Hardships In Blogging- A Newbie’s Experiences

When I started with blogging I thought it would be fun spending the whole day writing and making tons of money but when I entered this field I actually understood how difficult it is to be a success story in this field. I am still struggling to establish my blog totally and constantly sharing my blogging experiences with others. My post will take you on a short tour on the difficulties which I think every blogger faces.

Hardships In Blogging- A Newbie's Experiences

We all are aware of the fact that in the online world the only thing that sells is your brand not your product and services, so the first problem any blogger faces is making a brand out of his blog.


I am not a big success story to talk about success but the in this field of blogging the first problem comes out to be branding. I have heard bloggers saying that if you are not able to create a brand out of your blog then you will surely fail. These lines sound to be really hurting but if you look at it practical than all the professionals are right.

Apart from all the theory stuff let’s have a look at some real examples, let us discuss about India’s two top blogs Digital Inspiration and ShoutMeLoud both of these blogs have launched many other projects other than their main blogs and you will surprised to know that every project was a success. That’s the power of brand anything with a labnol or shoutdreams banner automatically goes viral without much efforts by their admins.

The next thing I would like to talk about is


I have reading a number of blogging tips blogs and their view on competition in the blogosphere, all of them have one thing in common, if you have that spirit and skill to succeed then there is no such thing as competition. On a philosophical note, it sounds awesome but actually if you face the real world then there is completion when you start you are facing the giant’s in your niche as well as the small ones and you know the thing common in all of them. They have the skill to stay in the fight. Rest all I can say is that in this cruel competition you follow the Darwin’s rule of survival.

Survival of the fittest

We geeks are not so good at robbing banks so we need work to do and if you are beginning with freelancing then be prepared for situations when you will not get jobs and all those money making dreams will be flushed away, I also started freelancing for a little while but soon realized that it is not my thing and I am fine with blogging my mind. There are many other difficulties bloggers face in their entire career but discussing all of them will only make this post longer I would really jump to the most difficult one which I am sure every blogger faces and their decision decides their future.

The wish to Quit

I don’t know that in all these months of blogging I understood marketing and moneymaking but I understood one thing very properly that the biggest enemy  of a blogger is his own mind. Blogging is not quick money for some it takes years to establish themselves but for others it takes just a few months and all that time is filled with lots of ups and downs.


Let us have the example of iTechCode and Amit Shaw, he achieved such a great thing in just one year all because of his hardwork and never to quit attitude.

When you don’t get jobs, you think of quitting. When you don’t have anything to write, you think of quitting. When you don’t get visitors you think of quitting (I have faced this one) the only thing that makes a difference between a blogger and a regular 9 to 5 guy is the ability to stay and struggle because in this blogosphere the fight never ends, thanks to Google algorithm updates.

Over To You

This was not to demotivate you and persuade you to leave blogging. It is written and published to make you aware about what a blogger faces in his initial days so that you don’t end up in your room crying and blaming someone else for your failure. Instead struggle hard for your existence and prove it to the world that you are a Blogger.

My final words for you will be,

Don’t Quit, Beginning is always the hardest.

About Nishant Arora

Nishant is a Web Developer and Designer who runs HashFloat.com where he writes about latest tech, startups, entrepreneurship, geeky fun stuff and tech tutorials like this one on converting PDF to word.


  1. yes nishant you are correct,i receive my first payment from google on last month.it means 1 and half year distance to my starting point.but once you start to earn the money from blogging will be a smart and passive income 🙂 (it is my experience) .but if you come with innovative ideas you can start to earn from first month itself…is’t it nishant?

    • Nishant Arora says:

      Thanks for the comment Shafeeq, I haven’t started monetizing my blog(yet!) so my experience in making money is zero.BTW congrats for your first payment

  2. mohammad ismail says:

    Dear Nishant:
    I have no words how to show you feeling after reading your post i was really inspired. The main thing in every field is hard working,after getting success everything you will produce would be sold without any problem on good price,,as you already mentioned that above.
    Any way very nice post

  3. I thought the same when i started blogging n still struggling to drive traffic n earn money. Really i liked your article and you have chosen the exact hardworking blogger for example. Yes, am telling about the same Amit, as he is one of my inspiring blogger. I am always curious to read the new post in Itechcode. Thanks for sharing your experience which is similar to mine, keep sharing!

    • Nishant Arora says:

      Not only you and me every blogger faces these challenges. The achievements of Amit was the only reason i decided to write for ITC.
      Thanks for commenting 🙂

    • Thanks Nirmala for your kind words. Really Glad that you dropped your comment on ITC.
      I have been noticing that you are too much active on Google Plus. Thats really very good to get too SERP Ranking for your article.
      Keep visiting.

      • Am happy that I got reply from you Amit, Many thanks! Yes, as u said am active on G+, as am curious to read the new posts by the bloggers to do better blogging (especially the posts from Itechcode and TTW). You are one of my favorite blogger n Atish told about your hardworking n encouraging activity. Thanks for your words Amit, keep writing the information for your readers.

  4. Ti Roberts says:

    This is a fantastic post! I truly appreciate it. Just getting started blogging can be a huge challenge and everyday can feel like a struggle, but it’s important to press forward and keep moving toward your goals. It’s posts like yours that may help a struggling newbie who’s thinking about quitting stay in the game for one more day which puts them one more day closer to their success. Thanks for sharing such wonderful insights with us! I’m glad to have found your post on Bizsugar.com.


    • Nishant Arora says:

      Thanks Ti, It isa really difficult struggle but just because our path is stormy it doesnt mean we are not headed towards sunshine

  5. Very Good Post nishant…Since i have started Blogging from few months..I Am struggling so much to drive trafffic to my blog and also to post a different content ..Starting Blogging is not a easy task But when You learn daily on focusing one issue i think we may get through our Problems…Just Simple Tip … ” BE PATIENT ” If Your a New blogger..Im following it nw 🙂 🙂 Continue the Good Work 🙂

    • Nishant Arora says:

      Thanks Srikanth, every blogger is passionate but its your patience and practice that makes the difference

  6. Blogging is never about quick success. It was not, it is not and it won’t be in the future even if we invent some great machine that will turn things upside down. Blogging is all about building trust, a brand and a loyal following and that will take time and hard work.

    • Nishant Arora says:

      Thanks for commenting Jane, I agree and i am sure every blogger does, Success takes time, time is all it takes

  7. Great post for beginner bloggers to read – a must read. It does take a lot of hard work, sweat and maybe even some tears at times. If it came easy everyone would be blogging and not just the 20% that blog for 6 years or more. I would add it may take over a year too to achieve what you would want to with your blog. Just don’t give up if you see more traffic coming and more comments and mentions.

    • Nishant Arora says:

      Thanks Lisa, I totally agree with you no matter the niche if you see any successful blog then there is one thing for sure, it would be more than 1 year old.

  8. Fantastic one. I have just Started my blog and today is my first blog post. Though one can face chanllenge anywhere and blogging is no exceotion for it. People see it as a easy money and they soon figure out whats true after they start blogging, but i think every thing needs hardword.

    • Nishant Arora says:

      Thanks Ravi, so what if it is blogging. Everything needs hardwork.
      The people who consider blogging as quick money often end up in their rooms with a glass of beer saying “Shit! i didn’t succeed”

  9. Brian Hawkins says:

    Nice post Nishant, I agree on the competition, at least in the blogging for blogging niche. I was amazed at how helpful and supportive other bloggers are. Even bloggers the should be considered as competition will share and comment without any hesitation. I feel fortunate to have found blogging, where your competition help your success.

    Giving up can creep into any of our thoughts. Even seasoned bloggers get tired and begin to wonder if all of this work is really worth it. I’ve sold several blogs in past years to move onto other things but I always end up right back at blogging. I recommend trying to skip that part, starting from scratch over and over, and dealing with any doubts before they take over in whatever way works the best for that person. Trust me, starting all over later really sucks. lol

    • Nishant Arora says:

      Thanks Brian, you are right that is the reason bloggers say
      if you are not patient then you are not made for this field.

    • Hi Brian, It has Been a long time
      you visited my blog. Good to see you back. Thank you for dropping your valuable comment, keep visiting.

  10. A very real post, Nishant. A lot of people contemplate quitting their day job to start blogging only to realise that life isn’t a breeze…they think bloggers have all the time in the world to relax, have a coffee at their local cafe and write a few posts. There is a lot of time and research which needs to be put in to differentiate yourself from the saturated market.

    • Nishant Arora says:

      Thanks Kapil, There is hard competition out there but non bloggers don’t understand it until they enter our world

  11. You forgot to mention that for a new blogger it is extremely difficult to even get 10 visitors from search engine which is the biggest set back of all,,,it took me 1 year to get my first 1000 per day organic visitors but the same thing i can now do it in a month

    • Nishant Arora says:

      Jonam, that is a fact you can’t reach the top so easily but as you gain experience and knowledge it slowly becomes more easier for you to work. I have just mentioned the traffic point in the quitting paragraph, but i didn’t elaborate because some things are to be experienced not told. 🙂

  12. Irish Carter says:

    Excellent post on the reality behind blogging and I certainly agree with you about survival of the fittest and we have to be willing to survive and fight on and move forward or we will be mauled over.

    Irish Carter
    www dedicated2life com

    • Nishant Arora says:

      Thanks Irish, The struggle is the most difficult phase of a blogger’s life. those who are able to stay and fight go further other stories soon end.

  13. Enstine Muki@easyretweet.com says:

    Nice article Nishant!
    I think like you mentioned, Amit has worked so hard and this has challenged me a bunch. This guy got a whole lot of strength and optimism. This has landed him on a large surface of success.

    It’s good to copy from the successful !

    • Yeah Enstine,
      I too love this article. Nishant buddy you really did a great job with this article. Thumbs up.
      Thanks for your Kind Words Enstine.
      Thanks for dropping your comment on ITC. Keep visiting.

  14. Nice post 🙂
    I personally find branding to be very important as a blogger. If you brand yourself as an expert then people will listen to you more and tend to want to hear more from you.
    Thanks for the share anyway 🙂

  15. Mukesh Dutta says:

    Well, I have been blogging for almost a year now and my experience is no different than what you have expressed in this post. Thoughts of quitting came to me many times but somehow my patience always pulled me out of that.

    I have learnt the basic necessity for a blogging career which is – To Have Patience!

    One thing I would like to suggest all newbie bloggers that they must also start to build faith in themselves along with their blogging ventures. This will keep them away from the thoughts of quitting. Difficulties in blogging must not be faced with an attitude of like “Do or Die” but with “Do and then Die” like attitude!

    Thanks for the motivating post!

  16. It’s harder to begin that quit. I truly agree with the quote. Excellent typography and great productivity. as you said above, branding is much important than earnings. All the best.