amit Shaw

Amit Shaw, Administrator of iTechCode.He is a 26 Year Ordinary Simple guy from West Bengal,India. He writes about Blogging, Technology, Gadgets, Programming etc. Connect with him on Facebook, Add him on Google+ and Follow him on Twitter.


  1. Nishant Srivastava says:

    Hi Amit,
    First of all congrats for Completing One year, and One thing your blog is looking awesome, Hope you will achieve more success in near future.

    • Thanks Nishant for dropping your comment, Thanks for your Best Wishes Buddy. Glad You liked our New Theme Desg.
      Keep Visiting.

      • Olawale Daniel says:

        Congratulation for everyone at iTechCode here!

        You guys have done a great work and this is your time to start rejoicing – let’s pop the champagne 🙂

        However, Amit, you are really a lucky guy getting where you are within a short period of time like this – it shows you know your stuffs.

        I believe next year is going to mark a wonderful for you guys again.

        I am for you and keep on blogging.

        • Rahul Kuntala says:

          I’m jealous.

          I’m JEALOUS…

          I’m J.E.A.L.O.U.S….

          P.S: Congrats, dude! Cheers to your hard work.. lets grab some beers (it’s been long time since we had a boozing party). And Cheers to iTC. BTW great design, Bharat great work man!

          • Avi Jit (skyhitblog) says:

            Congrats from my side as well, Amit bro. Great new look, and wish you a lot more success… 🙂

      • Ehsan Ullah says:

        Amit, I’m here a after long time! A great design, a great achievement in one year and a perfect logo!

        Keep up the awesome work!

    • Hi Amit,
      Congrats on Completing a year of successful blogging.I see that you have achieved a lot in a very short span of time.I have also started blogging and would request you to help me with http;//


  2. Congratulations Amit for completing the very first year with a great success. Hope you will do wonders with ITC. Happy b’day to ITC again. Thanks for kind mention.

    • Thanks Atish Bro. This journey to success would have been incomplete without our Proper Guidance.
      Yeah i am planning to do something unique with ITC. BTW Long way to go bro.
      Thanks for your Comment.
      Keep Visiting.

      • Congrats on bringing ITC into its 2nd year and I wish it’ll have many more good years ahead, Amit. I think both you and Atish are perfect role models for all bloggers. Both ITC and TTW are just awesome blogs. Btw, nice theme and I’ve fallen in love with the new logo 🙂

  3. Tauseef Alam says:

    Hi Amit

    Many congratulation from my side for your blog birthday and i also would like to say thank to @Atish to help you in this success. Bro you’re a HERO.

    Way to Go…………………………Thumbs Up

  4. Happy birthday Itechcode and wish it happy new year in advance.Keep it up

  5. PrIyAnGsHu says:

    Congrats iTechCode and Amit, for successfully completing your very first year of blogging. This blog has obviously gained a lot of achievements during its journey, and I hope it will grow enourmously, as usual.

    P.S. – That logo and the new design looks just spectecular :).

  6. Pavan Somu @ Blogging Tips says:

    Hi Amit,

    Congratulations for successfully completing one year in blogging field. I admire your hard work by making the ITC blog a brand within an year. The upcoming bloggers should learns many things from your experience.

    And coming to the changes, the new theme for your baby (ITC) is pretty good. The sticky navigation is also cool and the logo is simply superb. I feel these are the must changes for a high authority blog.

    Keep sharing the useful information and I wish ITC should go on rocking the web.

    • Thanks Baby 🙂 Thanks for your awesome Comment Bro.
      Still long way to Go Bro.
      Yeah i thought to do something unique on the ITC’s first anniversary . . . So Rebranded 🙂
      Glad you liked ITC’s New Look.
      Keep Visiting.

  7. Sugandha Agarwal says:

    Hie.. Amit Sir
    Many Many Congratulations to you! Happy Birthday to ITC , Hope you will achieve great success in future!!
    Once again Many Many Congratulations to you..n this new theme looks too cool!! 🙂
    With Best wishes
    ~Sugandha Agarwal! 🙂 🙂

  8. Jafar Dhada says:

    First of all, Congratulations from heart for your great one year and success of your blog. I know itechcode from it launched. You treated it very well. You got support from bloggers too.

    You are inspiration to us. I follow you from quite while.

    I’m loving iTechCode.

    Best of luck for future. Hope you achieve more and more in life. Congrats and best of luck.

    • Yeah Jafar, I got tons of help from experienced Bloggers and it helps me to achieve this success…. BTW Still Long way to go Bro.
      Thank you so much for your kind Words. . <3
      Thanks Again 🙂 Keep Visiting.
      #Learn&Implement is my Success Mantra. . . .
      I love student type Attitude, it helps me to learn something new 🙂

      • Jafar Dhada says:

        You’re right bro, Student attitude rocks and it makes us learn something new at any stage of life. Well your mantra rocks, To be honest, I’m bit jealous of you too 😛 XD.

  9. I agrees with Atish, Amit had a goal, and he worked hard to achieve it in a quick time…

    Congrats Amit 😀

    Wish you a great journey ahead…

  10. Koundeenya says:

    Congrats Amit!
    The new design, logo looks great. I sent you a DM. Please do check it.

    Great way to go.


    • Thanks Koundeenya. Really Thanks for your Quality article too 🙂
      Yeah i have checked your message and Hope the problem is solved now 🙂
      Keep Visiting Bro.

  11. Vipin Pandey says:

    Hi Amit,

    I am very inspired to hear success story of ITC. It is hard to get success like ITC achieved within a year, but its possible as you have achieved. I wish you great success for your whole life.

    Love the blue-black combination. Logo is awesome. Blue line separating the parts of page is cool, I love it 🙂

    Happy Birthday ITC 🙂

    • Thanks Vipin. Yeah Blue and Black is my Fav and Lucky Color 😉
      And Blue Line that is what i noticed on Slodive 🙂
      Glad You liked our New Desg.
      Thanks Keep Visiting.

  12. Hello Amit
    First of all I would like to Congratulate you for being completed a Successful one Year of Itechcode (ITC) in this Blogospere.
    Your New Logo as well as Blog Theme is also looking very cool.
    We wish you and your Blog very greater heights in near future.
    once again congratulation on this special eve of your life.

  13. Manual Joseph says:

    Hey Dude,

    Firstly, Congrats for your ITC’s first birthday and secondly….. I have no words at all anyway two words that can be used to say are Awesome and superB 🙂

    i will you all the success in the future. Best Of Luck

  14. Congrats to Amit and a superb happy birthday to ITC 🙂 ITC will witness many more successful years in the coming future 🙂 this is just the starting.

  15. Many congratulation from my side for your blog birthday @amit ji……
    Best Of Luck for future

  16. congrats , Amit.

  17. Nikhil Phirke says:

    Congratz Amit for completion of 1 year. My best wishes are with you 🙂

  18. Avinash King Avinash | MakeMeNoise says:

    Hello Amit Shaw,

    Congratulations for your successful one year journey in Blogging. You really did wonder in one year. I am reading your blog my very fist day of blogging and i can see improvement in ITC day by day.

    Wishing you further success (Y)

    All the Best

    Thank You


  19. Varinder Pal Singh says:

    Congo Amit.. 🙂

  20. Sandeep Kumar Dan says:

    Hi, Amit
    First of all the Happy Birth day to iTechCode And congratulations for this awesome journey of one year. iTechcode is going to make good position in blogging world and i am happy to be an neighbor of Amit.
    iTechcode launched with a bang by Amit and day by day get achievements milestones and records.I use to take motivation from iTechCode everyday.I have learned from iTechCode what is blogging and learning more and more every day. I learned many blogging tips in this year from iTechCode and expecting this year i will get more.I can say proudly that iTechCode is my inspiration point for my blogging about like how to raise traffic to my blog and many more awesome articles.
    A big wish to iTechCode to achieve more achievements .
    Thank You
    Sandeep Kumar dan

  21. Very happy to hear n read about the birthday article of ITC. Many congrats to it and wishing that it should be a top blog by providing the genuine information to the readers n bloggers. Am a newbie blogger and a regular reader of ITC. Hearty congratulations to Amit, he is one of my inspirational blogger. Again am wishing for its success in the future.

  22. Manoj Kumar says:

    Hi Amit

    Many Many Congratulations to you! Happy Birthday to ITC

  23. Hi amit,
    I would like to congratulate you and wish happy Bday to ITC, new logo and theme looks nice 🙂 .

  24. Theodore Nwangene says:

    Kudos Amit,
    I’m very happy for you man. You achieved in one year what will usually take others years to achieve. You’re also very lucky to have Artish as your mentor, its really rare to find someone who will help you that much…… Thanks for your kind support Artish.

    What i wish you is more years of outstanding success Amit.


  25. Arbaz Khan says:

    Congratulations 🙂
    ItechCode was the first blog that gave me many new readers for my own blog. And I am very happy to see my guest post in the top articles list. I just pray that ITC grows and grows and becomes one of the biggest blogs in the blogosphere.
    A happy Birthday again 🙂

  26. Congratulations
    ItechCode and merry christmas 🙂

  27. piyush goyal says:

    Congrats Amit!
    The new design, logo looks great

  28. Congratulations for completing one year with itechcode .The success this blog has had in 1 year is commandable

  29. Jason Mathes says:

    Amit – congratulations on your 1 year! Definitely like the new logo and design – NOW LEAVE IT ALONE! 🙂 You don’t want visitors seeing something different every time they drop by to visit. A consistent visitor experience is just as important as the content you provide.

    I sub to your content and read all of it. I think it is all great. You’ve done awesome in 1 years time! Now its time to think ahead! How do you plan on topping it?

    Congratulations again Amit! This is quite a milestone!

  30. Rajesh Namase says:

    Really nice theme, good work, all the best Amit for future success.

  31. Happy Birthday iTechcode!!
    I must congratulate Amit for the hard work he put on to his blog. In a year, iTechcode has achieved a lot and I am positive we will be seeing more rocking stuff in the days coming ahead. Good to see you keeping Genesis as the framework. Overall, a great design 🙂

    Cheers mate! 🙂

    Good Luck!

  32. Yash Sehgal says:

    My heartiest congratulation to you Amit.

    May your blog reaches new heights and you continue to grow at an astonishing pace.

  33. It’s great achievement within a year. I think it’s unbelievable that any blogger can achieve all blogging things in year? Yes, Amit do it. Congratulation to Amit.
    Happy Birthday ITC..

  34. Sanjit Chohan says:

    Awesome Design 🙂

    And Congrats for a Successful Year 😉 and wishes for future.

    I hope you can fetch my email id and forward me the details of Bharat, i got some design work to be done.

  35. Hi Amit, Happy Birthday ITC and Congrats for Completing one year. The New look and logo of ITC is really awesome bro. All the Best and Keep Rocking 🙂

  36. Wow Amit,

    I have not seen very many people who have accomplished what you have done in one year. I remember when you first came online. You excelled quickly and you have managed to create an absolutely outstanding blog which is professional and high tech. Your numbers of subscribers, visits, and comments shows your dedication and hard work to make all this happen. Happy Birthday! I see you as a prominent leader in your niche. Keep it up and by next year you will be at the top! It’s been a pleasure knowing you this past year.

    Raena Lynn

  37. Sadhil Kumar says:

    Congratulations Amit.
    Nice and cleaner theme. Loved it.
    And i liked the Logo as well.

  38. Michael Chibuzor says:

    This theme is clean and looks professional. Amit, you’ve done marvelously with your 1 year old blog and I must say a Happy Birthday to you. Because without you, there won’t be ITC.

  39. Shailesh Tripathi says:

    Happy b’day to your blog Amit. Your journey to this point is amazing. I feel motivated too! Regards, Shailesh.

  40. Chitraparna says:

    Congrats Amit bro 🙂 The new theme is really good and suitable for you blog.

    All the best for future endeavors.

  41. Congratulations Amit for this great one year.
    Your new theme is really awesome. Best of luck for new year 🙂

  42. Jatin Singhroha says:

    First of All Congrats bro and hope ITechCode continues rocking and i hope it will recieve success even more than Mashable 🙂

  43. Mairaj Pirzada says:

    Hey Amit, congratulations for this new look that ITC runs on now.
    It’s been a lot of fun and learning since the ITC was launched and has been grown into a viral blogging community. Thanks for the blog and congrats for anniversary.

  44. Tuan @ TechWalls says:

    Happy birthday to itechcode.
    The new design looks great. 🙂

  45. Hi Amit,
    Congrats for ITC. Yes ATish is very helpful. He also helped me in startup pf my blog. However I am not getting much time of writing. Anyways thanks to Atish and congrats once again…

  46. Suresh Khanal says:

    Happy birthday itechcode and congratulations Amit. You’ve really done great and now your blog contains truly great and useful content. Wish you best of luck for your future endeavors.

  47. Arup Ghosh says:

    Such a growth is one year speaks the story of your hard work and dedication. best of luck and keep rolling

  48. Priya Sharma says:

    Hello Dear,
    First of all congrats for Completing One year, and One thing your blog is looking is great ,

    wish you all the best


  49. hey amit,congrates for your blog.
    you have earned so much in this time period. money and of course respect.
    best of luck for future. and the new design and logo is really amazing

  50. Many many happy returns of the day ITC. Great work Amit. Good to have a Mentor in Blogging.

  51. Its the first time that i came here and its amazing to find that you’re doing it extremely well with your blogs. Keep it up

  52. Hi Amit,

    Congrats for ITC. Your blog is really very helpful and i wish you success ahead too. May God Bless You.

  53. It’s always great to see another blogger make the 1 year mark! Congratulations and so glad to have met you!

  54. Praveen Rajarao says:

    Amit – Nice logo and congratulations on your successful first year for ITC. I hope you have many more such years with great accomplishments.

    Nice to read Atish’s personal message to you here.

  55. Congrtulations Amit on your one year anniversary. I was very much like you when I started my blog. I did not have a clue about blogging, coding, themes, Rss and all the other things that go with it. Now I consider myself a seasoned veteran and I help others on their blogging journey too.

  56. Zainil Dedhia says:

    Congratulations Amit! 🙂 I wish u a very bright future in this universe of bloggers! 🙂

    Between its been a really long time that I have visited itechcode, I am really not remembering the old interface to comment on it! 😛 But the new look is nice, specially the “Featured Articles” is looking beautiful! 🙂

  57. Erik Emanuelli says:

    Congratulations, Amit! 🙂
    So glad to be a part of iTechCode community and honored to be a contributor for your blog!
    Keep up the great work and my best wishes for a still better 2013! 😀

  58. Congrats Amit. Great going and a great achievement in a short period of time. I can surely look at all your hard work and have been watching you (well, not literally lol) as you evolve as a successful blogger. Love the new and clean look of ITC! Congrats once again 🙂

  59. Hi Amit,

    Congrats. Good new look for ITC by the way 🙂

  60. CONGRATS ITC for anniversary!!! May you celebrate your silver and golden jubilee with great achievements and success.

  61. Peter Mead says:

    hello Amit, congratulations for a great job well done.

    I have been learning a lot from this blog, so hat’s off to you.

    the new design looks good too.

  62. Congrats Amit for completing an year managing ITC. Sorry for late wishes as I hardly get time to open my laptop because of my colleges. I hope iTechCode rankings reach sky high…… 🙂

  63. rakesh kumar says:

    That’s a great achievement amit. Hope life will you and your blog in the right direction all the time. But do not forget your old golden days and never ever ignore new ones. 😉

  64. Howdy, Happy Birthday ITC.

    Well, It’s looking awesome now. Let me know if someone you know who can make a skin like this or if you want to share the details who made for you.


  65. Congratulations Amit

    I have been learning a lot from this blog,So Thank you

  66. Abhishek shukla says:

    Hearty congratulation for your success. Your success is inspiration for many bloggers like me

  67. Anchit Shethia says:

    I am truly a fan of you and your blog.
    Now that you have attained such a great height, i know you are very busy but i just wished you were there for guidance when i started out my blog.
    This is one of my dreams to get such theme, logo, articles, popularity and friends like you.
    Congrats on behalf of my blog WinAppleWorld.

  68. Ashwani Ahlawat says:

    Belated happy birthday to ITC 🙂 No words for it. Every single work is small in case of you and ITC. Simply out of mind for it.

  69. Ravi Verma says:

    Really Amazing….. After reading it. I can say Atish Ranjan is an Inspiration and Motivational Source for new bloggers. I m surprised an happy for the success of ITC. In my opinion If one is having a GREAT GURU,, then like Arjun (from Mahabharat ) he will never miss his goal. 🙂

    By the way Belated Happy Birthday to ITC.. 🙂