3 Ways To Blog Outside Your Blog Without Getting Bored

Blogging doesn’t end with writing a blog post. There are several things that need to be done in order to produce a so-called ‘successful blog’. Although there might not be a specific time for anyone to carry out the blogging activities, the duration for what one blogs can sometimes consist several things that need to be done, and sometimes consist of nothing – thus making the blogger work-free.


During such times, the blogger often wants to produce something that will somehow or the other way benefit the blog, but for some reason just cannot bring that thought live. The reason for this is boredom which further leads to uncreative thoughts. This article, thus, discusses about 4 things that can be done outside your blog (meaning that you don’t have to write any post nor reply to comments!) without getting bored, and yet they will prove to be beneficial for your blog.

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Forum Engagement

Forums are very similar to social media, but they possess one advantage – they contain information that benefits you and your blog, provided that you’ve joined a forum related to your blog’s niche. Hence, forums often contain questions that you might easily be able to answer even though they’re not so easy for everyone else.

Popular forums such as the Warrior Forum etc. Have a good number on online and active members, henceforth new threads are posted every now and then. Engaging in forums could be fun and interesting because you are free to answer and ask about whatever that attracts you in the specific niche. Needless to say that you’ll obviously benefit your blog as you’ll get traffic from forums and also by getting backlinks (you should be creative enough to build quality backlinks, though).

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Reading Informative Articles

Reading about your own niche is one thing that needs to be done by every blogger. No matter how talented the blogger is, reading should always be a part of blogging. Remember that the famous bloggers out there have climbed the ladder of success with reading being a vital part of their daily blogging activities.

It is not a must read from a specific blog, because there can be several sources from where you can read about something related to your niche. Some of the many sources are listed below.

  • Twitter – If you follow many people in your niche, you’ll definitely find something worth reading any time you open Twitter.
  • Facebook – Like Twitter, same would be the case for Facebook.
  • Paper.li – You can find ‘newspapers’ which contain several articles from your niche. All you have to do is to ‘search’ for the same.

Sharing Your Friends’ Work

Don’t your friends often share your content on several social networks? If so, then its your turn now. Hitting the tweet button or G+ button wouldn’t taken more than 2 seconds, and those 2 seconds will bring in many benefits for you. Benefits such as the following are likely to come your way.

  • Your followers might retweet you, and hence increase your reach to more people.
  • The author of whose content you shared will later on share your content as well, benefiting your blog by far.
  • You’ll gradually increase the number of followers on twitter.

Thus, sharing your friends’ posts/pages etc. Will surely do good to your blog and you as well.

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Those were three ways how you can benefit your blog without having to do anything on your blog, and without getting bored. In-fact, the above activities can be fun and interesting provided that you take an interest in the same.

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  1. I do #2 and #3 quite regularly. #1? There aren’t too many quality forums for the niche I’m blogging in. I read informative articles, share them and try to connect with them and thus making them my new friends.

    Good post, Raaj!


    • What’s your niche? I’ve found that some sites, like Google +, have great communities and forums to fit most niches.

    • Raaj Trambadia says:

      Thanks Aditya.

      Well, I can recommend you some. Go for Warrior Forum. Many active members throughout the day.

      All the best.

      • Raaj Trambadia says:

        Oops. I’m sorry. I was mistaken that your niche is the same as mine! Well, I’m sure you’ll find some good forum related to your niche. If not, then you have 3 things to do NOW – 1) Buy a domain 2) Start A Forum 3) Enjoy The benefits!


  2. @Raaj: I think finding GOOD images (creative commons or stock photos) should also be considered an interesting (and productive) activity. What about going through Google analytics to find some great long-tail keywords you are ranking for and figuring out if you can put together a tutorial or guide related to that long-tail requirement?

    • Raaj Trambadia says:

      Agreed. But Jeet, sometimes when you don’t have any ideas about your next post, finding images would be similar to finding a job without a degree – you just don’t know where to go! On the other hand, playing around with GA could prove to be beneficial.

      Thanks for adding your insight! Cheers

      • Lol, I like that analogy. I guess reading more posts and blogs that cover ‘industry news’ is definitely the best way to get new ideas (but can get boring sometimes) 😀

  3. James360Smith says:

    Agree with #1 and #2 points which are my daily favorite activities which helps me to be updated with latest technology of related niche.

    Looking such a great tech stuff from you.

  4. Anil Agarwal says:

    Make sure to interact with others as blogging is all about building relationships. If your primary focus is on earning, then you need to network with the influencers in your market who are going to help you!