Reddit Stealth Banning: Check if your Account is Banned?

Reddit is one my favorite social bookmarking website. It has sent millions of visitors to my blog. It is quite easy to use and can give you instant traffic to your blog or website. Once I got 12,00+ visits on my blog within 7 hours. That is not so big, some have gotten even more than that in just a few hours.


Recently reddit updated its algorithm and introduced stealth banning. It’s a silent way of banning the spammers. In the stealth banning users can access their account in the normal way. But none of their activities will be publicly visible on reddit. No other user can view their votes, comments and the links that they have submitted. So they won’t get the fruits on any of their reddit activities.

Since it is an algorithmic banning, there are no moderators involved in silent banning. So even if you are not a spammer you can become its victim. Many genuine reddit users with very good links and comment karma are becoming its victim.

How to check if you are stealth banned on Reddit?

With stealth ban you don’t know that you are banned, Isn’t it cruel ? There is a way you can check if you are stealth banned or not.

Login to your reddit account and copy your profile URL. Your profile URL will be like . Now logout and paste your profile url into the address bar. If you see below kind of 404page not found“, then you are banned otherwise not.

Reddit Stealth Banning Check if your account is banned

What to do to lift the ban?

If you feel that you have accidentally become the victim of stealth ban then contact the moderators, tell them that you are not a spammer. If they are satisfied with your arguments your ban may get lifted.  But understand that reddit moderators hardly respond to the user’s message. So the chances are very rare.

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What to do to avoid stealth ban?

Below are some guidelines that you can follow to protect your reddit account from getting banned. 

Know the reddit rules :  Read and understand carefully reddit FAQs and reddiquette.

Submit diversified links:  Never submitted links of same domains. Do not submit your own links always. A good practice is to submit 70% other links and 30% your links.

Search for dupes before posting:  Make sure you are not submitting duplicate links. Search before to make sure that the link has not been already submitted. Duplicate links have high chances of getting marked as spam.

Post interesting links only: Reddit users are very strictly they don’t hesitate to down vote. So post interesting things only. Focus on submitting quality links that Reddit users can enjoy.

Select proper sub Reddit: Reddit has so many sub categories, which are called as sub Reddit. Submit your link to the proper sub Reddit instead of submitting the link in the main category. It’s easy to perform well with sub Reddit them with the main edit category.

Do not cross post the links: Many people submit the same link to multiple sub Reddits.
This is a very bad practice; this can not only get your account banned but also the domain.  So never submit the same link to multiple categories.

Do not resubmit the link: Reddit allows you to delete and resubmit the link. Many people resubmit their link if they don’t get traffic to it.  Avoid doing this, if your link is rejected once it will be rejected later also and continuous submission will be marked as spamming. Your account as well as domain might get banned.

Be active: Don’t just submit your link, take part in other activities also like voting and commenting on other posts. This will help you to increase your karma.

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  1. I haven’t used Reddit in quite a while now. It almost seems like you have to keep a fairly low profile on Reddit until you get the hang of things. I have heard people will get banned, suspended, and such and they don’t even know why, or for something like adding too many of their own sites and too often.

  2. Thanks for the update Amit. I haven’t used Reddit in years and I had no idea that you were getting so much traffic from the site. Congrats!

    Happy new year and much success in 2013

    • Hi Ileane, Nice to see your comment 🙂 Its a guest Post By Abhi and he is getting good visit from Reditt To his tech site. . . My account is banned too …. After reading this article i did same what he said and found mine is banned 🙂
      BTW Thanks for visiting and dropping your comment.
      Wishing you happy new year too and lots of success in 2013. You are Just Rocking with Your Podcast 🙂

      • Olawale Daniel says:

        Hi Amit, I have just checked mine and it opened perfectly which shows that my account hasn’t been banned. I will surely keep this tips for future use 🙂

  3. Sandeep Kumar Dan says:

    Hi, Abhishek nice to see you in iTechCode with such a nice and informative post.Yes obviously reddit is a good bookmarking site to drift our traffic with little effort. Thanks for sharing …

    • Rajesh Namase says:

      Thanks Abhishek for these tips, my account is banned I’ll take of your tips while using new account.

  4. in reddit my account also banned but whenever i submit link reddit gives me 50-60 reference visitors directly but when you submit 2-3 links/day than your account ban chances is very high. thanks for these awesome tips.

  5. Thanks for the update Abhishek. It is a relief to see that my account is still safe 🙂

  6. Hi Abhi,

    To be honest, I have never tried reddit before, but thanks for giving us this information.

  7. Hi Abhi, I’ve never tried Reddit, but I will try to use Reddit as your tips. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Ahsan@Android Apps says:

    I have Reddit account but I have never been active. I don’t know proper use of it. From now on, I’ll try to follow your tips

  9. Vivek Bhatt says:

    its True.. I have submitted my articles but found none of reddit user read it. i didnt receive any comments too. i still continue submitting , but then started getting message like wait for an hours , whenever i go there it says the same 😀
    and when i tried what you just told Abhishek shukla sir. i am banned too :/

    Thanks for telling it. Happy New year itechcode 🙂

  10. Asiru Nasir says:

    Use reddit regularly but not a active user there and even not aware of this banning system.. Your points are helpful and thanks for the info.

  11. SYed Danial@DasHingHub says:

    My both profiles are deleted
    Thanks man you saved my time 🙂
    Buy I was getting good traffic from there.

  12. devinder (thetecnica) says:

    I got some traffic from Reddit long ago and that when some one else submitted my blog’s content, my profile is there but no more useful. I guess they have banned my account.

  13. Thank God I am save from banning my account on Reddit. But still I only submit my links there on Reddit but comments and voting is somehow regular.