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  1. Great list of social plugins! In my point of view, I would suggest the newbies to try out DiggDigg as its very user friendly and has really good options with many social sites integrated in it. Don’t know why I did not end up liking sharebar :S

  2. Adding the social sharing buttons is very important thing. I use “Add Twitter, Facebook Like, Google plus one Social share” plugin for my blog.

  3. rakesh kumar says:

    Which one is the best among this if we are going to design a responsive theme like yours ? Waiting for your kind reply.

  4. Hi Kelly, Great list of Social Sharing plugins. I am using Sexy Bookmarks in my blog which is really awesome. Thanks for sharing this great list 🙂

  5. Beautiful list! I love seeing posts like these! Seems like I can always learn something else about a plugin!

  6. Social plugins take important role these days for traffic purposes. The lists are just on time for bloggers to evaluate

  7. great list of social sharing plugins , i am using share this plugin to my blog.
    thanks for sharing such a nice article.

  8. Thanks for listing sucha good number of plugins. I will be installing few of them for my new blog. Thanks this post helped me a lot

  9. Nice list of sharing plugins. I was using AddThis but it tends to slow my blog down so I switched to Digg Digg and now I’m happy with that one.

  10. I am activating couples of above mentioned plugin to my new blog. Thanks a lot for listing pretty good plugins

  11. Jagannath Nayak says:

    Hello Amit, I’m using Share This wordpress plugin in my blog, but can’t restrict it on only post, it’s also showing sharing options in home page too. Is there any solution?

  12. Anchit Shethia says:

    Having a pic under each category could have been easy for readers to make the choice on the spot 🙁
    But well written list. Will have to try each one out until i decide the final one.

  13. saqib razzaq says:

    Digg Digg and Sexy Bookmarks are my favorite ones. They work in really awesome fashion. Thanks for sharing..

  14. vishvast says:

    i m using digg digg on my blog but it work so fast …thnx for listing the names of some other social facebook sharing plugin

  15. That is a very good list of sharing plugin, thanks for sharing.