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Recently Google Community introduced a new feature for the Blogger. This feature will allow the Blogger to get enlisted directly into Google Plus. Those users who have their blog sites hosted on the Blogger now have the opportunity to link their account’s email straight to the Google Plus profile. This also allows for automatic sharing of their blog posts straight to the social search profile. According to Google Community, this new automatic functionality will allow the users of Blogger to take direct advantage of the social networking “ripple effect”. This allows the blog users to spread their posts to a wider range of audience.

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The Google Community features update isn’t expected presently. However, things always happen for some better purpose. Google has solicited the benefits of Google Plus Community mainly for search engine marketers and content producers as the services were created at an earlier stage. This new Google Community feature is basically an advanced form of cross-platform integration that will bind Google Plus in a much better seamless ways to the Google Search experience.

Once this Google Community feature went live, many skeptics started questioning about the relevancy as well usefulness of this update. Those who are not fully aware about the working procedure of this new update from Google, the following lines will definitely benefit them in explaining about the working process as well its benefits. Have a look below:

Linking the Blogger and Google Plus Account

The personal bloggers with their own Blogger page are able to tie the Google Plus profile easily to Blogger page. In fact, such a concept is quite beneficial for bloggers. With the new Google Community Feature, the users will never be restricted to their personal blogs any further. They can now link any of their blog sites with a reputed Google Plus Business Page. This helps in better marketing and exposure of the blogger. To carryout the linking of Blog and Google Plus profile, simply visit the Blogger dashboard and click the Google+ tab. The personal bloggers will definitely have options already present because their personal Google Plus as well Blogger pages have already been synced.

If the user’s Blogger page is solely for business purpose, and still there isn’t a linking to the Google Plus page done, then the new “Upgrade to Google Plus” tab will come in handy. Simply click the button and everything will automatically be organized.

The Major advantages of syncing Blogger and Google Plus

Linking the Google Plus page with professional Blogger blog site definitely helps the search crawlers of Google to get associated with every page with relevant information and rich data points. During the initial days, Google Plus used to be only for the professional profiles. However, the present scenario is a lot different. They have opened their services for businesses also. This allows a business page to get easily enlisted on the Google’s search map. It helps in easy and effective publicity. The business owners will definitely find this approach interesting and profitable. The entire approach highlights the fact that Google is trying to make the client’s business improve by a good margin by using the new Google Community Feature. It allows improved performance of blog sites without utilizing much of time. As a result, the search rankings of that particular site also improves. If the business doesn’t have a blog site, then it can be started easily using the Blogger. After that, get it linked to the Businesses or Google Plus page. This will allow the user to enjoy benefits of both the Blogger and Google Plus sites at the same time. The more content user publishes on the blogger page, the higher will be the popping meter/graph climbing. It will result in more crowds (potential customers) showing interest towards the site.

What’s more on the offering?

Google released an update for it’s Google+ Community. the new update is referred to as Suggested Communities. The most important and useful feature of this new update is that the users can able to discover and join new Communities instantly. Additional facility includes highlighting the communities on the stream and network’s sidebar. Earlier, users could only be able find new communities on the Google+ only by searching or through the company’s profile that have their badge on the page being tied back to the Community. With the introduction of this new feature, scenarios have become easier. Searching becomes automatic while invites get displayed on the site. This allows the user to find out what type of Community-based people are sending the invitations. The new Community Feature also allows the user to have a glance at communities that have gone through updates recently. Simply take the cursor on one community and update status will be displayed.

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  2. Google communities can help a lot to build relationship with more bloggers and it can also be used for link sharing.

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    Great Thoughts shared here. It seems that this is a sheer blessing for blogger who are using Google’s blogger. Hope Google will be fair to wordpress bloggers. 😉

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    Google Community is an awesome feature launched by Google recently. Linking with G+ is helping a lot to bloggers in SEO.

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  6. Google community looks good but I think it will lead to more spamming as it is already happening in Fb groups. By the way Nice read.